10 years of collaboration on u s mexico border n.
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10 Years of Collaboration on U.S.-Mexico Border PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Years of Collaboration on U.S.-Mexico Border

10 Years of Collaboration on U.S.-Mexico Border

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10 Years of Collaboration on U.S.-Mexico Border

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Presentation Transcript

  1. 10 Years of Collaboration on U.S.-Mexico Border U.S.-Mexico Border Training Center Collaborative

  2. Panelists • Tracee Belzle – Program Manager, Dallas PTC • Mona Bernstein, MPH – Director, Pacific AETC • Nicolé Mandel – Website Manager, AETC NRC • Beth Rutkowski, MPH – Associate Director of Training, Pacific Southwest ATTC • James Sederberg – Deputy Director, Curry International TB Center

  3. Evolution of Border-Wide Efforts • Border Feasibility Study and Planning Process: 2002-2003 • End of year funding from HRSA to AETCs • UMBAST: 2004-2010 (U.S.-Mexico Border AETC Steering Team) • 2 cycles of MAI funding to AETCs • Border FTC Collaborative: 2011-2013 • MAI funding for AETCs, TB Centers, RTCs, PTCs, ATTCs

  4. National Partners: • AETC NRC • AETC NEC Collaborators

  5. Products of Collaboration • Website: • Fact Sheets • Tips for Providers Working with Meth Users • Tips for HIV Patients Returning to Mexico • Antiretroviral Drugs Available in Mexico • Directory • HIV Testing and Treatment Resources on the Border (print and online) • Curricula • Continuity of Care for Patients Returning to Mexico • Engagement in Care on the Border • National Trainings • AETC TOTs • U.S. ICE

  6. Products of Collaboration • Conference Presentations, Posters, & Institutes • IAS Meetings: Toronto, Mexico City, Barcelona, Bangkok • AGM Meetings: 2010, 2008, 2006 • HRSA Border Meetings, Think Tank • Binational Health Week Infectious Diseases Workshops • Awards and Citations • AETC Leadership Award (Donohoe) • Human Rights Watch • Publications • Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care • U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission Newsletter • Impacto Transnacional

  7. Training Center Perspectives • Pacific AETC: Mona Bernstein • 10 Years of Collaborations on the U.S.-Mexico Border • Curry International TB Center: James Sederberg • Pacific Southwest ATTC: Beth Rutkowski • AETC National Resource Center: Nicolé Mandel

  8. Curry International Tuberculosis CenterFTCC/UMBAST Collaborations James Sederberg Deputy Director

  9. Program Collaboration and Service Integration (PCSI) • Mechanism for organizing and blending interrelated health issues, activities, and prevention strategies to facilitate comprehensive delivery of services • Initiated by CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral epatitis, STD, and TB Prevention • Service delivery strategies begin with training of staff • A “win-win” for all if implemented effectively

  10. Border Training Collaborations • Treatment of TB, STDs, HIV, Hep C and Substance Abuse on the Border: Keeping Border Patients in Care with Limited Resources • Bisbee, AZ on November 18-19, 2011 • El Centro, CA, June 25-25, 2010 • Treatment of TB, STDs, HIV, Hep C and Substance Abuse on the Border: Managing Patients in the Border Region • Rio Rico, AZ, June 12-13, 2009 • Treatment of TB, STDs, HIV, Hep C and Substance Abuse on the Border: Managing the Bi-national Patient • San Ysidro, CA, June 6-7, 2008 • Treatment of TB, STDs, HIV, Hep C and Substance Abuse on the Border: Focus on Testing • Imperial, CA, June 1-2, 2007

  11. Border Training Collaborations (2) • Addressing the Intersection of Multiple Health Concerns for Migrant Populations: Family Planning, STDs, HIV, TB, and Substance Abuse • Fresno, CA, June 11-12, 2010 • Yakima, WA, July 9-10, 2010 • Supplemental MAI funding (CDC) • HIV, TB, and Meth in 2011: What Border Clinicians Need to Know • Sierra Vista, AZ, on May 25, 2011 • Assisting HIV-Infected Patients Who Return to Mexico: What ICE Clinicians Need to Know • San Diego, CA (phone conference), April 13

  12. FTC Partners • Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center • UCLA AIDS Education and Training Center • San Francisco AIDS Education and Training Center • Arizona AIDS Education and Training Center • Northwest AIDS Education and Training Center • California STD Prevention Training Center • Pacific Southwest Addition Technology Transfer Center • Center for Health Training • Southeastern HIV/AIDS Consortium • Heartland National Tuberculosis Center • Etc…

