2011 open enrollment update uplan changes for calendar year 2012 n.
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2011 Open Enrollment Update & UPlan Changes For Calendar Year 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 Open Enrollment Update & UPlan Changes For Calendar Year 2012

2011 Open Enrollment Update & UPlan Changes For Calendar Year 2012

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2011 Open Enrollment Update & UPlan Changes For Calendar Year 2012

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  1. 2011 Open Enrollment Update & UPlan ChangesFor Calendar Year 2012

  2. What’s in this presentation? Benefit Changes for 2012 2012 Medical and Dental Plan Options Open Enrollment Basics Disability Program Changes Open Enrollment Resources Flexible Spending Accounts Other Open Enrollment Information HealthPartners Information Wellness Program Highlights for 2012

  3. UPlan Benefit Changes for 2012

  4. UPlan Cost Increases Change to Single Medical Plan Administrator – Medica Changes for U Classic Plus by HealthPartners members Medical and Pharmacy Changes University Contribution Changes Relief for Lower Paid Employees Disability Program Changes New Wellness Program Points Bank Program What are the UPlan Benefit Changes for 2012?

  5. UPlan cost increase requirement due to Minnesota State funding reductions for University: 5% of UPlan Medical Program expense $12.7 million first year, $11.4 million ongoing, plus savings from the RFP process Shift to employees necessary Premium/copays Why are Changes Being Made to the UPlan for 2012?

  6. Cost share for employee-only coverage 2011: Employee 10% / University 90% 2012: Employee 13% / University 87% Cost share for family coverage 2011: Employee 15% / University 85% 2012: Employee 19.5% / University 80.5% Medical trend (inflation) increase: 6.5% Premium increase due to University contribution shift + trend: Insights by Medica – 25.0% Base Plans, National & HSA – 34.6% How will the Medical Contribution Rates Change?

  7. Cost share for employee-only coverage 2011: Employee 10% / University 90% 2012: Employee 12% / University 88% Cost share for family coverage 2011: Employee 40% / University 60% 2012: Employee 48% / University 52% Dental trend (inflation) increase: 2.9% Premium increase due to University contribution shift + trend: 19% for all plan options What about the Dental Contributions?

  8. Selecting a single administrator: MEDICA Saves more than $14 million over six years Gains uniformity of important variables across UPlan offerings Streamlines internal administration HealthPartners Medical Group (HPMG) clinics will continue to be available in UPlan All HPMG clinics are Tier 1 in Insights by Medica Como, Riverside, etc. Limited HPMG clinics in Medica Elect/Essential, Medica Choice and Medica HSA Other U Classic Plus by HealthPartners Providers (Allina, Park Nicollet, Boynton, UMP, etc.) are available in other Medica Plans Who will administer the UPlan medical plans for 2012?

  9. Will our Copays Change? Some benefit & contribution changes are subject to collective bargaining.

  10. New, one-year grant program to help lower income employees offset 2012 medical premium increases Premium relief amounts based on medical plan coverage tier & total household income Amounts available range from $200 to $450 Paid as bi-weekly credits on paycheck Employees apply by submitting application form & 2010 federal tax form to Employee Benefits What if I need help paying the increased premiums for 2012?

  11. 2012 Medical Plan Options

  12. Medica Elect/Essential – Twin Cities & Duluth (Base Plan in Twin Cities and Duluth) Medica Choice Regional – Greater Minnesota (Base Plan for Greater MN) Insights by Medica (tiered network) Medica Choice National (open network) Medica Health Savings Account Plan (HSA) What Medical Plans are available in 2012?

  13. How are rates determined for UPlan Medical options? • UPlan: self-insured program • Actuarial consultant: helps set rates • Costs reflect actual cost of care: for employees, early retirees, and dependents • Costs include: Medical and pharmacy claims, external administrative fees, special insurance for high claims, internal costs, FrontierMEDEX, wellness program

  14. How is the Base Plan the Key to Employee Cost? • For Medical, employees pay: • 13% of Base Plan rates for Employee Only • 19.5% of Base Plan rates for Family Coverage • Everything above the U’s Base Plan rate contribution for “buy-up” (higher cost) plans • Costs vary by Employee/Family tier • Rate Information: • U & Your Benefits Newsletter — October & November 2011

  15. 2011 Dental Plan Options

  16. All Dental options remain the same for 2012 The base plan choices are: Delta Dental PPO for the Twin Cities and Duluth Delta Dental Premier for Greater Minnesota Are the same Dental Plans available in 2012?

