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Email: support@istation Phone: 866-883-READ (7323) PowerPoint Presentation
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Email: support@istation Phone: 866-883-READ (7323)

Email: support@istation Phone: 866-883-READ (7323)

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Email: support@istation Phone: 866-883-READ (7323)

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  1. Supporting Educators. Empowering Kids. Changing Lives. Email: Phone: 866-883-READ (7323) Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. Neddy Hess 281 382 8466

  2. Istation is an internet-based comprehensive reading intervention program that ensures that students reach their full reading potential.

  3. Automates universalscreening • Automates data drivendifferentiated instruction • Provides reports that categorizes tiers, plots student growth and facilitates fidelity of implementation • Uses student data to selectteacher directed lessons for further differentiatedinstruction What DoesIstation Do?

  4. Allows us to accurately reflect the overall reading ability of each student • Measures performance and growth over time • Uses interactive content to measure a student’s overall reading ability and skill development • Uses test questions that range from easy to hard for each reading domain Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)

  5. ISIP A computer- adaptive assessment for developing readers • Computer adaptive forformative assessmentand progress monitoring • Assess a class in 40 minutesor less • On-demand assessments • 8-12 automatic assessmentsper year

  6. How Does CATWork? To identify the student’s overall reading ability and individual skill ability, the difficulty of the items presented changes with every student response.

  7. Student is givenan item… Answers correctly,given a more difficult item Answers incorrectly,given a less difficult item

  8. ISIP Early Reading Grade Subtest Pre-Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness Letter Knowledge Vocabulary Kindergarten Listening Comprehension*+ Phonemic Awareness Letter Knowledge Vocabulary 1st Grade Phonemic AwarenessLetter KnowledgeVocabularyAlphabetic DecodingComprehensionSpellingConnected Text Fluency* 2nd & 3rd Grade VocabularyComprehensionSpellingConnected Text Fluency*

  9. ISIP Advanced Reading Domain Subtest Word Analysis Word Analysis (Fully Specified OrthographicRepresentation) Fluency Text Fluency (Maze) Vocabulary Vocabulary(General & Content) Comprehension Comprehension(Main Idea, Inference,Critical Judgment &Cause & Effect)

  10. Frequency of Assessments An ISIP assessment will be given automatically eachmonth upon the first login. On-Demand Assessments On-Demand assessments can be given at any timeduring the school year.

  11. Instructional Tiers Tier 1 40th percentile & above Tier 2 21 – 39th percentile Tier 3 20th percentile & below

  12. ENGLISH Intervention Recommended Minimum Usage Tier 1 Students use the programs for 45 or more minutes per week. Tier 2 Students use the programs for 90 or more minutes per week. Tier 3 Students use the programs for 120 or more minutes per week. Supplemental Recommended Minimum Usage Tier 1 Students use the programs for 30 or more minutes per week. Tier 2 Students use the programs for 60 or more minutes per week. Tier 3 Students use the programs for 90 or more minutes per week.

  13. Instructional Tier Goals Early Reading

  14. 220 210 200 190 180 170 160 150 215 1st Grade 215 3rd Grade What is an AbilityScore? Since ISIP is adaptive and the test items are displayed based on student performance, not age or grade, identical ability scores across grades mean the same thing. Ability scores can be used by teachers to inform instruction around their student’s strengths and weaknesses. Targeted instruction leads to better performance and maximum growth.

  15. 5 STEPS TO RTI 1. I have to have a universal screening —-> ISIP (ER, AR, Español) 2.  Placing students in instructional tiers —-> Priority Report 3. Who is doing intervention, the frequency and intensity This is a campus of district decision. 4. A highly qualified teacher delivers and documents intervention. —-> Priority Report 5. Response to intervention—-> Monthly or On Demand assessment.

