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Judge by Appearances

Section B. Judge by Appearances. Revision Exercises checking. valid accurate conceal emotional internal superficial virtually imitate. of the strong feeling exact effective lawfully hide follow as an example of the inside in fact not deep or serious. Matching Game.

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Judge by Appearances

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  1. Section B Judge by Appearances

  2. Revision • Exercises checking

  3. valid accurate conceal emotional internal superficial virtually imitate of the strong feeling exact effective lawfully hide follow as an example of the inside in fact not deep or serious Matching Game

  4. Check Yourself 1. Have you made out your _____ for a passport? A. appointment B. apply C. definition D. application 2. I had every _____in my secretary; she would do the right thing. A. knowledge B. qualification C. belief D. confidence

  5. 3. His father does not_______ of her going to study in the United States alone. A. prove B. approve C. agree D. award 4. We all believe he is qualified______the job. A. in B. with C. at D. for

  6. 5. He gave up his study in college in _______ because of his illness. A. repair B. despair C. display D. despite 6. It’s very difficult to _____ the meaning of a word without a context. A. resolve B. define C. determine D. decide

  7. 7. Professor Baker told me that this bottle was _____ as poison. A. signed B. labeled C. labored D. determine 8. The detective story, as created by Poe, is something as specialized and as _______ as a chess problem. • intelligence B. intelligent C. intellectual D. intellectually

  8. 9. He could not ______ the crime any longer. A. conceive B. conceal C. concede D. confide 10. Tom______ the bag as his by telling what it contained. A. identified B. recognized C. showed D. indicated

  9. Post-reading exercises checking • Ex. XVII • turned out • is not…up to • went to great lengths • out of bound • spoke of • turned off • so out of character • took sides • Ex. XVI • validate • exclusive • internalized • prevails • superficial • inherent • concealed • accompanies

  10. Key to C • Ex. XVIII • 1. Shoes can be dangerous to your feet. • 2. The sizing of shoes makes the situation. • 3. Women wear high heels to satisfy male ideas. • 4. High heels make a woman look better. • 5. Women were not buying shoes to please men. • Ex. XIX • 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T • 5. T 6. F 7. F 8. F

  11. Oral Practice • Pair work- • Describing appearance • Group work- • Research report

  12. A Guessing Game • Directions: Work in pairs. Each member of the pair chooses a student in the class and describes what he/she looks like while the other member guesses who the person is.

  13. Words and expressions given long/medium length/short/straight/wavy hair. a short/long/straight nose. a round face/thin face/wide face. He/she has tall/average height/short. fat/slightly overweight/plump/ of average weight/slim/slenderly built/thin. wearing jeans/a jacket/a dress/tights/a shirt/ a blouse/ a skirt/pants/a sweater. He/she is

  14. Samples Sample 1 She is a very pretty girl. She has short curly hair, big eyes, and a straight nose. She is wearing a pink blouse and a beige skirt. Please guess who she is. Sample 2 He is tall and slenderly built. He has a long thin face and a straight nose. He is very humorous, and always tells jokes that make us laugh. He is wearing a yellow jacket, blue jeans, and running shoes. Who is he?

  15. Research Report

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