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Rising Tide

Rising Tide

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Rising Tide

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  1. Rising Tide

  2. Content • What is Rising Tide and what they do. • Goals • Organization • Origins and political statement • Key associatedgroups

  3. What is Rising Tide and what they do • Rising Tide is part of the international Rising Tide network that take care of the basic problems of climate change, with the purpose of a future without fossil fuels. They think that by destroying all the fossil fuel industry there will be a stop in climate change. RTUK are formed by local groups in the UK, North America, Australia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Finland.

  4. Goals • They want to confront the causes of climate change by bringing a non carbon society. They see the problem of climate change linked to economic dominationby Northern powers, which have created a globalised economy that over-uses resources for the interests of the North, while keeping down equitable development in the South.

  5. Organization • It works with any individual who shares its values can be an equal part of its work. • Rising Tide UK is formed into regional groups that have their own meetings and events, but contribute with each other and meet together once a year. Active regional groups include London, Bristol and Bath, Plymouth, Cleaveland and Whitby, Reading, and Worthing.

  6. Origins and political statement • Rising Tide UK is a little part of a big environmental and social justice movement. Rising Tide was formed around a political statement written by a lot of groups who came together in November 2000 to organise protests and events at the United Nations Climate Conference of Parties in The Hague. The political statement defined the group’s initial position, and allowed an international network to develop around its shared purpose

  7. Key associatedgroups • Art not oil was set up in 2004. It sponsors to artistic works that confront oil companies, the damage they cause, and encourages arts institutions that take part from them to decline such supportThe rising tide in 2005 supported the Camps for Climate Action until they were in to a higher profile .Rising Tide UK and its members have since been closely involved with Climate Camp and their activities, including the 2007 Heathrow Camp which contributed to the 2010 decision to scrap airport expansion at Heathrow

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