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Why we should get a ‘family’ iPad.

Why we should get a ‘family’ iPad. By Nick Brasier Please leave questions to the end. Thank You !. Why iPad?.

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Why we should get a ‘family’ iPad.

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  1. Why we should get a ‘family’ iPad. By Nick Brasier Please leave questions to the end. Thank You !

  2. Why iPad? iPad’s are a nice device to have. They have a brilliant screen display quality making the pictures look real. They run on the same operating system as iPhones (iOS 5) which makes it easy to navigate around the device as we are familiar to the system.

  3. iPads for School. iPads do have schoolwork apps made by Apple ® not an unknown company. They have an equivalent for Word, PowerPoint and Xcel. The apps look incredible. They are called Pages (Word), Keynote (PowerPoint) and Numbers (Xcel). These apps can be saved in it’s own file, PDF file or a normal Microsoft file. These apps may be compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch but it will be better to keep school work away from personal use and its big screen will help seeing the text easier and easier editing. Price: All featured apps $10.49 each. More info: Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

  4. Apps for iPad There are over 140,000 apps specially designed for iPad. Some apps we’ve already download or paid are compatible for iPad. Here are some apps of interest over the next few slides. View a sample of known apps here .

  5. Garage Band Garage Band will be a good app to pass time. You can make music to pass the time. You can interact with instruments with the touch interface. You can record audio and make songs with out knowing how to play an actual instrument. Price: $5.99 More info here.

  6. iBooks iBooks may be on iPhone but that feels like nothing once you have it on iPad. iPad’s big display makes it easier to read books you feel like your reading off paper not an electronic screen. You can buy books so easily on the inbuilt store. Some books are for free but most books you need to pay the regular price of a book. Price: Free although some books might cost money. More info here.

  7. Apps • You can get many more apps on iPad here are some topics that you might like. • Education, entertainment, games, lifestyle, social networking, sports and travel.

  8. Why have an iPad when we have iPhones? • The iPad 2 has an A5 chip inside which makes it have a higher performance rate then the iPhone 4. • The iPad’s 9.5 inch screen makes you feel more in control with the keyboard roughly as big as a life-size keyboard.

  9. Using the iPad • The iPad doesn’t have to be our companion all the time we can leave at home in a safe spot like a home computer. • If we want to have holiday photos on it we can take photos on a iPhone then stream it via iCloud on the iPad.

  10. iPad Pricing iPads come in black or white however it doesn’t effect the cost. You can get for the iPad 2 a smart cover for only $45 or a leather smart cover for $79 . All iPads are Wi-Fi compatible and selected models are 3G compatible. Here are the prices for the iPad 2.

  11. Similar to iPad Macbook Air For: Thin and light which makes it easy to move around with. Against: Expensive, confusing and problems with saving work. Price: Starting from $1099. More info here. Motorola XOOM For: Android tablet makes it good for surfing the web, 10.1 inch is a bigger screen than the iPad and it’s relatively cheap. Against: it shows few education apps. Price: Starting from $499. More info here. Sony Tablet S (Coming Soon) For: Play Station certified device allowing it to play and buy Play Station games, unique design, it’s newer. Against: Not yet released. Price: Starting from $579. More info here.


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