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Implementing e-textbooks with

Implementing e-textbooks with. Tara Thieme ITEC 7445 Dr. Grove March 4, 2016 Emerging Technology. Source: www.ck12.org. Cobb County School District should consider CK-12 during the upcoming Science textbook and Mathematics textbook adoption. CK-12 Mission.

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Implementing e-textbooks with

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  1. Implementing e-textbooks with Tara Thieme ITEC 7445 Dr. Grove March 4, 2016 Emerging Technology Source: www.ck12.org

  2. Cobb County School District should consider CK-12 during the upcoming Science textbook and Mathematics textbook adoption.

  3. CK-12 Mission “The CK-12 Foundation was founded with the mission to enable everyone to learn in his or her own way. We pair high quality content with the latest technologies. We equip students, teachers, and parents with everything they need. For free” (CK-12).

  4. What is CK-12? • Founded in 2007 to support K-12 STEM learning • Provides free open-source and collaborative content in over 70 languages • Offers digital textbooks which can be customized to meet instructional and learning needs • Presents content through multiple modalities • Videos • Quizzes • Flashcards • Simulations • Interactive content

  5. CK-12 Accessibility CK-12 easily integrates into several platforms already in place throughout CCSD. Additionally, it is accessible through multiple applications. • Google Classroom • Edmodo • Canvas • Blackboard • Nearpod • Chrome Extension • Windows 8 App • Clever • CK-12 Practice app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

  6. Nonregistered Users Can Access • Flexbooks: offer content in smaller chunks than textbooks • Braingenie: collection of math and science questions • I Need a Pencil: SAT preparation • FlexMath: math tools and assessments • Stoodle: virtual whiteboard with real time communication

  7. Registered Teacher Users Can Access a Dashboard • To organize content using Flexbooks and adding content to existing content • To monitor student mastery of concepts • To create Groups to which specific Flexbooks can be shared, assignments can be given, and performance can be tracked

  8. Registered Student Users Can Also Access Student Dashboard StudyHELP students pose and answer questions form study groups connect with other students for peer-to-peer learning • allows students to • organize content • participate in self-study using embedded assessments • form groups • join a teacher generated class group

  9. Source: www.ck12.org

  10. Technology Vision of Cobb County • “Together, we innovate to support the District priorities to empower CCSD stakeholders to promote student success. • Leverage technology for teaching and learning • Assist teachers with using technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experiences for all students. • Create and support effective digital age learning environments to maximize the learning of all students” (Cobb County School District).

  11. CK-12 e-textbooks directly support the Technology Vision of Cobb County • CK-12 uses technology to support teaching and learning • CK-12 enables teachers to use “technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experiences for all students” (Cobb County School District). • By using the tools within CK-12 teachers can “create and support effective digital age learning environments to maximize the learning of all students” (Cobb County School District)

  12. Target Population • All 6-12 graders (approximately 60,640 students) enrolled in a science and/or math course in CCSD (Georgia Department of Education) • CK-12 can be utilized by teachers, students, and parents at home or in school. • Comcast offers reduced cost home internet access to students. Thus, ensuring equable access to all students.

  13. Software • CK-12 is web-based therefore software does not need to be installed on school desktop or laptop computers. • Designated local school personnel will need to download the free CK-12 app to all ipads and tablets.

  14. Equipment • Students will need 1:1 access to a laptop, ipad, tablet, or another smart device. • Students will need headphones to benefit from all modalities of learning incorporated in CK-12. • Each device will need wifi capability to access CK-12.

  15. Technical Support CK-12 offers free webinars as well as an extensive help page with live chat capability for teachers. The webinars are accessible through Youtube, however, extensive teacher training would be needed prior to e-textbook implementation. This can be accomplished through professional development during pre-planning days at the beginning of the school year as well as continued support and professional development throughout the year. The CCSD Instructional Technology Support Specialists can provided any needed support and professional development.

  16. Limitations • Students need access to an internet-accessible device at home and at school. • CK-12 does not offer a print version of the e-textbook for students who may require it due to an IEP. • Teachers who lack 21st century skills may have difficultly transitioning to an e-textbook. • Having consistent internet access can be problematic for some students and schools. • In order to ensure student safetyas well as healthy, legal and ethic usage of the device and application, students would need to adhere to CCSD technology usage guidelines and agreements.