  17. All other plans also remain the same: Delta Dental Premier HealthPartners Dental HealthPartners Dental Choice University Choice Check with Delta Dental or HealthPartners to see whether your dentist is in the plan you are considering Note: HealthPartners Dental Plans will continue to be available! What other Dental Plan options are available in 2012?

  18. 2011 Open Enrollment Basics for January 1, 2012

  19. Your annual opportunity to review your benefit elections: November 1–30, 2011 Employees make changes online at: Additional information on Employee Benefits Website at: What are the Dates for Open Enrollment?

  20. Add or cancel Medical and Dental coverage or elect a different plan option U Classic Plus by HealthPartners members mustelect one of the Medica plans to have coverage in 2012 Add, change, or cancel your dependents Elect to participate in the Health Care or Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending Accounts What Changes Can I Make During Open Enrollment?

  21. Enroll or increase the amount of Voluntary Short-term disability coverage without evidence of insurability Elect to participate in Voluntary Long-term Disability coverage (Civil Service and Represented Staff employees), or Increase or decrease your Long-term Disability benefit amount What Other Changes Can Be Made?

  22. You need to go online and change your elections: If you are a U Classic Plus by HealthPartners member and want to have medical coverage in 2012 If you are an FSA participant and want to have an account for 2012 If you want to change your Medical or Dental Plan, or coverage level Otherwise, no changes are necessary To change your clinic election only, call Medica health plan directly at 952-992-1814 or 1-877-252-5558 Do I have to make changes during Open Enrollment ?

  23. Yourself Your spouse or registered same-sex domestic partner Your dependent child or children to age 26 Unmarried or married But not the spouse of a married child Review detailed Dependent Eligibility Definition: Who can I cover on my UPlanMedical & Dental Plans?

  24. All members will receive a new card from Medica and from the HealthPartners Dental Plans Only new enrollees will receive cards from the Prime Therapeutics Pharmacy Program and Delta Dental Plans If you need a new or additional card any time during the year, contact the health plan directly and they will issue a new one Will I get new cards for 1/1/2012?

  25. Seasonal Flu Shots will be available this year Flu shots will be available at campus flu clinics and the Employee Health & Benefits Fairs Seasonal Flu shots available at all Walk-in Clinics No copay for flu shots at your own medical clinic Flu shots at retail locations are full price and will often not be billed to your medical plan On the Twin Cities campus: schedule appointment for flu shot online at: Will flu shots be available this year?

  26. What is the Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program? You are eligible for MTM if you take Four or more medications for chronic conditions UPlan-paid consultations with MTM Pharmacist $10 copay reductions for all Generic Plus and Brand medications for six months Note: HSA members pay full cost of MTM consultations

  27. Disability Coverage

  28. What are the Disability Program Changes? New Disability Administrator - CIGNA During the 2011 Open Enrollment, for plan year 2012 only, you can enroll in or increase your existing amount of short-term disability coverage without evidence of good health Enroll or make your changes online in Employee Self-Service by November 30 In future years, open enrollment amounts will be limited

  29. When Can I Enroll in Short-term Disability? You can enroll or increase your short-term disability coverage during this Open Enrollment period without proof of good health You can elect coverage any time during the year but would be required to submit evidence of good health You can elect an amount to replace up to 66-2/3 percent of your salary but no more than $5,000 per month (Calculation = Annual Salary times 66.67%; divided by 12; rounded down to nearest $100) See website for details on how to apply:

  30. Who can enroll in Long-term Disability during Open Enrollment? Civil Service and Represented Staff Employees May enroll in or change the amount of Long-term Disability during Open Enrollment. Maximum Benefit: 60% of salary up to $5,000 per month. (Calculation = Annual Salary times 60%; divided by 12; rounded down to nearest $100) Pre-existing Condition Limit: Disabilities related to medical issues during previous 12 months will not be covered for 24 months.

  31. Open Enrollment Resources

  32. What if I need help with open enrollment? • Telephone: 612-624-9090 or 1-800-756-2363 • Option 2 ̶ General benefits questions • Option 3 ̶ FSA questions • • Benefit Fairs: Computer help, Plan representatives, and Employee Benefits staff available to answer questions • Computer Labs (Twin Cities): Room 315 Donhowe Bldg. • November 23, 28, 29, and 30: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  33. What if I want to talk to Employee Benefits? • Employee Benefits Service Center 612-624-9090 or 1-800-756-2363 • Option 2 ̶ General benefits questions • Option 3 ̶ FSA questions Telephone Language Interpretation service available through Employee Benefits • Employee Benefits Website

