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Getting to the island PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting to the island

Getting to the island

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Getting to the island

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  1. Getting to the island • One night Zappy was on a boat but lightning hit the boat and sunk it so Zappy had swim to the nearest island. He sighed in relief to be on land. • It was dark and cold. Zappy was shivering and his lips were frozen together. Zappy had mini video camera’s. He placed them everywhere to see when the villains came. Zappy was 25 years old and loved adventures. So good luck Zappy. • “I’ll be fine” said Zappy. Zappy is funny and strong. He is a policeman. He is tanned and tall and has blue eyes and black hair. His favourite colour is electric blue. He likes football. When he isn’t at work, Zappy is a secret agent. • One day Zappy decided to try to get off the island because he wanted to be the head of the FBI and be the top secret agent in the world.

  2. Monster Lake • There is a sea monster in Monster Lake Zappy had to get through without falling in and getting eaten by the monster. The monster was really big and camouflaged in the water and was enormous. So he can cover the whole lake. Zappy was wondering how to get across the lake then he saw some trees then Zappy cut the trees and made a boat with it and went off. He was afraid and it took 3 hours to get there and the monster followed him. The monster jumped to get him.

  3. Spave • One night Zappy saw a giant cave with lots and lots of spikes. Zappy saw something that said Spave he assumed that was the cave’s name. Zappy heard a scrunch. He saw something shine gold, it was a bow and arrow. Zappy said, • “I will shoot the spikes!” Zappy started to shoot the spikes. He didn’t need to shoot because he could jump them. When Zappy got to the end there were spikes everywhere. So he shot them down then Zappy ran out.

  4. Blood Mountain • One day he looked and saw Blood-capped mountains so he decided to go up them then Zappy heard an evil laugh. Zappy followed the laugh until he reached the top of the mountains then he saw a vampire. He didn’t like Zappy and threw blood at him. • The vampire threw a bow and arrow at him covered in blood he didn’t know then Zappy saw the bow and arrow and took it and it was gold then he shot him and jumped off Blood mountain.

  5. Horse • Then Zappy saw a horse and it was brown. It wasn’t afraid. He climbed on the horse and it suddenly started to fly. This made Zappy jump! He fell off the horse and fell down next to Monster Lake.

  6. Lightning Lake • Zappy just reached Lightning Lake. Zappy said, • “I will swim across.” So he dipped his toe in but he got an electric shock. On second thoughts I will use a boat he thought! Zappy looked and found a boat. Zappy was in luck but every time he moved the paddle he got an electric shock! He was so close he could almost get to land but when he took his foot out of the boat it slipped and got an electric shock. Zappy was scared it would happen again but he finally got out.

  7. Volcano • One evening Zappy saw something glowing in the dark so he went closer then started to climb up. It was hard for Zappy because lava was spitting and flashing there. Zappy was struggling so much he was sliding down after a few steps. He was dying of thirst and hunger. The volcano was like a giant but 10 times bigger. • Zappy was still climbing and sliding up and down the volcano. Zappy said, • “I have had enough I am going to charge up that volcano like never before.” Zappy ran up the volcano as quick as a flash but was suddenly hit by a rock coming down the side. He fell down, down. Zappy lay at the bottom of the volcano, hurt and not sure if he should move. He tried to get up but just fell back down. A rock fell from the volcano and knocked him out. • Zappy lay there for hours. He came round and got straight up not remembering what had happened, He started walking and found Monster Lake.

  8. Get away • Zappy finally got to the end of the island he thought there might be a boat. He looked behind a tree, in a bush and in some sand. He found a boat by the edge of the island. He wasn’t that good at rowing the boat but he got back in the end. • Zappy walked home but no one was there. Zappy heard something move. Someone was sitting in the corner. Zappy said, • “Are you okay?” • “Yes,” said the person. Zappy recognised the voice. • “Is that you Nick?” said Zappy. The person said, • “Yes, it is Nick.” • “It’s me, Zappy, your brother,” said Zappy. • “I don’t remember having a brother,” said Nick as Zappy had been away so long Nick had forgotten all about him. • “If I guess one of your favourite colours will you believe me?” • “Yes okay,” • “Your favourite colour is black,” Zappy said. Nick was surprised but agreed and hugged Zappy. Zappy was pleased to be home. • Two years later, Zappy’s dream came true and he became the head of the FBI. Zappy enjoyed being the head of the FBI and was happy but something had happened to Zappy maybe it was the island but we will never know!