  16. What Happens After ISIP? Student Name Program Cycle Anisha Daniel Natalia Alejandro Navaeh Andres

  17. Learn to Read • Istation delivers an effectivesystematic approach to reading instruction that includes: • Building a solid foundation inphonological awareness • Direct Instruction • Multiple opportunities fordifferentiated practice and skill application • Repetition and cumulative review • Immediate corrective feedback Introduction Independent Practice in Connected Text Teach Guided Practice Independent Practice in Isolation

  18. PreK • Delivers instruction in: • Alphabetic principle • Letters and Letter Sounds • Phonological Awareness • Words, Syllables and Phonemes • Rhyming words, Onset Rime • Print Awareness • Directionality of Print, Book Handling • Word and Sentence Boundaries • Oral Language • Vocabulary Development • Story Comprehension

  19. PreK • Aligned with Early Reading First and the NAEYC • Provides assessment data to help identifyKindergarten readiness • Provides ISIP progress monitoringassessments

  20. Differentiated Instruction

  21. Small Group Instruction • Over 1900 fully scripted Teacher Directed Lessons • Over 150 Lexile leveled books • Passages • Poems • Materials • Parent Letters • Classroom Decorations

  22. The 5 Simple Steps 1. You will receive a username and password from istation Accounts via email 2. Once your students have been added to istation, you will use your login to access your student login cards via the istation website at 3. Students will use their login to access the istation program 4. Log onto the istation website at to view student data 5. Using the results of the immediate data will help to inform instruction

  23. Receiving the Email & What’s in it….. • istation User Account Information • istation Accounts • Sent: 8/18/2011 8:46 AM • To: • ________________________________________________________________________________ • Dear Lori Kaye, • An account for istation Reading Program has been created on your behalf by istation Support Services. • Your istation login information is: • Domain: demo • Login ID: lkaye • Password: 1fRy0V2FE • You will be prompted to change your password upon first login to the web site. • Use this login information to access the istation reports website and the new iKnowledge Resource Center for your training needs at • If you have any questions, please contact istation Support Services at 866-883-7323 or via email at • Thank you for using istation!

  24. Reports Istation Reading keeps educators informed, and facilitates data informed decision making, through easy to use reports that provide immediate access to student results. Several reports are offered to explain each student’s reading progress.

  25. Report Builder • ISIP and Istation Reading reports may be accessed fromthe Quick Report Builder • Reports may be customized toshow district, campus, classroomand student data • Data may also be sorted by gradelevel as well as demographic

  26. ISIP Summary

  27. Priority

  28. Student Summary Handout

  29. State and Agency Approvals Approved as a Supplemental Program for School Improvement by the Alabama Departmentof Education; Alabama – Approved Vendor ALABAMA Approved External Provider for School Improvement by the Arkansas Department of Education;Arkansas – Approved Vendor ARKANSAS Reviewed by the LA DOE and listed in the Clearinghouse of Supplemental and InterventionProducts by the Louisiana Department of Education; Louisiana – Approved Vendor LOUISIANA Approved as Interim Assessment Provider for RTTT by the Office of the State Superintendent;DC – Approved Vendor WASHINGTON DC NEW MEXICO Approved Vendor FLORIDA Approved Intervention for State Textbook Adoption; Florida – Approved Vendor VIRGINIA Mandated to be used for Turnaround schools; Virginia – Approved Vendor Commissioner’s List Approved for K-8 English and K-3 Spanish; Approved Online StateAdopted Textbook; Certification for K; Texas – Approved Vendor TEXAS TENNESSEE Approved Vendor for Race To The Top; Tennessee – Approved Vendor NEW YORK Approved Vendor for K-2 COLORADO Approved Vendor for Turnaround schools CASE Endorsed by the National Council of Administrators of Special Education FCRR (Florida Center for Reading Research) – Reviewed with Zero Deficiencies NATIONAL CENTER FOR RIT Reviewed as Universal Screener and Progress Monitoring tool

  30. Special Education • Endorsed by CASE (Council of Administrators of Special Education) • Provides a documentation trail for skill-specific interventions • Shows progress or regression on IEP goals • Clear, concise documentation required for IEPs • Provides differentiated instruction • Fosters and supports individualized growth in reading • Istation allows for documentation of critical reading skills relative to the student’s abilities • Istation provides quality programming and activities to support identified students, thus helping them to develop their maximum potential • Revolutionary, innovative and adaptive

  31. 1. Literacy and language