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Enrollment Counts

Enrollment Counts. What are Enrollment Counts.

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Enrollment Counts

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  1. Enrollment Counts

  2. What are Enrollment Counts Enrollment counts are snapshots of the student enrollment and demographic information taken the first three weeks of school.  Enrollments counts are extremely important and are required for NDE program validation, allocations, and determining growth, etc.  The Nevada Department of Education will audit a certain percentage of WCSD schools to ensure quarterly reported enrollment numbers were accurate. If each of us does our part throughout the entire school year, we will not lose apportionment for reporting students incorrectly. 

  3. Many staff members have key duties for enrollment counts. On the link below tasks are separated by suggested key personnel. The Principal may assign tasks differently.  NOTE: All of the requirements must be completed throughout the school year, not just for the enrollment counts. This is extremely important because the NDE is now conducting two audits, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. To find all the enclosed information on-line, go to: https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/11400 Or use the path: District Homepage>Departments>Student Accounting> Enrollment Counts (in the right margin).

  4. ENROLLMENT COUNT DATESAll schools must email the completed worksheet to StudentAccounting@washoeschools.net no later than 12 p.m. with the exception of schools with PM PK, and TMCC HS. Email the worksheet as soon as it is completed.

  5. Attendance Secretary/Clerk Tasks • Ensure the classroom monitor is checked daily and notify the Attendance AP when teachers are not taking attendance.  • Ensure calls are made on students who are absent from the first day of school and each day thereafter, documenting all calls in IC.  • Document all student absences correctly using the correct attendance codes in IC. AEL is only for students who are in Jan Evans or on Home Hospital.  Proof must be provided. • Notify the attendance Assistant Principal and Secretary/Registrar of any student who may need to be withdrawn for non-attendance. Check the Student Accounting Dashboard in BIG and the Consecutive Absences report in IC. • Ensure teachers update the Teacher Tool in IC weekly, by checking the office tool in IC. • Ensure the NV Attendance Summary Report process is completed throughout the entire school year. Starting with the third week of school, the NV Attendance Summary Reports (ASRs) must be generated and saved into the staff SharePoint as a PDF file. All teachers will have access to the report and must review their ASRs each week. Teacher will then sign the weekly Verification Log indicating the accuracy of the ASRs. If corrections are needed, teachers will communicate by email or print the ASR and give the appropriated personnel for correction in IC.

  6. Classroom Monitor Report This report is printed daily by the attendance clerk 15 minutes after school has ended and given to the AP who supervises the teachers. • The AP contacts teacher who has not taken attendance to: • Have teacher enter attendance. • Remind teacher that attendance is to be taken daily. • The AP then checks to ensure the teacher entered the attendance.

  7. Caller Report The AP use this report daily to assign the call list to staff. • The call list must be printed daily or phone numbers will not print. • Staff must return the call list at the end of the day, marking who was reached and who was not. • All calls must be entered into IC noting: • The person spoken with, • The context of conversation, and • The students expected date of return. • Calls are entered under either: Daily Attendance: This is used when the conversation and notes are brief. Attendance Notes Tab: This is used when the conversation and the notes are lengthy.

  8. Home Hospital Enrollment Count Instructions • Students who have carry over HH from the prior school year begin HH the first week back to school. Carry over would occur through an IEP or 504 plan prescribing HH that has not yet expired. • If the HH does not carry over to the next school year, parents need to be contacted to get working on a Dr. note and IEP. HH would not carryover if the IEP or 504 plan that called for HH has expired. • All students who need HH services when school starts must have either an interim IEP meeting, a 504 meeting or whatever means necessary to get the HH started. A student must have 5 hours of instruction scheduled with the teacher and that schedule must be signed by the parent in order to enroll the student for the week the HH is to begin. • In order to count the HH students for apportionment each week, the teachers must have scheduled 5 hours of weekly instruction (or less if the hour is defined in the IEP) and the schedule must be signed by the parent. • If the student cannot attend school, the HH student’s enrollment does not begin until the HH teacher has scheduled instruction with student 5 hours in one week. The schedule must also be signed by the parent for the enrollment to begin. Both conditions, scheduling 5 hours and signed by parent must be met each week for the student to remain enrolled in HH. It is very important to get HH going in this instance because apportionment is based on average daily enrollment. The longer it takes to set up HH, the smaller the amount of apportionment we receive for that student.

  9. Home Hospital Enrollment Count Instructions-Continued • Teachers need to fill out the visitation log containing: • Student Name • Dates to work with student • Hours to work with the student • Time actually spent with student • Course(s) worked on • Parent signature. • All courses in the students schedule must be scheduled to be worked on each week. • Teacher signature must be on the log verifying information is correct and accurate. • Parent signature must be on the log indicating the intent to have the child meet with the teacher the following week for 5 hours.

  10. Home Hospital Parent Signature and Homework Log

  11. Home Hospital Parent Signature and Homework Log Instructions • Teachers must complete logs daily. Vital information may be lost trying to back date logs. • Logs must be complete and legible. • Logs must include the scheduled dates and times that add up to 5 hours of weekly instruction for the next week as well as the dates and times of instruction for the current week. • Comments column • Should include if the parent refused service for a specific day because of illness or other reasons. • Should not indicate that a student didn’t receive services because of servicing another student. Example: No instruction. Had meeting at Damonte Ranch HS for a new student. • Should not indicate that a student didn’t receive services because of attending a District meeting. Example: No instruction. Meeting at Admin.

  12. Attendance Summary Reports • Each teacher must have an ASR for each class (with the exception of Off Campus), including both AM and PM Attendance for elementary schools. • Each week (starting with the third week of school) teachers must review the ASRs for the previous week and go to the office to sign the ASR Verification Log. • Any corrections made to the ASRs must be given to the appropriate office staff. • It is mandatory that the ASRs are saved weekly for the entire school year. • It is also mandatory that the ASRs are saved in the schools SharePoint drive. • The ASRs are part of the Class Record Book and must be retained and available for 2 years. For detailed instructions please go to the Attendance Summary Report Instructions page on the Student Accounting Website. https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/3376

  13. Thank you Please contact your Student Accounting trouble shooter with questions: • Elementary Schools: • Cecilia Mansfield (775) 348-0306 • Middle Schools: • Shannon Yoelin (775) 348-0282 • High Schools: • Jeannine Bell (775) 348-0305

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