word adequate n.
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Word: Adequate PowerPoint Presentation
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Word: Adequate

Word: Adequate

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Word: Adequate

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Word: Adequate Definition: enough Part of speech: Adjective Synonyms: capable,fitting,satisfactory Antonyms:lacking,scant,inadequate Collocations: Original sentence: I don’t have adequate solutions all my problems.

  2. Word: Clarify Definition: to talk about Part of speech: Verb Synonyms: educate,explain,expound Antonyms:baffle,confuse,darkness Original sentence: When I am in Math class I have to clarify the meaning of unit or ratios.

  3. Word: Demonstrate Definition: To show how to do something Part of speech: verb Synonyms: prove,show,display,illustrate Antonyms:hide,conceal Original sentence: At lacrosse practice, I demonstrated a technique to score a goal.

  4. Word: equivalent Definition: equal Part of speech: adjective Synonyms:watch,rival,equal, Antonyms: replacement Original sentence: My age is equivalent to most students in the 7th grade.

  5. Word: indicate Definition: to show Part of speech: Verb Synonyms: show, explain Original sentence: The weatherman indicated that there was going to be a blizzard tonight.

  6. Word: relevant Definition: directly related Part of speech: Adjective Synonyms: related,material,applicable Antonyms:foreign,alien,unrelated Original sentence: I get along with my sister and this is relevant to our discussion about how family is important.

  7. Word: stable Definition: strong and steady Part of speech: Adjective Synonyms:firms,contant,fixed Antonyms:irresolute,variable,changeable Original sentence: I hope the person giving me my shots at the doctor’s office uses a stable hand.

  8. Word: utilize Definition: to use Part of speech: Verb Synonyms: use,apply,devote,busy Antonyms: reject,banish,discharge,discard Original sentence: I have to utilize my brain in school so I can learn all that I can.

  9. Word: potential Definition: likely to develop Part of speech: Adjective Synonyms: develop, grown Antonyms:now,or big Original sentence: I have the potential to be a professional lacrosse player if I keep practicing.

  10. Word: transform Definition: to change completely Part of speech: Verb Synonyms: change, same Antonyms:apperance,or different Original sentence: If I get any more homework, I will transform from a calm, student, into a stressed student.