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Do You Know?

Do You Know?. Shift Happens. By PresenterMedia.com. What is Technology?. What do you think of when you hear or see this word?. Electronics iPad iPod Computers Smart Phones.

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Do You Know?

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  1. Do You Know? Shift Happens By PresenterMedia.com

  2. What is Technology? • What do you think of when you hear or see this word? • Electronics • iPad • iPod • Computers • Smart Phones • Technology – 1. the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science.

  3. Brain Storming • Group Ideas • Make a list of products (or ideas) that can be improved – made better! • Write this list on a sheet of chart paper. • Be prepared to: • Present your list to the class. • Explain your reasons for the products/ideas. • Explain how you think it can be made better.

  4. Second period • Improve computer start up • Improve cell coverage • Power Outage renewal • Solar powered cars/planes • Solar powered alligator camera • Soft-serve ice cream makers • Hair Straightener-non burning • Showers – speakers and LED lights • Toilets with amenities • T-shirts w/ multiple pocket • Ear-rings w/ speakers – beltbuckle changes the song • Sunglasses with tv • Improve airport security-speed • Tennis shoes with suction cups • Jewelry color changer • GPS in car that drives for you • RC toys-speed & braking • iPod S/W, change shapes, hologram technology • Teleportation - • Gaming Visuals – reality

  5. On a sheet of paper • Copy the format below.

  6. Critical Thinking • Review the list of class generated products and ideas • Discuss the following with your team: • How realistic is this product and/or the suggested modification? • Explain how and why • How will the modification or improvement be implemented? • Describe the process • Is the product and/or modification something that can be improved upon in a timely manner (i.e., within a couple of months)? • If so, explain the process • How will the timeline be achieved? • Is the modification and/or improvement something that can be done by your team? • If so, how! Explain

  7. Third Period • Iproducts–more features–iPad 3 • Writing tools–non-hand use, automatic, voice generated • Cameras – automated editing-fixes closed eyes, fixes blurred pictures • ebooks–auto-page turners • Flying chairs–hover, no foot power • Automatic dresser–determines the attire for the day • Cure for STDs & major diseases • Space craft-faster, fuel efficiency • Clocks-alarm continues until it detects you are fully awake • School-interactive classroom technology, tablets, more hands-on • Books – holographic illustrations • Automatic cars-GPS • Computers – improve voice s/w to be more efficient, startup, holographic, 3D • Contact lenses – tanning protection/UV protection • Razors – automatic/robot • Pens/pencils – auto-fil, regenerates • Time machine – • Cleaning technology-programmable • Houses-better structures

  8. Fourth Period • Airports-more enjoyable, quicker service • Store efficiency-faster service-checkout • Cellphones-faster w/ s/w upgrades, more durable • Computers-more secure s/w • Cars-big cars more eco-friendly, other fuel sources; smaller cars more durable • Airplanes-make fuel efficient • TV-3D, foldable, voice automated • Medicine-over the counter, reduce frequency of need, more effective, tastier • Military materials-lighter, titanium • Schools-integrated classes w/ other subjects/classes-hands-on act. Eco-friendly school supplies-recycled materials, more electronic materials • Food-chewable pills • i-anything-gov. regulation on new prod. Releases to prevent fast outdating • Security – motion sensors-laser detector • Robotic Assistant-avail to public • Waterproof electronic devices (as has been done with the camera) improve effectiveness • Game system – suits/sensor driven • GPS-holographic • Holographic phones-projecting image of contact, wrist watches • Cost effective house-eco friendly, better structures • Holographic books (not ebooks) • Voice activated pencils-records on paper • Lawn mower w/ music player or radio • Cures-diabetes & cancer-nanotechnology • Voice accessory-speaks your thoughts • Paper-organic-corn, instead of trees, would be faster • Light bulbs-lithium metal, burns brighter & is smaller. Need to prolong the time to burn

  9. Fifth Period • Dishwasher – soap improvement – auto dispense • Battery operated hair straightener • Barcodes for humans • Smartpad – like the Smartboard • Virtual World-to experience daily events, places, and things • Food – improving nutritional value – added. Improving flavor of bad tasting foods • Oil rigs/resources (contained) • Backpacks – more support • Pencils/paper – spellchecker – electronic paper (MS Word) • Fuel efficiency – large vehicles • Television – cable box – preset programming w/ timers. • Power stations – increase security (prevent stealing – copper)

  10. Sixth Period • Astronomy-stronger, more powerful telescopes • Makeup –longer lasting • Jewelry – external coating or mixed element into jewelry • Hair products – non-hardening hairspray, defrizzer • Vibrating/massage/swaying bed • Nail polish-longer lasting, non-chipping • Adaptable jacket – the weave expands and contracts depending on temperature. • Particle acceleration-making it useful for teleportation • Flying cars – using military hover craft & helicopter technology. • Sports equipment –safer, helmets – shock resistant, protective eye gear • Door locks – smaller locks w/ smaller keys or voice activated • Wheelchairs – voice activated • Laser stun gun – produces a heat based shock • Artificial Intelligence – more human like qualities • Cars-faster w/ lighter materials • Computers-faster processors • Space travel-faster/interplanetary • Pens-more ink to size ratio

  11. Product/Idea Gallery Walk Research Results • You have 10 minutes to coordinate your presentation of results. • Each person needs a pen and post-it note • Each team will view another team’s chart. • In the results area, write your evidence supporting realistic or not realistic • When the timer buzzes, you will move to the next chart. • When all charts have been viewed and commented, return to your seats. • Only one team will present their results from the chart. • If you disagree with a result, be prepared to present your reasons – evidence.

  12. Products/Ideas • Class Project • Now that the lists have been presented: • Decide which of the products/ideas you feel can be completed as a class project. • Select four (4). • Discuss with your team, then: • On a sheet of paper, write the products/ideas, then explain how the class can create or modify the product/idea. (one sheet per team) • Be sure to include plenty of details and specifics. • Other Ideas?

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