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Judith Butler

Judith Butler

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Judith Butler

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  1. Judith Butler ‘Queer Theory’

  2. Definition of queer theory Queer; used in a derogatory way. Queer by definition is a meaning for something that is out of the dominant idea of normal, this is used as disparaging and sending certain ideology that being out of the ‘normal’ is wrong. “Truth is what you make it to be” - Pius

  3. Judith Butler’s theory • Judith Butler is one of the founders and inspirations for the development of the Queer Theory which is basically a theory that explores the feminist ideas that gender is a part of your essential self and unlike other gay or lesbian theories that focus on whether it is ‘natural’ or ‘unnatural’ this theory encompasses all sexual behavior no matter how normal or deviant it is considered to be in society. • In her book ‘Gender Trouble’ she says that in a way feminists have contributed to the classification of women as being one type with common characteristics, do the only two ways of defining yourself would be either as a ‘man’ or as a ‘women’. So without meaning to feminists have reinforced gender roles and therefore have restricted any opportunities that women might have had to gain their individual identity • Zainab

  4. The theory also links to Gramsci’s cultural hegemony because she says that certain cultural aspects or ideas of gender have seized a hegemonic hold (e.g they have come to seem natural or acceptable in our culture ) – but, she suggests, it doesn’t have to be that way. She wants us to be free to choose our identities and define who we are rather than being categorized into a certain group based on society’s norms and the ideologies that we have been taught to believe due to hegemony.

  5. Negative representations of gender and sexuality • South Park, Gay fish scene – Kanye West • South Park, In the closet – R Kelly

  6. Positive representation of gender and sexuality • Alan Carr • Modern Family