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Our Amazing Place Geoff Bridgman PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Amazing Place Geoff Bridgman

Our Amazing Place Geoff Bridgman

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Our Amazing Place Geoff Bridgman

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  1. Our Amazing PlaceGeoff Bridgman

  2. Five Our Amazing Place discovery eventsParticipation depends on good organisation, promotion, and weather (unless you are close to the beach) participants

  3. Who comes?The locals, their friends, but few play sport or work here

  4. Who comes?Well attended by all local cultures 1010 participants , 5 OAP events

  5. Who comes?Children, their parents/grandparents. Adolescents stay away, except where it’s organised by adolescents as in Avondale 1010 participants , 5 OAP events

  6. Who comes?It’s mums and their sons. Dads participate at half the level of mums, but boys participate more the girls

  7. How participants heard about OAPLocal, through key organisations, not internet, not radio

  8. What did they like most?Everyone liked the physical, particularly boys; adults liked nature; women liked community connection, artistic events and finding out about core services, males liked freebies, and children liked church

  9. How The OAP experience made/will make participants:v(participants feel on average more to much more positive about connection to community – feel safer, able to use resources, and had a great time) Average ratings

  10. Awesome, awesome I enjoyed it so much It was very awesome Awesome free activity, totally fun It was cool It was very fun I loved it today This is fun and great It's wonderful! What a beautiful day! Thank you! Awesome day! Awesome event!

  11. Family • Fantastic to see families out having fun together • Just had fun and if it wasn't for my kids i would have quit, but we didn't had heaps of fun • It was fun, great opportunity for our children/parents • Wonderful and awesome day with the famz • I need to listen more to my children and take more time in listening, they knew what they were doing.

  12. Community Great community event Big time :-) Excellent fun community day. Loved it. It was a great day, saw some amazing things in the community than driving Great idea to bring the community together. Getting to know what’s available. And loved the idea of families doing this together The school being open and used just added to an immense amount of a sense of community

  13. Doing more Lets make this every five years so younger kids get to know Do this again - once every 2 years Thank you! We really enjoyed it! See you next year Good team building/ bonding Enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know them I have enjoyed my day today and made new friends I would like to help out if there is something like this. Loved the experience. Feel inspired to start one up in my home community - Samoa. Good to know that there is hope

  14. Are we building community or just running a fun event? • What assets have we discovered? • What happens to the stakeholders? • What happens to participants who want to get more locally involved? • What follow-up research could we do? • Can we do OAP with smaller more intimate routes where people can take their time? • Can we run OAP for 500 plus people/ event? • What messages are important for OAP (e.g. eco-sustainability, resilient communities)?