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Cell Phone Chargers Wholesale phone Chargers PowerPoint Presentation
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Cell Phone Chargers Wholesale phone Chargers

Cell Phone Chargers Wholesale phone Chargers

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Cell Phone Chargers Wholesale phone Chargers

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  1. LTEMP CORPORATION Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale

  2. Ltemp is a wholesaler, distributor & manufacturer of mobile accessory products since 1999.”Ltemp” stands for- Let Technology Evolve Modern Products. The main mission and philosophy of Ltempis the longterm success of mobile accessory retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. We accomplish this goal by providing a combination of quality and affordable mobile accessories such as screen protector wholesale, wholesale iphone accessories products thereby harmonizing quality and affordability. We research, select, test, and qualify every product before presenting them to our clients. This is to ensure the greatest quality and minimum difficulty on our clients end. However, if for any reason the product does not perform to expectations, we offer relevant interest in warranty and customer support. LTEMP –THE WHOLESALE MOBILE ACCESSORY PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER

  3. There is a wide-variety of cell phones and accessories. all the top brands can be found, including android phones, apple iphones, samsung phones etc. There are a myriad of devices for sale to fit any budget. cell phones come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, but technology is the most important feature of all. Ltemp is a one-stop solution for all of your smart phone, tablet, and cell phone needs. We provide a wide range of protective cell phone cases, data cables, charging solutions, and bluetooth accessories for in-demand mobile devices. Please Visit Our Website:

  4. ACCESSORIES PROVIDED Mobile phone accessories include any hardware or software that is not the integral part of the phone, It includes cases, screen protectors, cell phone chargers, external batteries, data cables, earpiece, Bluetooth headsets, headphones, memory cards, HDMI and projectors etc.1. Wholesale Cell Phone Chargers and Batterieschargers have gone through a great advancement and are available as micro-usb cables, hdmi and data cables. External batteries are also available in wide range of capacities with fast charging support along with external power banks.

  5. 2. WHOLESALE CELL PHONE CASESCases are external covers designed to be attached to mobile phones to hold them and provide extra safety measures to a cell phone. They are of different styles, shape and size according to the display measures of a phone. They are of various types-a. Pouches and sleevesb. Holstersc. Shellsd. Skinse. Bumpersf. Flip cases and walletsg. Screen protection and body filmsh. Drop and shock protectioni. Leather Case

  6. 3. MASS STORAGEFor expanding the memory capacity of cell phones a wide range of solutions are available with the use of micro SD cards and dual pen drives etc. which can directly be attached to mobile phones. 4. WHOLESALE WIRELESS EARPICE AND HEADSETSWith the advancement of technology has increased the use of Bluetooth and WIFI peripherals such as earphones, headphones and headsets etc. for entertainment purposes. They are of different types depending upon the range in which they can be connected to a cell phone.

  7. SERVICES OFFERED :1. Careful product selection - Selective product classes from low to high end categories that will sell.2. 10+ years of industry knowledge and experience-reliable product consulting, accurate trend predictions.3. Ensured quality assurance – All products meet market standards and are up to the mark.4. Online Distribution Site – Directly order online at your convenience- Anytime, Anywhere. 5. Perks - Free shipping for products of order over $1000, open 6 days a week.6. Security & Peace of Mind – Product Warranty. Full sales and customer service support.