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Best Plastic Surgeon in Bangalore, Delhi - Lybrate

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Best Plastic Surgeon in Bangalore, Delhi - Lybrate

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  1. Best Plastic Surgeon in Bangalore, Delhi ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Does Non-Surgical Fat Removal Work? Does non-surgical fat removal work? If you go by the sheer numbers it would seem it does as 150,000 people get non-surgical fat removal done very year across the globe. But irrespective of whether you asked this question to the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore or to the best plastic surgeon in Delhi, you would not get an outright yes or no. Non-surgical fat removal is more popularly known as non-surgical liposuction but in reality, it is not liposuction at all. Liposuction is a surgical procedure where a tube is inserted into the fatty area of the body via small incisions and the fat is then sucked out through the tube resulting in the permanent removal of those fat cells. Traditionally liposuction can be used on a large area in the body and there is some recovery time with swelling, pain and a risk of infection. Non-surgical liposuction, on the other hand, uses lasers, heat, cooling or sound waves to “destroy” fat cells which will be removed from the body as metabolic products. There is almost zero recovery time but one of the major disadvantages is that it is limited to only small areas of stubborn fat in the body and not suitable for removing large swathes of fat from the body. In order to be effective, multiple treatments might be required.

  2. Types of non-surgical fat reduction Non-surgical fat removal is done through varied procedures which could be laser or light assisted, cryo or freezing therapy or through sounds like ultrasound or radio frequency. All of the methods achieve the same purpose – the cell membranes surrounding the fat cells get destroyed and melt the fat away. Pros and cons of non-surgical fat reduction Pros: The biggest pro of non-surgical fat reduction as the name suggests is that there are no incisions done which mean that there are no cuts on the body and consequently recovery time is next to negligible compared to an invasive surgery. The best part of this surgery is that it does not demand a lot of time from you before actually heading to the hospital and you can often get back to normal activities within a day of the procedure. Cons: Since this is a non-invasive procedure it can be difficult to target a large amount of fat at once with the result being that actual fat reduction takes place over the course of weeks or months and several treatments may be required. Additionally, the physician cannot immediately find out the areas where fat destruction has been effective and thus must wait for additional treatments to refine the effects. This method does not reduce fat immediately and is not effective for people who need to get large sections of fat removed. The final word on non-surgical fat reduction So to answer the question we started this piece with - Yes, non –surgical fat removal works but for that you need to be the right patient. Liposuction can be considered to be far more effective but non- surgical fat removal is the best way to go about it if you need additional help to remove fat from some tough spots. Irrespective of where you are in India, your doctor would be the best person to suggest what would be the best procedure for you and remember to discuss what your body contours would like after the surgery as opposed to expectations you might have from looking at ads. Contact Details: Address: 12/1, Vatika Mindspaces, Mathura Rd, Sector 27D, Faridabad, Haryana 121003 Phone: 090155 59900 Websites: Face book: Twitter: LinkedIn: Google Plus: Follow this Link: : :

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