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Mykonos beaches PowerPoint Presentation
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Mykonos beaches

Mykonos beaches

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Mykonos beaches

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  1. Guide Mykonos beaches

  2. PARADISE BEACH Known for its everyday parties, by day and by night, Paradise Mykonos beach is favored by younger visitors, since it hosts some of the most famous clubs in Mykonos. Behind Paradise beach there is a fully organized camping facility for those who prefer closer contact with nature during their vacation

  3. ELIA (Olive) Elia Mykonos Beach is the largest sandy and fully organized beach in Mykonos. It is a beach you are sure to enjoy on days that the winds are not strong. Incredibly clear waters bordering a fairly large sand strip, host facilities for numerous sea sports.

  4. One of the most popular beaches in Mykonos, Platys Gialos is quite organized with lots of people and many hotels and restaurants along the sand strip. Sea taxis transporting people to almost any beach in Mykonos begin their routes here. You can get to Platys Gialos beach by bus or with your own vehicle. PLATYS GIALOS

  5. KALO LIVADI One of the largest beaches in Mykonos, with calm, clear blue waters and fully organized with many restaurants. You may have to reserve your beach lounge chair from the day before. Music is both Greek and foreign, while you can choose from one of the sea sports available.

  6. AGIOS IOANNIS Sandy and relatively calm with crystal clear blue waters, Agios Ioannis beach has just a few lounge chairs but many good restaurants where you can enjoy fresh sea food, among other dishes. Access is easy with your own vehicle or by tax

  7. PARAGA One of the most crowded beaches in Mykonos, organized to a point you almost can’t see the sand from the many lounge chairs. For a more quite day on the beach or for nudism, you should settle at the end of the beach. The waters are crystal clear and you can choose from an array of restaurants and bars to order your coffee, food or beverage..

  8. FOKOS Fokos Mykonos beach is a quiet and secluded beach, nothing like the rest of the beaches on the island and ideal for resting and nudism.

  9. AGIOS STEFANOS Ideal for families, Agios Stefanos is a calm beach with very few lounge chairs and a restaurant serving delicious fish dishes. Agios Stefanos Mykonos beach is unaffected by strong winds.

  10. KAPARI This must be the most beautiful and peaceful beach in Mykonos. Kapari beach is a small paradise made up of crystal clear blue waters, bright white sand and large rock formations. Access to Kapari beach is harder than to any other beach in Mykonos, but it is totally worth it.

  11. SUPER PARADISE SuperParadiseMykonosbeachis a southcoastbeachwithcalmwatersand a goldensandstrip, locatedrightnexttoParadisebeach. ItishometothewellknownSuperParadiseClub, inthecenterofwhichthereisalso a pool. SuperParadisebeachisknownforitsloudmusic, alldayfun. The most closest beach to the house.

  12. PANORMOS Location: On the northern side of the island, located just before reaching AgiosSostis. Al though the waters of Panormos beach in Mykonos are chilly, the water temperature is in fact warmer than that of Mykonos’ other beaches. Furthermore, Panormos beach is surrounded by sand dunes. You can play beach volley for as long as you like, while the beach is fairly organized, offering just umbrellas and no lounge chairs. You can have your coffee, drink or food right on the beach ordering from the two bar - restaurants. Access is easy with your own vehicle, by taxi, or by bus.Tip: In July and August, as well as on weekends all summer long it is best if you arrive early because later on you will find it hard to find a spot to spread your towel. Don’t go to Panormos beach if there are strong winds. They will sweep your towel off the beach .

  13. ORNOS OrnosMykonosbeach, likePsaroubeach, hastheadvantageofremainingundisturbedfromthewindsevenonextremelywindydays. BusroutestoOrnosbeachareveryfrequent, whileafter a greatdayatthebeachyoucanchoosefromoneoftherestaurantsalongthebeach, servingmostlyfreshfish.

  14. AGIA ANNA Quietandbeautiful, AgiaAnnaMykonosbeachprovidesyouwithonlythenecessaryloungechairs, whileifyouare a fanofbeachvolley, youcanplayatthebeachvolleycourtbehindthereeds. Ifyougethungry, youcanvisittheAneplorarestaurant, locatedabovethebeach, andthesmalltavernofAgiaAnnarightonthebeach.

  15. LIA Liabeachisfairlyquietandorganized, withcrystalclearbluewatersandfinesand, flankedbyrockformations. Idealforgroupsoffriendsandfamilies, Liais a surebetthatyouwillenjoyyourdayatthebeach. You can get to Lia beach following the signs from AnoMera village and then by taxi or with your own vehicle.

  16. AGRARI Agrariis a vast, sandy beach where you can practice any sea sport you choose. You can get there by sea taxi, by regular taxi or with your own vehicle. There are lounge chairs, but the beach is not swamped by them, allowing it to maintain its natural beauty. Over the beach there is a small café where you can get a drink or grab a bite by self-service restaurant. It is near the house.

  17. FTELIA One of the more peaceful beaches in Mykonos, with very few people, which is surprising, being so easily accessible from the capital. Ftelia Mykonos beach is perfect for wind surfing, especially when there are north winds.

  18. KALAFATIS The only beach in Mykonos surrounded by trees, and one of the largest on the island. Kalafatis Mykonos beach is known for its sea sports facilities – sea canoes, jet skis, sea pedal boats, wind surfing among others.

  19. PSAROU

  20. PSAROU Location:Psarou beach in Mykonos, is located a short distance before reaching Platys Gialos.Psaroubeach is unquestionably one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with clear blue waters, golden sand and the advantage that however strong the north winds are, the waters at Psarou are always calm, since the beach is protected by the surrounding mountains. The beach at Psarou is also the most cosmopolitan beach on the island, with its superior quality of all offered services. You will see for yourself judging from the people you will meet. We hope you have a wonderful time at Psarou.Tip: Don’t forget to make a beach lounge chair reservation on weekends and weekdays in July and August at Psarou beach and don’t miss out on tasting the delights from the hip restaurant Nammos’ sophisticated menu.