united states navy dl perspective n.
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United States Navy DL Perspective PowerPoint Presentation
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United States Navy DL Perspective

United States Navy DL Perspective

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United States Navy DL Perspective

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  1. United States Navy DL Perspective CAPT Hank Reeves Navy eLearning August 26, 2008

  2. Agenda • DL Management in the Navy • DL Re-use in the Navy • DL Utilization in the Navy • DL Culture in the Navy • Problem areas, shortfalls, technology gaps • Inter-service collaboration • Closing Remarks

  3. DL Background in the Navy • Navy eLearning (NeL) is part of a strategic initiative that encompasses all forms of training methods including instructor-led, computer / web-based, and blended instruction • NeL supports readiness by exploiting current technologies and best practices to enhance institutional and individual learning, and performance support for the Navy's total force

  4. DL Management in the Navy • Total Force • Navy E-Learning component of ILE provides enterprise-wide, self-paced training opportunities to NETC commands, Navy system commands (SYSCOMS), DoN civil service, DoN contractors, DoN retirees, DoN dependents, foreign nationals, and other federal employees • Learning Centers • Partner with Fleet representatives to define individual human performance requirements for given tasks • Fleet • Recipient of an affordable, stable, and reliable information technology environment to access individual Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ) ashore or afloat, evaluate career options, identify learning and performance gaps, and obtain learning content and experiences necessary to close the gaps

  5. DL Re-use in the Navy • Most re-use has occurred at the Learning Object (LO) level in the LCMS for “A” School content that is common among the ratings • Some re-use or “sharing” has occurred at the aggregate (course) level with SCORM content between the Navy and other DoD services or agencies • Limited re-use has occurred at the aggregate (course) level with SCORM content within the Navy • No re-use is occurring below the aggregate (course) level within the Navy

  6. 3/7/2014 6:19 AM NECE NNFE SPECWAR NAE SWE USE DL Utilization in the Navy • Center for Information Dominance • CNATRA • Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training • Submarine Learning Center • Center for SEAL/Special Warfare Combatant Craft Providers • Center for Naval Intelligence • Center for Services Support • Center for Naval Leadership/ Center for Personal & Professional • Development • Training Support Centers- Great Lakes, San Diego, Hampton Roads • Engineering Duty Officer School • Nuclear Engineering Training • Center for Force Health Protection • Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Dive • Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering • Center for Security Forces • Surface Warfare Officer School • Center for Naval Engineering • Center for Surface Combat Systems

  7. DL Culture in the Navy • Past • Largely “brick and mortar” learning construct, little leveraging of IT enabled DL • Large sustainability cost, manning issues, time away from primary duties • Currently • A federated group of automated information systems that use IT to streamline learning processes, automate learning management functions, and deliver learning using electronic means to the total force at home, schoolhouse, or deployed • Encompasses all forms of training methods, including instructor led, facilitated, and computer based instruction • Use by / collaboration with Marine Corps & Army • Available ashore and afloat

  8. NeL Completions Overview * * *FY08 are totals to date. Final numbers are not yet available.

  9. NeL/AILE Completion Metrics(Last Six Months) 178015 or 5% of Completions supported schoolhouse or technical training fiscal YTD (excluding BECC and ND Prep). 288693 or 8% of Completions supported BECC and Navy Diver Prep users fiscal YTD. 466708 or 14% of Completions for schoolhouse/technical training month to date. (Includes BECC Content) • 2,207,507 Completions during this period for all environments • SIPR Average 2,087 completions per month (Note: Currently utilized by only one center) • AILE Average 18,610 completions per month • NIPR Ashore Average 347,222 completions per month

  10. Education & LearningShore(as of 11 August 08) ILE: FY08 Student Statistics FY08 Top 10 Shore SIPR Completions FY08 Top 10 Shore Completions

  11. Education & LearningAfloat(as of 11 August 08) We recorded 10,128 afloat course completions from 84 different platforms for the seven day period ending 11 August 2008. FY08 Top 10 Afloat Completions

  12. Education & LearningAfloat(as of 11 August 08)

  13. Education & LearningReserves(as of 11 August 08) FY08 Top 10 Reserve Completions

  14. Long-term plans for DL in the Navy • Future • Planned conversion of COTS libraries to SCORM format • Planned conversion of AICC-delivered LCMS content to SCORM delivery • Test Track for improving the efficiency of the content testing and deployment process • Untethered (fully disconnected) capability

  15. DL Management in the Navy NeL Current

  16. DL Management in the Navy NeL Ongoing Upgrades (Started Jan 2008) 1 All Afloat instances require a 12-18 month update cycle (from the time new implementation is introduced into the environment) to touch all vessels

  17. DL Management in the Navy NeL Future (Projected Deployment Oct 2008 and later) 1 All Afloat instances require a 12-18 month update cycle (from the time new implementation is introduced into the environment) to touch all vessels

  18. Problem Areas, Shortfalls • Accountability & Funding • Difficult to comply with DoD 1322.26 in terms of populating the ADL-R without a functional repository and funding resources • Metadata: Navy has plenty of aggregation / course-level metadata ready to populate the ADL registry; however, … • Quality Metadata required for DoD 1322.26 to work • Quality assurance requirements among the Services • Content developers are not creating useful metadata • No business process or staff to judge quality before deploying • Without quality assurance, enforcement is difficult Solutions • An open-source repository tool for all services that facilitates 1322.26 compliance and improves potential for archival sharing • Navy is working to encourage better metadata creation by providing a metadata editor as part of Test Track project • Need agreement amongst Services on a common use of metadata before quality expectations can be met (e.g. classification use, learning objective use, duration, keyword use, etc.)

  19. Inter-Service Collaboration

  20. Inter-Service Collaboration