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Tam High Science Courses

Tam High Science Courses

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Tam High Science Courses

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  1. Tam High Science Courses 2012-2013

  2. Honors Integrated Science 3-4 • Requires higher level thinking and problem solving skills • Covers more detailed information at a faster pace • Be prepared to complete daily assignments as well as long term projects • FLIP method of instruction

  3. Honors Integrated Science 3-4 requirements B or higher in Integrated Science 1-2 • Teacher recommendation • Passing score on entrance exam Informational Meetings: • Jan 17th & 18th at lunch in room 311 Entrance Exam Dates: • Jan 23rd & Jan 25th after school in room 311

  4. Chemistry • What makes up the world around us? • “central science” – strong connections to all other sciences • experience fire and color • action labs and demos • Harry Potter’s floo powder….

  5. Chemistry • strongly recommended if you are thinking about a college major in science, engineering or medicine • one of the courses approved for concurrent enrollment with Integrated Science 3-4 • requires basic algebra • some HW every night

  6. Chemistry • fulfills pre/corequisite for AP Environmental Science • fulfills pre/corequisite for AP Biology • recommended prerequisite for Physics

  7. Requirements Chemistry Honors Chemistry • A- or better in Integrated Science (B- if Honors) • A- or better in last math class (B- if Honors) • Entrance test • Teacher recommendation • Advanced Algebra recommended -concurrently (or before) • C- or better in Integrated Science • C- or better in Algebra 1 and 2 (or equivalent) • Advanced Algebra recommended -concurrently (or before)

  8. Honors Chemistry Important Dates and Times • Informational Meeting: Lunch, Room 66 Thursday, January 19 or Friday, January 20 • Entrance Test: • Room 66 • Monday, January 23 • before or after school

  9. AP Chemistry • second year Chemistry course • rigorous college-level material- equivalent to a first-year college chemistry class • advanced, quantitative labs • strong emphasis on problem-solving

  10. AP Chemistry Requirements: • B- or better in Chemistry/ Honors Chemistry • B- or better in Advanced Algebra/Honors Advanced Algebra • Chemistry teacher recommendation • Information meeting: Room 66, Thursday, January 26 or Friday, January 27 or see Dr. Hart

  11. PHYSIOLOGY 1-2 • What is this class all about? • Anatomy = the study of the structures of the human body • Physiology = the study of how these structures function • So, we will learn how the body is built and how it works • Also… • Things that may go wrong (diseases, etc) & associated cures • possible career paths • current advances, issues, etc.

  12. Body Organization & Homeostasis The Skeletal & Muscular Systems The Endocrine System The Nervous System and Senses Your Blood and Lymphatic System Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Digestion and Excretion Culminating Experience: The Fetal Pig Course Outline

  13. Prerequisites and Credits • Successful completion of Integrated Science 1-4 with at least a C• UC/CSU "d" laboratory science credit• one of the courses approved for concurrent enrollment with Integrated Science 3-4

  14. Honors Physiology Course Overview: • Honors Physiology includes the same fascinating information you learn in regular Physio, but in greater depth and with more enrichment (refer to course guide for more info) Prerequisites: • “A-“ or above in IS 1- 2 or 3– 4 (or B- in Honors 3-4) • Attendance at a mandatory informational meeting at lunch • An entrance exam during tutorial • Teacher recommendation form completed by your current science teacher Meetings - Wed January 18thor Fri January 20th during lunch in room 64 Entrance Exams - Wed January 25thor Fri January 27th during tutotial - GET A PASS BEFORE TUTORIAL!

  15. Environmental Science • Study topics like: • Sustainability • Pollution and possible solutions • How do we deal with waste as a society? • Organic gardening and its impact

  16. Environmental Science • Learn outside the classroom • Work in Tam’s organic garden • Study how the plants and animals in a natural environment interact • Habitat restoration trips • Field trips CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT? PROVE IT AND TAKE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE!!!

