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Supplementary Plenary Information - March 2010

Supplementary Plenary Information - March 2010. Authors:. Date: 2010-3-14. Name. Company. Address. Phone. email. 5488 Marvell Lane, Santa Clara, CA, 95054. +1 (321) 427-4098. bkraemer@. marvell. .com. Bruce Kraemer. Marvell.

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Supplementary Plenary Information - March 2010

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  1. Supplementary Plenary Information - March 2010 Authors: Date: 2010-3-14 Name Company Address Phone email 5488 Marvell Lane, Santa Clara, CA, 95054 +1 (321)427-4098 bkraemer@ marvell .com Bruce Kraemer Marvell Abstract: Additional Information on topics for WG11 plenary meetings – March 2010 Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  2. Monday Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  3. Monday Agenda 4.1.3 - WG18 AgendaMarch Meeting Room – (Antigua 4) Monday 10:30 – 6:00 pm Tuesday 8:00 – 6:00 pm Wednesday 8:00 – 6:00 pm Thursday 8:00 – 6:00 pm Liaison from ITU-R WP5D. This announces that WP5D has begun work on a new recommendation that will deal with techniques to improve the compatibility or sharing between IMT systems and Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) networks in the 3.4 - 3.6 GHz band. Liaison from ITU-R WP5D regarding the revision of Report ITU-R M.2039 that deals with the parameters of the IMT-2000 interfaces. Ad hoc committee on White Space Radio was newly created within IEEE SCC41 to consider interest in, feasibility of, and necessity of developing standard defining white space radio interface. Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  4. WG 19 Objectives for the Week • Meeting Room: Antigua 1 • WG, TG1 and SC elections • TG1 approval of Process Document • TG1 approval of a System Design Document (SDD) • Terminology • Functional Requirements • Architecture • Schedule Conference Calls • Plan for May Session Monday Agenda Item 4.1.4 Slide 4 Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  5. Slide 5 Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  6. Monday Agenda 4.1.5 - WG22 AgendaMarch Meeting Room – BOCA 5(+ Boca 6,7,8 for breakouts) https://mentor.ieee.org/802.22/dcn/10/22-10-0043-01-0000-ieee-802-22-wg-agenda-march-2010.xls Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  7. Monday Agenda Item 4.1.6 Emergency Services SG • The 802.21 Emergency Services Study Group has a tutorial on Monday eve. • A PAR has been distributed to the rest of 802 for consideration. • This week meetings will be held in : Antigua 3 Stephen McCann is WG11 focal point Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  8. Monday Agenda 4.1.7 Tuesday • Joint 11/19/22 meeting Originally planned for Tuesday 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm : Cancelled for March • Tuesday eve – 30 year anniversary panel Wednesday • WG officer elections • TGn & TGw awards • Address to WG11 by DY Kim ISO/IEC SC6 Chair Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  9. Monday Agenda Item 4.1.7 Smart Grid • Tuesday pm1 – Bonaire 3 Open Forum for discussing in depth what WG11 should do to service requirements for NIST Smart Grid PAP#2 Update on sub-1Ghz project • Thursday am1 – Bonaire 2 Open Forum for discussing in depth what 802 should do to service requirements for NIST Smart Grid NIST PAP#2 Update of activities in P2030 Open SG Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  10. Monday Agenda Item 4.1.8 EC or Standards Board Activities Two WG11 items being prepared for Friday • Sub-1GHz study group • Conditional approval of TGp to move to Sponsor Ballot Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  11. Monday Agenda Item 4.1.9 PARs under Consideration March 15-19, 2010, Orlando, FL • 802.1AXbk amendment for Protocol addressing PAR and 5C • 802.16 amendment for Higher Reliability Networks PAR and 5C • 802.3bg amendment for Physical Layer and Management Parameters for Serial 40 Gb/s Ethernet Operation Over Single Mode Fiber PAR and 5C • 802.23 new standard for Emergency Services for Internet Protocol (IP) Based Citizen to Authority Communications PAR and 5C Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  12. Monday Agenda Item 4.1.10 March Tutorials • #1 6-7:30pm Personal Space Communications - Bob Heile • #2 7:30-9pm Emergency services – Stephen McCann contributing 10 minutes- coordinated with Geoff • #3 9- 10:30 pm Call for Interest – Future 802.16 Networks: Challenges and Possibilities http://ieee802.org/Tutorials.shtml Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  13. Monday Agenda Item 4.1.11 Election Process • Nominations close on Monday • Introduction of candidates Monday • Elections on Wednesday • Confirmation by EC on Friday • Instated to office after close of EC business Friday Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  14. Wednesday Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  15. Friday Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

  16. Friday Agenda Item 2.09 IEEE Shop Contents - March 2010 http://www.ieee.org/web/standards/home/index.html Bruce Kraemer, Marvell

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