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  2. INTRODUCTION • What is pop culture? • Everything around us that has an influence in anything we do! • The pop culture that has influenced our time came about in the 1980’s, right around the time MTV made its television debut. (Which was August 1, 1981)

  3. Target Audience/ MTV Sterotypes • Who is MTV’s Target Audience? • Their target audience are Teens between the ages of 12-34 • Should 12 year olds really be watching MTV? • MTV Spring Break 2009… • Is it safe for kids to be going away with their friends for a week? • Of course MTV shows how fun it is, but what about the consequences of drinking, getting caught up in the partying etc…

  4. Music BEFORE MTV • Before MTV came around, the music industry was seeing a decline in sales and was looking for a quick improvement. No one had thought of MTV to be the “music” savior, but it was and it changed the way people perceived music forever. • Today, you may find it almost impossible to find a music video on MTV unless you’re up at 5:00 A.M. when they actually play music.

  5. Reality Television • Reality Television has been around for quite some time, but it has really taken off over the last ten years. • MTV is the pioneer in reality T.V. producing some of the most ridiculous shows ever made. Instead of focusing their shows around music, MTV has decided that teens think it’s “cooler” to make shows like The Hills, or Date My Mom • These shows have nothing educational to offer whatsoever. Everything is about gossip.

  6. MTV’s influence on teens • In an experiment that Dr. Jane Brown studied, which assigned some students to watch MTV and the others to not, she concluded that those who did watch MTV developed more liberal attitudes toward pre-marital sex as opposed to the other students. • Mind Control, how can these reality T.V. shows influence kids so much?

  7. Is MTV trying to take over the role of the parents? • Writer Bryan Kemper states, “MTV is obviously not just a music network anymore. They have decided to join the likes of Planned Parenthood and are trying to take over the role of parent to today’s youth. They have decided to sexually educate teens without anyone’s permission” (Kemper).

  8. MTV & Politics • You may have noticed this past year with the elections that many stars were on MTV telling young adults to Rock The Vote. MTV was clearly one sided with the 2008 elections only showing endorsements for Obama while not showing any McCain supporters on their channel. • It’s okay to endorse someone, but it’s not okay when people on the channel are begging people to vote for one candidate over the other..

  9. Conclusion • As long as MTV continues to captivate the minds of young adults, their view of pop culture will be distorted with unhealthy values. • From politics to bad drama, MTV has shaped pop culture for the future and all we can do is watch this era of pop culture continue until a new era of pop culture comes along.