  34. What if I want to talk to the Health Plans? • Medica: • 952-992-1814 or 1-877-252-5558 • Prime Therapeutics: • 1-800-727-6181 • Fairview Specialty Pharmacy: • 1-877-509-5115 and 612-672-5289 • HealthPartners Dental: • 952-883-5000 or 1-800-883-2177 • Delta Dental: • 651-406-5916 or 1-800-448-3815

  35. Duluth: November 2:Kirby Student Center – Ballroom – 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Morris: November 4: Oyate Hall, UMM Student Center – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. St. Paul: November 8:St. Paul Student Center – North Star Ballroom – 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Minneapolis: November 9: Coffman Memorial Union – Great Hall – 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. When are the Employee Health & Benefits Fairs?

  36. Links to U of M Resources • 1, 13) • 6, 23, 34, 47, 51) • 6, 54) • 10) • 41) • well@umn.eduto e-mail Wellness(Slide 42) • 45) • 48) • benefits@umn.eduto e-mail Employee Benefits(Slide 50)

  37. Flexible Spending Accounts

  38. The UPlan includes: Health Care Flexible Spending Account Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending Account Your contributions to both accounts are made with pre-tax dollars No Federal, state, or Social Security taxes are taken No FSA Enrollment = No FSA for 2012 What are Flexible Spending Accounts?

  39. Health Care FSA Minimum: $100 Maximum: $5,000 Dependent Daycare FSA $5,000 maximum per family How much can I contribute to a Flexible Spending Account?

  40. 2012 contributions are made during the calendar year 2012 claims can be incurred between January 1, 2012, and March 15, 2013 “Use it or lose it” Any amount remaining after March 15, 2013, is forfeited Note: 2011 claims can be incurred through March 15, 2012 What else do I need to know about Flexible Spending Accounts for 2012?

  41. Reminder: Section 9003 of the Affordable Care Act has a new uniform definition of qualified medical expenses Reimbursement will be made only if the medicine or drug (1) requires a prescription, (2) is available over the counter (OTC) and individual obtains prescription, or (3) is insulin Note: Insulin does not require a prescription Are there any recent changes for Flexible Spending Accounts?

  42. Over the Counter (OTC) supplies and devices (such as contact lenses and lens cleaning solutions), eyeglasses, Rx and office copays, bandages, blood sugar test kits, and out-of-pocket dental charges continue to be eligible for reimbursement. Be conservative in estimating your health care account contributions for 2012: do not include amounts for OTC medications unless you will have a prescription from your physician RFP in process for outsourced FSA services Debit card option What else do I need to know about Flexible Spending Accounts for 2012?

  43. Other UPlan Information

  44. If hired before December 1, new employees may make two elections to participate in FSA for 2011 and 2012 Multiple elections can be made online, but not at the same time; wait a day between enrollments Benefits will send an e-mail to affected employees Employees with appointments ending prior to January 1, 2012, cannot enroll online - they are not anticipated to be active employees in 2012 Enrolling Online

  45. Employees with enrolled same-sex domestic partners will receive a letter and instructions for Open Enrollment. Elections can be made online if currently enrolled, or on paper, if not. Materials are sent to employees on LOA & to those without computer access An e-mail will be sent in November to announce the start of Open Enrollment A final reminder will be sent near the end of November Open Enrollment Communications

  46. U & Your Benefits newsletters Guide for UPlan Benefits Open Enrollment Online for all employees Paper copies for new employees, retirees, other former employees, and those without computer access COBRA instructions & rates Benefit summaries for prospective employees Summary of Benefits for Medical & Dental Plans Managers Toolkit on OHR website Benefit Materials for 2012

  47. Application on Employee Benefits website UPlan participants submit application & 2010 tax forms to Employee Benefits Premium relief amounts range from $200 to $450 annually Paid as biweekly Medical Premium credits Applications received by December 15, 2011 Full year of Medical premium credit Applications received during 2012 Amounts are pro-rated Must be covered on January 1, 2012 Applying for the Medical Premium Relief Program

  48. Employee Benefits will contact those with incomplete applications Costs are considered taxable income Per University budget office, costs will be charged to departments, since income to the employee First payment on January 25, 2012 paycheck; last payment on December 26, 2012 paycheck Applying for the Medical Premium Relief Program

  49. Information for Current Members of U Classic Plus by HealthPartners

  50. All U Classic Plus by HealthPartners members will need to re-enroll in a Medica plan option during Open Enrollment Elections are made online in Employee Self-Service A new election must be made in order to have coverage for 2012 What are the Guidelines for Current U Classic Plus by HealthPartners Members?