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w o p i the frog n.
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W o p i the frog. PowerPoint Presentation
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W o p i the frog.

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W o p i the frog.
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W o p i the frog.

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  1. W op ithe frog. Esther Moreno Esperilla

  2. Introduction :The first animated animal which we are presenting is a frog. Its name is Wopi.It is a green frog , this type of frog is the characteristic Mediterrranean, because they form a wide expansion in this place in our geography ; for this reason, they aren´t in dangerous of extinction.

  3. Wopi´s life :Wopi is green as its race indicates, it lives in a pond that is placed in our region Extremadura . We don´t know the exact site because really, Wopi is an adventurer, it travels each time it may. Its best recourse for its trips is a stork called Lupe.

  4. This stork put Wopi in its peak and once, when the emigrationmonths came , our frog visited different countries from all the world with its best friend Lupe. This could seem strange, a frog and a stork together, but the cunning and friendly Wopi knows as to get it.

  5. Wopi´s features This frog so nice, the frog Wopi , is a restless animal. Its name is a nickname, its pond´s friends called it so because it never didn´t stop since the moment when it did its metamorphosis and started to enjoy the possession of four strong extremities which allow it to jump the leafs on the pond.

  6. Its character is happy and energetic but, though look lie , sometimes it is very melancholic , this happen when Wopi is alone in the pond, well because its friend are sleeping or simply , the moments at which they are visiting their respective families. Perhaps , this feeling is developed by the fact that Wopi lost its family when it yet was a larva. But it always recover its joy soon.

  7. Wopi´s appearance : As green frog that it is, this animal of cartoons has a green colour. Intense green because the figure has to like to young children. This type of frog has a body which is covered by different colour textures , as yellow , a lot of tones of green, and red too..

  8. But this image pretends to call the attention of the children with an clear image, without very features, because a baroque image, or simply , an image more real should mislead them , the children bore very soon and keeping in their memories the simples forms and bright colours better than another. The interest consists to form figures that represents the animals with the most possible fidelity but with the most easy possible too.

  9. So, trying to follow the frog´s features , I have done four fingers to Wopi in its extremities , and I have put the cartilages for the fins in it, as the reality, but Its body is exaggerated, or fat, because this gives a caricatured appeal to Wopi.

  10. Its eyes have a orange tone in the iris, as the green frog has it. Its mouth is big , with an smiling expression , in an friendly and happy look , following the personality of Wopi. Its look is of joy but without to seem foolish , the opposite yes , Wopi is very cunning.

  11. Introduction : The next animal that is presented is a small sheep; is very common in our country. Its name is Molly and it is a female sheep. This animal lives in any place while there is fresh grass. Soraya Izquierdo

  12. Molly´s life The sheep Molly was born in Las Vegas Bajas del Guadiana a long time ago. Their parents traveled through all Spain, of north to south, once a year. She is a small sheep with a lot of wool,she has some very fine paws because Molly doesn't like to walk, she´s very lazy, and she loves to sleep under a tree. Also, she is very coquettish and she cutsher hair once per week, Molly always goes modern.

  13. When Molly was 4 years old, her parents took him to a television´s casting and she began to make Tv´s spots for companies of diapers like Popo´s and Meop´s. Later, she began to sing and she recorded any Cd´s, she even sang in Eurovision, but Molly didn't win... Antes muerta que arrecia´

  14. Molly´s appereance This character has the same characteristics of the other ones. It has simple forms and we have used 3 colors: white, gray and black. We will analyze each one of their parts: - Eyes: They have almond form. - Ears: The ears are of pick and they are in the superior part of the head. - Nose: It is represented by two black points. - Hair: Only leave above the head of the animal. It has curved forms to represent the curls of the wool.

  15. - Trunk: The sheep has a lot of wool, which we have drawn very swollen. - Paws: The paws are lightly curved. They are gray and they are meetings to give stability to the drawing. The sheep is one of the feminine characters. It represents, as the penguin, a lot of innocence, although we have also attempted that it had sweetness.

