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Biotechnology (b) Waste PowerPoint Presentation
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Biotechnology (b) Waste

Biotechnology (b) Waste

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Biotechnology (b) Waste

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  1. Biotechnology (b) Waste SQA Questions

  2. What you should know ewage eed oxygen • When untreated s_______ is added to rivers bacteria f____ on and breakdown the sewage using up the ______. Fish and other animals ___ due to l___ of oxygen • U_______sewage can spread c______, t______ and d_________ • Sewage treatment includes its breakdown by d_____ microbes to products which are h__________ to the e___________. • C__________ breakdown of sewage is only possible in a_________ conditions as anaerobic respiration is much less e________ and only p________ digests the sewage. die ack holera ntreated yphoid ysentery ecay armless nvironment omplete erobic fficient artially

  3. ypes ange ompletely • Sewage contains many t_____ of waste so a r_____ of microbes is needed to break it down c________ • During sewage treatment oxygen is provided by either t_______ the sewage over f_______ beds or bubbling c_________ air through the sewage • Microbes can improve (u_______) waste into useful products such as p_______ food from microbes grown on waste s_____ and m______ (biogas) from domestic waste dumps. Industry can make m_______ from this upgraded waste rickling ilter ompressed pgrade rotein ugar ethane oney

  4. water typhoid cholera dysentery

  5. Microbes get energy aerobic Range of microbes used

  6. ow rade nergy protein igh • Microbes can take l___ g_____ waste with little e______ or p______ and convert it to high grade material with h___ energy and/or high p_______ • A______ and m______ are products of fermentation • Fermentation fuel is r________ whereas f_____ fuels are non renewable • Under s______ conditions, microbes can reproduce very rapidly by a_______ means • Microbes may be h_______ to provide p_____ rich f____ for animals or h_______ rotein ethane lcohol enewable ossil uitable sexual arvested rotein ood umans

  7. acteria terile ill revent • When working with b________ in the lab you must use s_______ techniques to k__ microbes or p_______ c___________ e.g. washing surfaces with d___________ and h________ to a very high t___________ • Bacteria can produce r__________ spores which can o_______ be killed by s______ cleaning at ____ °C • Microbes breakdown o______ matter to get e_______ and are important in the recycling of c______ and n________ ontamination isinfectant eating emperature esistant nly team 125 rganic nergy arbon itrogen

  8. Recycling

  9. Nitrogen Cycle 1 Nitrogen fixing bacteria Nitrogen fixing bacteria Denitrifying bacteria Nitrates eats nitrifying bacteria decay bacteria Animal protein Nitrites decay bacteria nitrifying bacteria

  10. Nitrogen fixing bacteria denitrifying bacteria Nitrogen fixing bacteria decay bacteria Animal protein Nitrites

  11. 5 1 3 2 Nitrates Nitrifying bacteria

  12. E eating F uptake by roots D nitrogen fixing B denitrification C decay and decomposition

  13. Carbon cycle photosynthesis RESPIRATION Animal CHO eats death death fuels

  14. Photosynthesis RESPIRATION Plant CHO eats burning death death

  15. photosynthesis respiration eats respiration death Dead bodies Respiration by decay microbes burning Fossil fuels