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Randy Tremper and Dean Peterson Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, New Mexico PowerPoint Presentation
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Randy Tremper and Dean Peterson Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, New Mexico

Randy Tremper and Dean Peterson Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, New Mexico

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Randy Tremper and Dean Peterson Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, New Mexico

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  1. Superconductivity Technology Center Overview Randy Tremper and Dean Peterson Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, New Mexico Develop Energy Efficient Superconductor Technologies in Collaboration with American Industry and Universities

  2. HTS Benefits are Widespread

  3. Nation Facing Energy Crisis • US Economy Dependent on Energy • Loss of Industries and Jobs • Projected Shortages in Oil & Natural Gas • Exponential price increases in next 20 yrs • Increasing world wide demand • Global warming related to carbon release • Aging Electric Power Transmission Grid • Need to Increase Efficiency & Capabilities

  4. Northeast Electric Grid Blackout vga83

  5. High-Temperature Superconductivity (HTS) is Pivotal to US Energy Sustainability • 10% of electricity generated in the US each year (300 million kilowatt hours) is lost due to resistance of copper and aluminum wire • Superconductors, which have nearly zero resistance, can make most of that lost energy available with no additional fossil fuel use or generating capacity The energy lost to electrical system inefficiencies could supply the combined energy needs of California, Oregon, Arizona, and New Mexico • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) systems will improve infrastructure reliability by protecting against grid fluctuations

  6. Accelerated HTS Technology Development will Impact the US Significantly • Save $16B annually in US energy costs • $11B in transmission losses • Rejuvenate the US power equipment industry • $200B annual sales worldwide of HTS power equipment by 2020 • Strengthen the reliability of the US electricity infrastructure • Create 150,000+ new high-technology domestic jobs • Improve medical, communications, and electronic equipment • Improve systems for national security • Eliminate hazardous materials from electrical systems

  7. Superpowering the Electric Grid • High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) • no electrical resistance (cooled with liq N2) • 1000 times current carrying capacity of copper • more powerful, efficient, smaller, lighter • Increased Energy Infrastructure Security Compliments of ASC VG19

  8. DOE Electricity & Energy Assurance HTS Program Mission “Work in partnership with industry to develop HTS wire and perform pre-commercial R&D activities required for U.S. companies to commercialize HTS electric power applications.”

  9. National laboratories have a critical role in transferring promising new discoveries to industry HTS Wires BasicResearch Applied Research Development Manufacture Power Applications UNIVERSITIES NATIONAL LABORATORIES Companies • National Laboratories: • bridge gap between universities and companies • evaluate new concepts for value to national program • turn novel ideas into practical reality • overcome barriers limiting development

  10. IBAD MgO based coated conductor 5 thin oxide buffer layers with different functions Stabilizer Superconductor ~ 30nm STO ~ 20-30nm Homo-epi MgO ~ 10nm IBAD MgO ~ 7nm yttria ~ 80nm alumina Substrate Alumina --- barrier layer to prevent diffusion of metal element into superconductor Yttria – seed layer to provide good nucleation surface for IBAD MgO IBAD MgO – template layer introduce biaxial texture Homo-epitaxial MgO --- buffer layer to improve biaxial texture STO --- cap layer, to provide lattice match between MgO and YBCO and good chemical compatibility.

  11. 2003 R&D100 Winner Flexible Superconducting Tape Critical current for YBCO/IBAD MgO 1.2 m tape 75 K, 3 microns VG06

  12. The Accelerated Coated Conductor Initiative has . . . • Provided US industry with access to state-of-the-art analytical tools to characterize all continuous processing steps for HTS conductors • Enabled electric power applications through availability of second generation HTS conductors • Enabled joint technology development (through CRADAs) of coated conductor processing science and technology • Engaged the best and brightest scientists and engineers with processing and on-line diagnostics expertise

  13. Accelerated Coated Conductor Initiative Research Park Tape Polish IBAD Film Power Applications (HTS Motors, Cables, etc.) HTSFilm Tape Characterization VG27

  14. HTS Power Applications Partners • MRI: Oxford Transmission Cables: Fault Current Limiter: HTS Tape Development:Superpower,AMSC,Oxford,MetOx Magnetic Separators: Dupont Generator: Motors:Reliance Utilities VG04

  15. Exciting Opportunities for Partnerships • Underpinning Core Research with Universities • Accelerated Coated Conductor Development with Industry • Superconducting Component Prototypes (Coils, Cables, Electronics) • LANL Power Delivery Research Initiative • New Materials/Concepts in Novel Power Devices => Superconducting Tapes Cost<$10/KA-meter National HTS Electric Grid VG09