  13. Other Collaborative Activities • TB Prevention in the HIV-infected Patient: Screening, Testing, and Treatment of Latent TB Infection • Online enduring product. Both a learning and teaching too. Provides information on how to screen, test, and treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients for latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) • Faculty include Drs. Tulsky and Leutkemeyer (SF AETC)

  14. Other Collaborative Activities (2) • Medical consultation • 50-year old patient, Mexican national in US, TB/HIV, psychiatric disorders • Incarcerated, refusing meds, hospitalized but leaving care • Huge financial burden on Arizona Department of Health Services and/or Arizona Corrections • ADHS searched for options and contacted UCLA AETC to help coordinate: • Placement into a TB hospital (Heartland in San Antonio) • Funds to support TB, HIV treatment • CITC, Heartland TB Centers, ADHS still working on solution

  15. Pacific Southwest ATTC Beth Rutkowski, M.P.H. UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs

  16. When it all began…May 2004 • Initial topics included: • HIV and Substance Abuse on the Border: A Focus on Methamphetamine Abuse • HIV and Substance Abuse on the Border: A Focus on Women • Locations included: • CA: San Diego, El Centro • AZ: Nogales • NM: Las Cruces

  17. More Folks got Involved and the Focus was Expanded beyond Meth • 2006-Present • PAETC, Pacific Southwest ATTC, California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, the Francis J. Curry National Tuberculosis Center, etc. • The Role of Addictions; A Focus on Testing; Managing the Bi-national Patient; Keeping Patients in Care

  18. Most Recently, we have focused on… • Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment • Health Reform and Integration • NIATx Process Improvement Model (to increase client access, engagement and retention in SUD treatment)

  19. The Most Powerful Collaboration Yet

  20. The Benefits of Successful Cross-TC Border Collaboration… More Business! • Two Finalized Training Curricula (PPT presentation, trainer guide, 2-page fact sheet) • Crack Cocaine and HIV • Prescription Opioids • Two More Curricula in Process (will be finalized by June 2012) • Alcohol and HIV • SUD and Primary Care Integration

  21. U.S.-Mexico Border Project Texas FTCC Partnerships: Past and Future

  22. Then Original Southern Region FTCC Project : TX/OK AETC; Delta AETC, FL PTC, Dallas PTC, TX PTC; Center for Health Training (RTC)

  23. Now TX/OK AETC; Dallas, MS, CO PTC; CardeaServices (formally CHT), the RTC; Heartland RTMCC; Gulf Coast ATTC

  24. UMBAST 2012 UMBAST provided us the opportunity to formally and specifically address common training and capacity issues of providers along the Texas-Mexico border.

  25. UMBAST Meeting January, 2012 | S. Padre Island • FTCC partners participated in-person/phone • Planned inclusion of FTCC partner services in UMBAST “Continuum of Care” curriculum (e.g., substance abuse, family planning, etc.). • Planning of a live, national webinar of updated “Continuum of Care” curriculum. • Initiated planning of potential future cross-collaborative efforts across FTCC partners.

  26. Collaborative Webcasts • HIV & Stigma – provided by RTC (Cardea Services) – March 23 • HIV, Stigma, and Prison –provided by RTC (Cardea Services) – March 29

  27. Collaborative Webcasts • HIV Rapid Testing: A SAMHSA/NIDA Initiative to promote Adoption of an Evidence Based Practice in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs – provided by UT Austin, School of Social Work Research Center – May 3 • Diagnosis & Treatment of Tuberculosis in the HIV Patient – provided by Heartland National TB Center - June 21

  28. ARTAS: Anti-Retroviral Treatment & Access to Services ARTAS is an individual-level, multi-session, time-limited strategy with the goal of linking recently diagnosed persons with HIV to medical care soon after receiving their positive test results. April 19th – 20th & May 24th – El Paso June 7th – 8th – location TBD Provided by: Dallas PTC

  29. Nicolé Mandel AETC National Resource Center

  30. UMBAST Home Online • Program information • Reports • Web links • Funding opportunities • Border Resource Directory

  31. Search “Mexico border AIDS”

  32. Border Resource Directory

  33. Border Directory: The Next Phase

  34. Using New Technology to Develop Collaborative Resources • Google Maps and Calendar • Allow multiple editors • Mobile friendly • Easy to use • Positions us for geolocation-savvy applications • resource widgets

  35. Looking Ahead • Sharing best practices & faculty across the border • Expanding use of technology & online training • Helping border providers with the big health care transitions ahead • More collaborations (e.g. Migrant Clinicians Network)

  36. Collaboration Best Practices • Funding helps • Designated coordinator (rotating) • Mission-driven participants • Structured communication • Dedicated Listserv • Annual face-to-face meetings • Shared successes (working on projects, joint trainings)