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Indo - American Corporate Excellence Awards 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Indo - American Corporate Excellence Awards 2011

Indo - American Corporate Excellence Awards 2011

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Indo - American Corporate Excellence Awards 2011

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  1. Indo-American Corporate Excellence Awards 2011 Last date for submission : May 31, 2011 Application for Indian Companies in US

  2. Application Details • Directions : Please complete the nomination form and return it to the address given at the end of this form. The financial information included on this Nomination Form will be considered confidential and will be used only by the independent panel of examiners (“The Jury”), each of whom will sign a confidentiality agreement binding him or her not to reveal the data provided with the Application. Members of the Jury have been pre-screened for any possible professional or personal conflicts of interest. • Eligibility : To be eligible to receive the award, Indian COMPANIES must have operated in US for a minimum of two years and must be either a subsidiary of a Indian company or be managed and controlled by a Indian corporation. • Award Categories : The final determination of the number of categories and awards to be presented will be decided by a panel of judges (“The Jury”) based on the quantity and quality of the completed forms received. This year's categories are: Overall Best Financial Services, Technology & Entertainment, Communication, Manufacturing, NGO, FMCG & Other Services • Recognition : Award winners will be honoured at the American Independence Day Celebration on Friday, July 1, 2011 from 7pm onwards at Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai in front of an anticipated audience of approximately 500. • Award Decision : The Jury's decision is final. Applicant feedback will be welcomed, but the verdict determinations are not appealable.

  3. A. GENERAL INFORMATION Name of Company : Company Representative : Position / Title : Tel : Fax : Email: Company Address: Company Website: Please highlight he industry sector in which your business operates. • Financial Services • Technology , Communication • Manufacturing (industrial & consumer products) • NGO • Retail • Other Services (specify)

  4. A. GENERAL INFORMATION • Please provide a brief description of the company's business activity (include primary products or services). • Provide the name and address of your U.S. based company.

  5. A. GENERAL INFORMATION • In which year was the company founded in India? • For how long has the company been operating in US? • Is the company publicly held? Yes No

  6. A. GENERAL INFORMATION • Briefly describe the history of the company and its migration to U.S. • Discuss the degree of difficulty in launching and building the company & the financial risk involved.

  7. A. GENERAL INFORMATION • Other significant obstacles that were overcome, initiatives taken and discoveries made. • Please provide promotional/marketing information about the company.

  8. B. PROMOTION OF INDO-U.S. TRADE • Describe briefly the value your company has added to Indo-US trade. Please give data on import and export achieved and also give examples of programs and initiatives that your company has undertaken to promote Indo-US trade and commerce.

  9. C. FINANCIAL DATA • Please send scan copies of financial statements for the past two years and complete the following: • All figures should be in rupees million only

  10. D. HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT • Kindly describe how your company encourages performance from its employees, especially initiatives unique to your company. Provide examples of business or management success that have had a direct impact on the growth of the company.

  11. E. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY • Kindly detail what the company does to benefit the community and what success it has had (e.g. employment for the disabled / poor, education, health care, water supply, social infrastructure, environmental protection, etc.)

  12. F. IMPACT IN THE MARKET • Briefly discuss the employment generated in the US and the initiatives undertaken to promote ‘Brand India’.

  13. G. NGOs • NGOs are required to submit a documentary proof and material to highlight details of work/programs undertaken and substantial sustainability it has achieved with measurable outcome and benefits.

  14. VERIFICATION • I, ________________________________________________________ hereby represent that all the information contained in the foregoing Application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce may choose not to take steps to verify the information contained therein, and responsibility for any harm or damages caused by my fraudulent or negligent misrepresentations will be my own. • All nominations must be received by May 31, 2011 and must be sent to :, Warm Regards, Anand Trivedi Regional Director Indo-American Chamber of Commerce 1-C, Vulcan Insurance Building, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400 020. Tel : +91-22-2282 1413 / 2283 6340 /22044531/ 22046141 • Fax : +91-22-2204 6141 Email : /