  17. CK-12 provides free access through the web-based platform as well as the free companion app • CK-12 offers free support through Webinars • Ideally, a 1:1 model should be implemented to support the use of the e-textbooks. • Costs calculated using 60,640 students and prices provided on the Cobb County School District Bid List. Cost

  18. Potential Funding Sources • The money budgeted for upcoming textbook adoptions to purchase traditional math and science textbooks, supplemental materials, and digital access to stagnant web-based materials can be used to purchase an ipadMini for each student. Once the ipad Minis are issued to each student the ipad Minis can be used at school and home to access the e-textbook as well as other digital tools.

  19. How Teachers Can Use CK-12 • CK-12 is aligned with National and State Math and Science Standards. This enables teachers to use CK-12 to meet content standards. • Teachers can use the embedded assessments inform instruction and create groups. • Using CK-12 teachers can customize the content for each group the teacher creates. These features allow teacher to differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students. • CK-12 combines several learner centered strategies including “engaging lessons, interactive practice, adaptive assessment, extensive scaffolding for struggling learners, and endless opportunities for upward differentiation” as well as a discovery-based instructional platform (CK-12 FlexMath).

  20. How Teachers Can Use CK-12 • Through CK-12 students can participate in authentic problem-based simulations as well as submit their own example images and narrative text. By contributing examples to CK-12, students are not only furthering communication with their local peers but also with the global community. • CK-12 promotes specific student learning goals such as collaborative learning through the usage of teacher created groups and student created study groups. CK-12 also integrates seamlessly into Google Docs and Office 365 furthering collaboration and promoting 21st Century Skills. • Because CK-12 is supported by several publishing tools students can easily create and share.

  21. Teachers can incorporate CK-12’s PLIX Series into student learning to • Allow students to Play, Learn, Interact and Explore concepts • Promote higher order thinking by using embedded Socratic questioning • Provide students will tools to create and publish digital models of concepts thus demonstrating mastery of content and technology standards

  22. Research Review • By incorporating multiple modalities of accessing and presenting information e-textbooks promote active, student driven learning (Dobler, 2015). • Dobler, 2015, spotlighted a research study which found a positive correlation between collaborative features of e-textbooks and student engagement. • In a study conducted by Al-Mashaqbeh and Al Shurman (2015) it was shown the use of e-textbooks increased student learning and motivation. • A study conducted by deNoyelles and Seilhamer (2013) revealed students and instructors are underutilizing the features of e-textbook. This emphasizes the need for continued professional develop throughout the implementation of CK-12.

  23. Implementation Plan • Prior to adopting CK-12 as the Math and Science e-textbooks for CCSD, CK-12 should be piloted in several schools including both middle and high schools. CK-12 offers piloting tips on their site. • While piloting CK-12 data pertaining to student achievement as well as teacher and student satisfaction should be collected. District wide implementation should be done once it proven effective, rigorous, relevant, and engaging. • During District Pre-planning Days teachers should participate in CK-12 professional development to learn how to maximize utilization of the tools within CK-12.

  24. Implementation Plan Continued • Throughout the year additional support and training should be provided by local CCSD Instructional Technology Support Specialists. Additionally, teachers will always have access to CK-12 generated webinars. • At the beginning of the school year after completing technology agreement forms, students will be issued ipads containing the CK-12 app and other digital tools rather than a math and science textbook. • Teachers will familiarize students with CK-12 during instructional time.

  25. Reflection By selecting and evaluating CK-12, an electronic textbook, I have a greater understanding of this emerging technology. CK-12 offers many interactive tools and current content with real world examples which I can begin using now as well as share with colleagues. Within the next year the CCSD Science Department will begin the process of evaluating and selecting possible textbooks for the next adoption cycle. The County Science Supervisor expressed to me in a recent email that the district will evaluate and select an e-textbook. CK-12 is on the list of e-textbooks the district will consider. By conducting my own evaluation I am better informed and able to contribute valuable input during the selection process. Research highlighting the effectiveness of e-textbooks is limited, however, much of the research conducted in this emerging field is yielding positive results. I plan to continue to monitor research in this area and share it with parents, teachers, administrator and students who may be reluctant to implement e-textbooks throughout the school district. Evaluating CK-12 allowed me to put into practice many of the ISTE and PSC standards for Instructional Technology Leaders. As a result, I have strengthened my professional technology skills.

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