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SIA303-LNC Common Identity Across On-premises, Private and Public Cloud PowerPoint Presentation
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SIA303-LNC Common Identity Across On-premises, Private and Public Cloud

SIA303-LNC Common Identity Across On-premises, Private and Public Cloud

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SIA303-LNC Common Identity Across On-premises, Private and Public Cloud

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  1. SIA303-LNCCommon Identity Across On-premises, Private and Public Cloud Brjann Brekkan Vittorio Bertocci Dan Kershaw

  2. Agenda • Introduction • Private Cloud (IaaS) • Public Cloud (PaaS) • Public Cloud (SaaS) • Q/A

  3. Common Identity across Cloud’s Partner Windows Integrated/Kerberos • WS-* and SAML Claims Self Service MS Online Directory Synchronization Claims-Aware Applications • Workflow • AD FS 2.0 • SharePoint Profiles and Access • SAP and other apps • Identity directories • HR System • FIM 2010 Phone Title Department Manager Group • Claims-Aware • Applications • Exchange GAL & DL Role Client List • ADDS SQL Server

  4. Delegated VM ManagementCommon identity in Private Cloud • Hyper-V and SC Virtual Machine Manager uses roles • Roles can contain users or groups from AD • Forefront Identity Manager securely manages membership in AD groups

  5. Accessing Applications in Windows AzureCommon identity in Public Cloud (PaaS) AppFabric Access Control Services Use of Active Directory identities and groups through federation In the next release of AppFabric Access Control Services (ACS 2.0), single sign-on with popular Internet identity providers Integration with 3rd party systems through WS-* and SAML 2.0 open standards • WS-* and SAML Enable seamless access experience with other corporate applications tied to AD Other Providers Active Directory On Premises

  6. Identity in Online Services / Office 365Common identity in Public Cloud (SaaS) Identity platform Trust Federation Gateway Exchange Online On Premises Active Directory Federation Server 2.0 Authentication platform IdP SharePoint Online IdP Provisioning platform MS Online Directory Sync AD Directory Store Lync Online Live Meeting Admin Portal Forefront Identity Manager 2010

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