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Personalized Sports Prints PowerPoint Presentation
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Personalized Sports Prints

Personalized Sports Prints

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Personalized Sports Prints

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  1. Top 5 Questions asked Personalized Sports Prints

  2. #1What type of occasions are the personalized sports prints appropriate for? Our customers purchase the personalized sports prints for a variety of occasions: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation, Groomsmen gift, etc. They make great gifts for many occasions because they are so unique and really custom made for the individual. A personalized sports print really shows someone put a lot of thought into the gift and are gifts the recipients can keep for many years.

  3. #2 Can You Personalize more than one Player Jersey per print? Only 1 Jersey can be personalized. However, we can change the professional player jersey names/numbers on the prints. Most teams have between 25-70players to choose from.

  4. #3 Can the personalized name be some where else aside from the back of the jersey?? The personalized name can appear on the back of the jersey and the name plate above the locker. For stadium prints, the message can be on both lines of the cards as well as the name at the bottom of the print. For Pub prints, the personalized name is the Name of the Pub as well as listed as proprietor.

  5. #4Can the personalized jersey number be changed on the Action Collage? The personalized jersey number cannot be changed on the Action Collage print. If you want to change the jersey number, you may prefer the locker room print.

  6. #5What is the difference between the frame options? The personalized prints come standard with a basic black or white frame included in the purchase price. Most of our customers choose the black frame. The premium frame option is Mahogany wood finish (there is an upcharge of $20 for this frame).