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www.rayli.com.cn – The largest vertically-integrated online portal for women in the Asia-Pacific region Emerging as a web portal for metropolitan women, guiding them every day WWW.RAYLI.COM.CN About Rayli.com.cn

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  1. www.rayli.com.cn – The largest vertically-integrated online portal for women in the Asia-Pacific region Emerging as a web portal for metropolitan women, guiding them every day WWW.RAYLI.COM.CN

  2. About Rayli.com.cn • Rayli.com.cn carries Rayli’s quality and brand elements onto the Internet with our trademark approach to practical fashion, while bringing new perspectives and cutting-edge interactive techniques. Rayli.com.cn provides metropolitan women with a diverse selection of information and services, opening new horizons in fashion and lifestyle. It is the fastest-growing vertically integrated web portal for women, with an emphasis on wisdom for life and career

  3. No. 1 female website rated by the Internet Society of China for two years in a row • Daily average page views of up to 30 million 4.6 million subscribers91 iResearch 2007 9 • Overall Chinese website ranking: 91st (as of Sep. 2007, iResearch)1430ALEXA20079th • Overall world website ranking: 1,430 (as of Sep. 2007, ALEXA) • A leader in modern lifestyles for women • The fashion leader for metropolitan women, and a thoughtful guide for creating fulfi lling lifestyles • A practical and fashionable information platform • Plentiful, up-to-the-minute fashion information and practical style guides fit the busy lives of our professio • A spiritual home for women to exchange their thoughts and wisdom • Offering a full range of interactive content, together with the support and advice of fellow readers, Rayli. • more fully educate and express themselves online • A space for personal sharing and exchange • BBS, blog, album, and personal customization and subscription options create an interactive exhibition s • reach out to one another and show off their personality • A web-based gathering of sisters • "Segmented circles" allow users to find like-minded sisters to share style tips, experience and inspiration

  4. Rayli.com.cn: Not only do we understand the Internet, but we understand the needs of female users DNA • The main channels of fashion, beauty and home life exhibit Rayli's DNA of practical fashion • Focusing on each aspect of metropolitan life for women; taking care of their physical and mental health, while providing them with information on fashion trends and the latest styles. Providing advice for their careers and personal lives, and delving into the secrets of beauty, travel, the world and the stars • Leveraging Web 2.0 practices and applications into the website, allowing wider information sharing and interactive experiences • We offer our users a large degree of autonomy through individualized services and social networking features, directly connecting clients and consumers with new web-oriented features, including online trials, comments, ASK and "segmented circles", enhancing the portal's value to readers and advertisers, as well as enhancing our own brand value

  5. Rush to Trial • A space where net friends share their experience with new products, extending brand popularity and trust among readers

  6. The Rayli Woman Community SHOW • Flaunting your beauty on an interactive web platform • The Rayli Woman Community, a brand new interactive platform built with popular net technologies like BBS, blogs and circles, has become the hottest virtual community for fashion-lovers in China

  7. Rayli Forum • An online paradise where fashion lovers share their beauty experience and select their favorite looks • A showcase for young women and a cradle for glamour a celebrity

  8. Rayli Blog • An online paradise where fashion lovers share their beauty experience and select A gathering of models, their favorite looks designers and media A showcase for young women professionals and a cradle for glamour and Discussing topics of interest to celebrity women such as beauty, health and fashion • Blogs with themes like famous labels and weight loss encourage communication and sharing between users

  9. Rayli BBS • A large web-based Idol-style show held by the Rayli Woman community, Rayli Star takes Rayli's signature style to the web. Each month, viewers choose a winning Rayli Girl with the guidance of a panel of expert judges. Because of the web-based nature of the contest, the user's level of participation is practically unlimited. Rayli Star prominently features the signature sweetness and Asian style "Rayli Girls" are known for. More than that, it's where a girl's dream can come true

  10. Rayli Plaza • A New Media Business Platform Relying on the mighty influence of the Rayli brand name as well as on the innate advantages of the web, Rayli Plaza provides enterprises with a three-dimensional e-business platform integrating sales, logistics and payment with brand-new vertical marking services, and offering consumers an immersive and interactive marketing environment. Rayli Plaza gathers many categories of products together such as fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, home & living and mother & baby articles, providing a new way to shop online for Chinese women • We believe that the cooperation between clients and Rayli Plaza will guarantee success in e-business marketing initiatives, and we are ready to cooperate with e-business enterprises to take decisive advantage of the market's future potential. We wish to grow alongside the brands we cooperate with to become the Chinese female bedizens’ favorite and most trusted online plaza

  11. Consumption Features of Rayli New Media Users • 80% of users hold household decision-making power when purchasing cosmetics and fashions • Vigorous consumption of make-up and skin-care products, with magazines and the Internet being the primary means for acquiring cosmetic information • Monthly average expenditure for make-up and skin-care products is RMB 623 • Monthly average expenditure for well-known brands of clothes is RMB 1,092 • 36% of the users bought jewelry last year, with an average expenditure of RMB 4,026 • 25.6 % have a child or a plan to have a child, with a planned monthly average expenditure of RMB 1,497 • 29% have a need to purchase a new cell-phone favor moderate to high-grade handsets • 24.2% wish to buy laptops, with average price for purchase at RMB 8,692 • 25.2% has a need to buy a car next year • 39.8% purchased a financial product last year • 55.5% traveled by air in the last year:20079 Source: Online Survey of Rayli.com.cn, iResearch, September 2007

  12. Top 20 Provinces and Cities Where Users of Rayli New Media Are Distributed Regional distribution: Economically flourishing provinces and cities across the country

  13. Media Value of Rayli Website Rayli.com.cn vs. Other Female Vertical Portals Rayli.com.cn tops the list of female vertical websites in both monthly coverage and monthly visits

  14. Rayli.com.cn gathers most female users compared to female channels of portals, with single-day page views per capita equivalent to that of http://lady.qq.com but higher than female channels of other portals Source: Long-term network behavior monitoring by iUser Tracker of over 50, 000 sample users in Sep. 2007, iResearch

  15. Home Page Rate Banner Format:468*85<15k Rate:22,000RMB/Day Button Format:145*85<5k Rate:18,000RMB/Day Bi-Skyscraper Format:100*300<20k Rate:30,000RMB/Day Focus (two) Format:278*311<10k jpg Rate:20,000RMB/Day Text line (five) Format :Less than 5 character Rate:20,000RMB/Weekly/Piece Home Page Button (two) Format:160*60<5k Rate:15,000RMB/Day Banner1 Format:760*80<20k Rate:20,000RMB/Day Graphic Format:169*82<5k Rate:20,000RMB/Week

  16. Rayli BBS Rate Banner Format:760*80<20k Rate:10,000RMB/Day Focus Format:330*220<15k Rate:10,000RMB/Day Button Format:160*60<5k Rate:12,000RMB/Day

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