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Considering Careers

Considering Careers

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Considering Careers

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  1. Considering Careers Career & College Prep Mrs. Wilson

  2. Notable Quote … • To be truly happy in what your do for a living, you need three things: • You must be good at it • It must come easily for you • You must enjoy it • Unknown Author

  3. Big Mistakes are Made! • One of the biggest mistakes that individuals make in their careers is to go aimlessly through school or work in an entry-level position with no clear direction or goals. • They wait until the homestretch -- graduation, layoff, or departure -- before taking a stab at other opportunities. • Finding a well-paying job or locating opportunities for advancement shouldn't be treated as an afterthought, rather one that has been planned and prepared for months or years.

  4. What is a Job? • A job is one particular position at one particular organization. • An example of a job could be a security guard at the local beach.

  5. What is an Occupation? • An occupation is what you and some other person doing the same thing somewhere else share in common. • It is a group of very similar jobs. • An example of an occupation could be a journalist.

  6. What is a Career? • A career is a course of successive situations that make up some activity. • One can have a sporting career or a musical career, but most frequently "career" in the 21st century references a working existence: the series of jobs or positions by which one earns one's money.

  7. Careers of the Future • New products and services, together with global competition and computers, have changed the expectations and needs of employers. • The job you accept will likely change a bit within a few years.

  8. Careers of the Future • Your grandparents or parents • One employer for many years before retiring • Your path… • So much different!

  9. Question? • Why is it likely that you will retrain, upgrade, or change jobs several times during your working life?

  10. Some reasons… • New products and services • Global competition • Computerized work environment • Changing expectations & needs of employers

  11. Technology (My FAVORITE topic!) • General term for improvements in work methods and equipment that increase productivity. • Creates newer, better, and faster ways of getting things done. • Give some examples…

  12. Productivity • The amount a worker produces in an hour • Business must constantly increase their output and lower their costs to stay competitive • Companies today must be efficient in order to be profitable and stay in business

  13. Major Occupational Groups • Early 1890s • Farmers made up more than one third of the total workforce of the US • Now it is less than 3 percent, and the number is decreasing

  14. Today… • In most occupations the collection, use, and distribution of information is the job • Computers and the Internet are key tools for gathering, transmitting, and storing information One of the largest career groups is the “professions,” where knowledge is the key job skill

  15. Examples of Professions • Doctors • Lawyers • Accountants • Teachers • They also work in the information field, with the creation, processing, storage, and retrieval of information as a important parts of the job.

  16. As the Internet Evolves… • Many new professional careers will emerge • Example: • People who work as web designers and database administrators are the fastest growing fields

  17. Service Jobs • Large, increasing sector of the market • Also dominated by technology and information needs that determine what will be produced and how it will be made available to customers • Service employees are using highly sophisticated information storage and retrieval devices, from point-of-sale computers (POS) to optical scanners for inventory counting

  18. Transformation of Occupations • Previously labeled: • Space Age • Electronic Era • Global Village • Technological Revolution • Information Age • All of these refer to technology and the rapid increase of knowledge that affects virtually all career choices

  19. Job Descriptions and Titles • Some careers seem the same as they did 20 years ago • However, they are considerable different when you compare present-day job descriptions, qualifications, and employment opportunities with earlier counterparts

  20. Careful Choices • US Government Publications • Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) • Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) • Monthly Labor Review • Some are online: • • O*Net: • OOH: • MLR:

  21. Occupational Outlook Handbook • Published by they US Department of Labor • Classifies jobs by nine-digit categories according to their functions and duties • Listed within the major categories are numerous jobs available in the US

  22. What are the fastest growing occupations?

  23. DOT Job Descriptions