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Do Now- Will be Collected

Do Now- Will be Collected. Why is North Korea “Bad” (5 Sentences). The Korean War. The Korean war is the first example of a NSC-68 war- use of military force not to conquer but to prevent conquering

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Do Now- Will be Collected

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  1. Do Now- Will be Collected • Why is North Korea “Bad” (5 Sentences)

  2. The Korean War • The Korean war is the first example of a NSC-68 war- use of military force not to conquer but to prevent conquering • Origins: After WWII, American troops entered S. Korea and U.S.S.R entered North Korea to accept Japanese surrender • U.S.S.R doesn’t leave- elections are held and communism is founded • South Korea elects democracy under Syngman Rhee

  3. The Korean War Cont. • 1950 - North Korea invaded South Korea • United Nations quickly condemned the invasion as an act of aggression • Demanded the withdrawal of North Korean troops from the South • In the first weeks of the conflict the North Korean forces met little resistance and advanced rapidly to the southeast tip of Korea • UN goes into SE Korea and invaded behind enemy lines at Incheon

  4. Do-Now Should the U.S use the Atomic Bomb in the Korean War? Why?

  5. The Korean War Cont. • UN forces cleared out S. Korea and push N. Koreans to the Chinese border • Problem: China might see it as a threat- Chinese volunteers pour into North Korea and push UN forces back • General in charge- General MacArthur • His goal: defeat and conquer the enemy • Truman’s goal- protect and secure S. Korea

  6. The Korean War Cont. • Tension between Truman and MacArthur • Truman didn’t think MacArthur understood this new war and MacArthur didn’t think Truman knew how to fight • MacArthur gets relieved of his command (fired)

  7. Korean War • Korean War's unpopularity played an important role in the presidential victory of Dwight D. Eisenhower • Pledged to go to Korea to end the war. • Armistice signed in 1953 • U.S. losses were placed at over 54,000 dead and 103,000 wounded • Chinese and Korean casualties were each at least 10 times as high

  8. HUAC • 1947 - House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) began an investigation into the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry • Ten people refused to answer the committee’s questions and became known as the Hollywood Ten • Their refusal resulted in being blacklisted from work in motion pictures or television

  9. Alger Hiss • Alger Hiss served as FDR's adviser at the Yalta Conference in 1945 • An American Communist Party member appeared before the HUAC and claimed that Hiss had been spying for the Soviet Union while working for the State Department • Hiss’ first trial in 1949 ended in a hung jury, but in the second trial in 1950, he was found guilty • Sentenced to five years imprisonment

  10. The Red Scare • Joseph McCarthy- senator who wanted re-election • Played off societies fear of communism • Said state department, Hollywood and universities were infested with communists • If anyone did criticize McCarthy they would be accused of being a pinko- communist sympathizer

  11. Rosenbergs • 1950 - head of the physics department of a British nuclear research facility was arrested and charged with espionage • Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg were named as members of his spy ring and put on trial • The Rosenbergs were found guilty of conspiracy and sentenced to death • Many people were shocked by the severity of the sentence • They had not been found guilty of treason

  12. Parisians line up at the American Embassy to sign a petition for the Rosenbergs

  13. Rosenberg boys at Sing Sing

  14. The Red Scare Cont. • McCarthy’s plan backfires- accuses army of being communist sympathizers • McCarthy is put on trial- investigated his claims and embarrassed McCarthy • Ends the Red Scare

  15. The Red Scare Cont. • There was a basis of fact- were communists working in the government • VANONA project- classified project to uncover communist spies in the government • Identified and verified dozens of communist spies

  16. Pop Culture • Television becomes popular • Most Americans own one by the end of the decade • Rock ‘n’ Roll is born from African American rhythm and blues • Elvis Presleybecomes first rock star • Chuck Berryand Little Richardwere African American rock pioneers • Generation Gap (cultural separation of children and parents) is created and shaped by rock ‘n’ roll • Beat Movement formed from disaffected white youth • Jack Kerouac (On the Road) and Allen Ginsberg (Howl) were Beat writers

  17. Life in the 50’s • Popularized by the Nuclear Family • Dad, Mom, Kids • Many people will build fall out shelters and practice “Duck and Cover” measures to be safe from a nuclear blast

  18. 1950’s TV Leave it to Beaver- Part 1

  19. Eisenhower Presidency • Elected as a Republican in 1952 with vice president Richard Nixon; reelected in 1956 • Using his nickname, “I like Ike” campaign buttons were ubiquitous • Largely responsible for the passage of the Federal Highway Act that created 40,000 miles of interstate roads • Designed for Cold War fears: evacuation of cities and the movement of military vehicles • Ended Korean War with threat of nuclear weapons known as massive retaliation or brinksmanship

  20. Eisenhower Presidency • Reduced the size of the army and defense spending • Increased nuclear arsenal • Fights communism through covert operations run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) • New Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, takes office in 1956 and vows to crush capitalism • Space Race begins with the Soviet launch of Sputnik in 1957 • First satellite to orbit the earth • 1961 – In his farewell speech, Ike warned of influence of military-industrial complex (partnership of the military and the defense industry)

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