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Italy Home Stay Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Italy Home Stay Program

Italy Home Stay Program

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Italy Home Stay Program

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  1. Italy Home Stay Program

  2. What is a home stay program? • Students from this school and other local schools come together and travel to Italy together for one month. • Each student is placed with a family, and lives with them for 3 weeks of the trip. They attend school 5 days a week and have excursions on the weekends.

  3. How are the families chosen? • The students in Italy apply for an Australian student. • They then complete a form about their lifestyle, personality and characteristics. • The Australian students also fill out these forms, and are then matched to the best fitting Italian student. • This ensures students are placed with a student that has similar interests, so that greats friendships can be formed.

  4. Who supervises the students? • Our teachers travel to Italy with the students, and stay in nearby hotels. All students stay in close proximity to the city centre, and see teachers on a daily basis. • If there are any issues, the teachers are readily available. • Teachers have mobile phones on them at all times, so students and parents can call whenever needed. • Teachers may also be contacted through hotel reception.

  5. Itinerary • The host school is in Rome, so we fly in to Rome, and spend the first 3 weeks of the Tour in Rome in home-stays. • Guided tours of the city to see the historical monuments. • We spend the last week travelling through the north of Italy, staying in hotels. We visit Sienna for the day, Florence and Pisa for two nights, Bologna for the day Venice for two nights and end in Milan for two nights. We then fly home to Sydney from Milan.

  6. How much will this all cost? • The great thing to know, is that everything is included into one price, so after that it’s only spending money for your child. • $2500 for the four week trip. This includes: • Travels to and from Italy; • Travels within Italy; • All accommodation, home-stay and hotels; • School fees; • All meals with host family; • Breakfast and dinners for last week of travel.

  7. How to apply • We need students to make this trip happen! • For more information, and to ask any questions, do not hesitate to see me in my office, or send me an email to j.perri@*** or phone my office on 9999 9999. • I look forward to hearing from you soon!