by mr budi supriyanto n.
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When I’m not with you PowerPoint Presentation
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When I’m not with you

When I’m not with you

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When I’m not with you

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  1. By: Mr. Budi Supriyanto When I’m not with you

  2. Do you like my being absent today? • Well, I am really sorry that today I cannot come to have fun you with in the classroom as usual. However, I have something that I hope it can substitute my absence today.

  3. Guys, I have some questions for you. • Write at least 5 things you can talk about zoo! • Your time is 5 minutes! • Go! • Write also at least 5 things about botanical garden! • Your time is also 5 minutes! • Go! What do you have in mind when you recall a name of ZOO? And what do you remember about botanical garden

  4. Now, share your writing with your friends near you, look at your right and your right • How many things did you find about zoo and botanical garden? • The students with the result more than 10 are great!

  5. Next………………………. • Do you find any similarities between zoo and botanical garden? • If, yes, what are they? • Please write them? • And do you find any differences? • Make the list of the difference!

  6. Now What??? • You will read some paragraphs. • After you read the paragraph, make some questions about the paragraph, and after that ask your friend to answer your question! • When your friends have answered your questions, check them and give score for him/her!

  7. Text 1 • The Petunia (Petunia spp.)is a very popular and widely cultivated flower that originally comes from South America. Petunias are seen accenting gardens all over the world, but the majority of them are actually hybrids. Since there has been so many hybrids cross-bred, the colours and flower sizes of Petunias vary greatly.

  8. Text 2 • Most Petunias are pollinated by insects. One species, Petunia exserta, is pollinated by birds. Petunias need to reproduce with the same species, as most are infertile when mixed with other species.

  9. Text 3 • An interesting note is that the Petunia, tomatos, potatos and tobacco are all members of the same family, which is Solanaceae.

  10. Text 4 • No one can talk about the Petunia without mentioning the Petunia Capital of the world. Dixon, Illinois has an annual Petunia Festival. This flower event draws people from all over the world. The city hosts a large parade with the streets being lined in Petunias. They also have a mascot for the event; Pinky Petunia.

  11. Finally • Students, after you have finished doing your activities with text 1 to text 4, please answer the following question!

  12. Question 1 • What is Text 1 about? • What is Text 2 about? • What is text 3 about? • What is text 4 about?

  13. Time to end Thank you, guys