  17. PHYSICS What is physics? Physics is a UC/CSU approved lab science class that is the foundation of all sciences. It is an exciting and challenging class that seeks to understand the nature of … nature. Exciting demonstrations, weekly labs, and relevant projects all combine to provide a powerful understanding of the material. What topics are covered? Topics explored include: motion, Newton’s laws, gravity, satellites, momentum, energy, sound, light, electricity, nuclear radiation, and the latest ideas in cosmology. Who takes physics? Over half the students who go to Tamalpais High School take physics. Some take it because it has a reputation for being interesting, fun, and relevant. Others take it because they are considering a career in science, engineering, or medicine. Everyone knows that it is an upper-level science course that looks great on your transcript. What are the prerequisites? Completion of Integrated Science 1 - 4 is required, as well as completion of Intermediate Algebra or higher. “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein “All knowledge begins in wonder.” – Aristotle

  18. HONORS PHYSICS How is honors physics different from from physics? Honors physics covers all the topics covered in physics, but does so at a deeper and more rigorous level. It has a faster pace. Additional topics are covered as well. It is assumed that the student has mastered both algebra and trigonometry. Most students will be enrolled in calculus (although this is not required). What are the prerequisites? Completion of Integrated Science 1 - 4 is required, as well as passing score on a math readiness exam. What is the advantage of taking honors physics? A transcript showing that you have taken honors physics indicates that you are highly competent in math and physical science. Completion of honors physics will also give you a solid foundation for college-level, engineering physics. “All knowledge begins in wonder.” – Aristotle “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

  19. Honors physics meeting times and test dates Meetings - Jan 17th & 19th during lunch in Mr. Lapp’s room (Palmer 65) Honors Entrance Test - Jan 23rd before and after school in Palmer 65

  20. ADVANCED PLACEMENT BIOLOGY • NEW, revised curriculum from the College Board, four “big ideas” • Less is more: fewer topics, more depth, more labs • Prereq: B- or better in IS and B- or better in either Physiology or Chemistry (Physio or Chem may be taken concurrently)

  21. ADVANCED PLACEMENT BIOLOGY • HW Load – 20-30 min a night • In Class: • Short daily quizzes on the homework • Packets on corresponding chapters • Fun labs! • Sing-a-longs!!!

  22. ADVANCED PLACEMENT BIOLOGY • Best Parts of AP Bio • Freedom • Responsibility • Independence • Treated like a college student • Our teacher

  23. ADVANCED PLACEMENT BIOLOGY • Learn Skills like: • Time management • Study Groups • Study for large tests • Preparing for an AP test

  24. AP Biology informational meetings at lunch in Keyser 310 on Tuesday January 22nd and Friday January 25th Email Ms Wuerth at with any questions.

  25. AP Environmental Science What is APES about? • understand the interrelationships of the natural world • identify and analyze environmental problems • examine solutions for resolving and/or preventing environmental problems • What topics do we study? • human populations and sustainability • climate change and atmospheric issues • water and toxicity • ecology and evolution • sustaining biodiversity • energy resources

  26. AP Environmental Science Prerequisites? • Successful completion of IS 1-4 with a 2.75 or higher • Completion or concurrent enrollment in Chemistry • Successful completion of Advanced Algebra is strongly recommended • How can I get more information? • Information meetings in Palmer 63, Jan 24th and 25th during lunch • Email Mr. Ginsburg at

  27. Lab Tech • Make solutions • Set up labs • Be a guinea pig for new labs! • Enhance your transcript • Earn a grade

  28. Information Meetings for HonorsLUNCHTIME (beginning of lunch) Tuesday, January 17: • Honors Integrated Science 3/4 (Room 311) • Honors Physics (Room 65) Wednesday, January 18: • Honors Integrated Science (Room 311) • Honors Physiology (Room 64)

  29. Information Meetings for HonorsLUNCHTIME (beginning of lunch) Thursday, January 19: • Honors Chemistry (Room 66) • Honors Physics (Room 65) Friday, January 20: • Honors Physiology (Room 64) • Honors Chemistry (Room 66)

  30. Information Meetings for APLUNCHTIME (beginning of lunch) Tuesday, January 24: • AP Biology (Room 310) • AP Environmental Science (Room 63) Wednesday, January 25: • AP Environmental Science (Room 63) • AP Chemistry (Room 66)

  31. Information Meetings for APLUNCHTIME (beginning of lunch) Thursday, January 26: • AP Chemistry (Room 66) Friday, January 27: • AP Biology (Room 310)

  32. Honors Entrance Tests Week of Jan 23rd (signup required)