  16. L u p ethe stork Esther Moreno Esperilla

  17. Introduction : The next animal that is presented is a white stork ; a very representative bird in our region.Its name is Lupe and it is a female stork. The storks always are seen in spring and summer , because when autumn comes all the storks emigrate to the south , where it is hot . They are very clever because a lot of people would rather to follow the warm months.

  18. Lupe´s life : As good stork, Lupe is a good omen bird. When it is flying on the city and on the country houses , all the people point it with their finger and applaud it , because they hope good chance , or fortunate news ; furthermore the stork has always been considered as messenger of a birth that is coming.

  19. An interesting story : An interesting story is that I ´m going to tell us : Once, Lupe was looking for food to feed to its breeding, it was searching food with substance so it decided to approach to a next bond that it didn´t know because it had moving a short time ago.

  20. - Frogs will live there - It supposed. But only it saw a desolation. The pond was contaminated and the half of the animals had died. Lupe had a shock and it decided to help them. Many eggs of frogs had been destroyed by the substances that was contaminating the water. Lupe saved so many eggs as it could and it carried them to other pond.

  21. Thus, all the animals of these pond were very pleasant with this stork since these moment ; and Lupe promised itself that it wouldn´t eat animals of water again. Then, Lupe often visited of its new friends. And so , Lupe knew to Wopi, the frog, who was one of the eggs that it saved, and now Wopi is its best friend.

  22. Lupe´s personality The personality of Lupe is represented for its good feelings , its generousness is famous in the animal world. However, it has many choices of temper when it see the horrors in the world. Also, it is a shy animal, and faithful. This fact does that Lupe never abandon its nests and its friends. So it always get back to same place each spring.

  23. Lupe´s appearance :The stork Lupe belong to the family of the white storks , this indicates its white colour and its black stains . Its peak is long and straight , with a orange colour. Its legs are slim , long and orange too.

  24. As Lupe is a caricature, it has the cartoon features , Its figure is less slim because so this personage seem more nice in the infantile opinion. For example , its legs are shorter and fatter than the original , and it poses with a difficult form for a real stork , it is supported by its two legs in an erected position.

  25. It has a funny smiling while it speaks and its movements of eyes gives interest to its words. One of its legs is raised over the ground. This is a gesture while it speaks too. Also, its wings are opened, sign that this is a sincere and honest animal.

  26. Introduction : The next animal that is presented is a penguin, his name is Pongui. It is very strange to see these animals in our country because they live in gelid climates. Also, they are in extinction danger. Soraya Izquierdo

  27. Pongui´s life Pongui is a penguin of the North Pole but he has lived for many places of the world. Their parents are rich and every time, that they wanted, they moved of house. Pongui is a lowbred boy. He is capricious and their favorite hobby is to watch television while heeats chips. Pongui loves always to be very clean, and he spends 4h followed before the mirror.

  28. Pongui was living a lot of time in New York, and there he paraded in fashion gangplanks with the clothes of designers so famous as Cervanche and Pipo Pluny. Here in Spain, he met Molly, and they became very good friends.

  29. Pongui´s appereance In the realization of the design, we have chosen to use simple lines and clearings to facilitate the visualization of the drawing. Next we will explain each one of this character's parts shortly: - Eyes: They have almond form, to give expresion. - Pick: It is wide and orange, and in him the two points of the nose are come. - Head: It is flattened by the superior part, and it is of navy blue color.

  30. - Trunk: This is fat, and it has a smaller contour of white color in the interior. - Fins: They are curved and asymmetric. - Paws: They only can it turns the feet of the penguin, they have three fingers and they are from a similar color to that of the pick.

  31. Trabajo realizado por: SoRaYa IzQuIeRdO EsThEr MoReNo . . . . . . . . . . . . Inglés técnico ReSeArCh PrOjEcT