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IPOD Shuffle

IPOD Shuffle

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IPOD Shuffle

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  1. IPOD Shuffle By: Katie Trinklein and Bethany Hammond April 25, 2006 1st hour

  2. iPod Shuffle • The iPod shuffle is a handheld iPod. You would push a button and the next song would come on. The same for going to the previous song. You can stop, pause, go forward and go backward. On the back, you can turn it on and off, but there are these little arrows to show you which setting is which.

  3. Shuffle color • The iPod shuffle only comes in the color white.

  4. Memory sizes • There is one with a memory size of 512MB. With this size of memory you can save 120 songs. • The other iPod shuffle has a memory size of 1GB. With this much memory you can save 240 songs.

  5. Prices • The prices are fairly good for the iPod shuffle if you go to the Apple store. • The 512MB iPod shuffle costs $69.00 • The 1GB iPod shuffle costs $99.00 • With the purchase of both of these you can get a free laser engraving.

  6. Specifications • Every iPod needs specifications so you aren’t left in the desert. • 12-hour rechargeable battery • .78 ounces • .33 inches thin

  7. Cases for the iPod shuffle • The cases for the iPod shuffle are varying and many. Some are: • Blue • Green • Pink • Gray

  8. Skins for the Shuffle • The skins of the iPod shuffle are very cool. Skins protect the iPod and make it look awesome at the same time. Here are some patterns… • Blue fire(top right) • Decagirl(bottom right) • Spearmint (bottom left)

  9. Jackets for the shuffle • There are always the fun-to-play-with jackets. • There are the black action jackets that wrap around your arm so you can, for instance, go running and listen to music at the same time. • Then there’s also the Hautes contour jacket that is soft, and white as snow.

  10. Competition (iPod Nano) • The iPod Nano is the newest iPod. • They come in black and white. • 3 memory sizes:1GB-240 songs; 2GB-500 songs; 4GB-1,000 songs. • The nano weights more than the shuffle. It weighs 1.5 ounces. • 1.6 x 3.5 x 0.27 inches • The price of the nano is between $150-$200-$250.

  11. Competition (iPod) • The iPod has the greatest memory space available. • There are 2 memory sizes: 30GB-7,500 songs; 60GB-15,000 songs. • It comes in black and white. • It just so happens to be the heaviest as well as the biggest. It weighs 5.5 ounces and is 2.4 x 4.1 x 0.55in. • It has a 2.5 inch color display. • With each of these seemingly cool features, the price is jacked up some more. The price of the iPod is around $300-$400 each. (That’s a lot!!!!)

  12. The nano has: Crocodile leather fling in blue Belkin Folio case in white Blue flames skin Sumo cases in black and white Relaxed-distressed leather w/railroad stitch Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter Speck Nano iGuy Armband Speck nano fun skin Snakeskin fling in metallic blue, pink Jazz skin Match skin Accessories for the Competition (iPod Nano)

  13. DLO action jacket in black, red, aqua Neoprene iPod case with swivel belt clip in black, red, green, and gray Leather iPod jacket in black DLO Jam Jacket in gray, clear Accessories for the Competition (iPod )

  14. Why the shuffle is better than the Competition • The shuffle is better than the competition because it is the least expensive and it is small enough to easily stick in your pockets. With those other more bulky iPod’s it is hard to be able to stick them in your pockets because they will be to large to fit. The shuffle also holds quite a few songs for its size.

  15. Bibliography • We got our information at, also known as the online Apple store. • We also got some information from