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  1. WELFARE MEASURES INTRODUCTION To boost morale To create sense of belonging To achieve contentment To provide satisfaction To provide willingness and to work more for the organization It is imperative obligation on the part of the organization to provide certain welfare measures in addition to obligatory schemes under rules to achieve goals

  2. Postal Service Staff Welfare Board It monitors staff welfare activities of the Dept of Posts at All India Level Composition :- Chairman : Minister of Communication. Vice Chairman : Chairman, Postal Service Board Members : 20 including 6 ex-officio members Secretary : Director (SR & Welfare) Treasurer : Accounts Officer

  3. Circle Staff Welfare Board President : CPMG Vice President : Any officer nominated by President Secretary : Welfare officer or officer dealing with welfare work Members : one representative from each of the unions Treasurer : AAO/JAO

  4. With a view to ensure that the benefits of these welfare measures reach to the lowest range of the employees of the department, these benefits are generally given to those employees whose basic pay does not exceed Rs. 10600/- except where it is specifically mentioned

  5. Scholarships and Book Awards 55% of total grants are generally spent on different types of scholarships as under • Technical Courses Minimum Marks 55% No limit of pay • IIT/IIM/DMET/ATIMS Rs. 300/- p.m. • Degree Rs. 225/- p.m. • Diploma Rs. 150/- p.m. (iv) ITI Rs. 750/- p.m. (v) Book Award Rs. 400/- p.a.

  6. (b) Non-Technical Courses • Degree(B.A.,B.Sc.,B.Com.,and Rs.100/- p.m. Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts) • Book Awards Rs. 200/-p.a. • Minimum Marks- OC 60% SC,ST 50% EDA 45% For renewal 50% in last Exam.

  7. (c) For School going children :- pay not to exceed Rs. 5600/- Std V to VIII Rs. 300/- p.a. Std IX to XII Rs. 400/- p.a. Minimum Marks : OC 75% SC/ST 65% (D.G. Letter No.2-6/89-WL & Sports dtd. 30.7.1990)

  8. (d) For Handicapped/Mentally retarded children • @ Rs. 30/- p.m. for 8 years, subject to production of medical certificate every year.Hostel Subsidy @ Rs. 150/- p.m. if the child is residing in the hostel(D.G. p.m. for 8 years, subject to production Letter No. 13-1/91 WL & Sports dtd. 25.4.91)

  9. (e) Incentive for excellent academic achievement 5 Awards for the students who score more than the prescribed marks in std X and XII (i.e. SSC & HSC) Minimum Marks Amount of prizes Std X 85% I 1000 Std XII Arts 80% II 800 III 700 Science 85% IV 600 Commerce 80% V 500 Admissible to all employees including EDA irrespective of pay limit. (D.G. Letter No. 15016-1/86-WL & Sports dated 30.7.90)

  10. Financial Assistance to SC/ST Employees For (i) appearing in the departmental examination for promotion to various categories. (ii) Pursuing higher education through regular classes or through correspondence courses. (i) For appearing in depttl Exam for promotion Amount to the extent of paying fee for attending coaching class is limited to the amount as given below Exam for promotion to the ……. • IPO/IRM/Insp (MMS)/ JAO & similar cadres Rs. 300 • Jr. Accountants in Postal Accounts,UDC & similar cadres Rs. 200 • Postal/Sorting Assistants Rs. 150 -

  11. Provided once as a lump sum for each category of Exam. -made available through head of div./units. -Refund of whole amount if :- Not appeared in any of the paper(s) of the exam or Failed to secure minimum 25% aggregate marks in the exam. -undertaking as above to be obtained from official before grant of financial assistance.

  12. For pursuing higher education (I • Available for higher academic education through regular classes in evening college or correspondence courses conducted by recognized board/university. • One time assistance of Rs. 200/- for appearing in 10 th and 12 th std exam. • Rs. 500/- per year for pursuing degree/diploma or post graduation degree/diploma, limited to fees paid for such education. • Admissible if candidate secures min. 40% marks pre-requisite exam. • Renewed only if the candidate gets through the semester/annual exam.

  13. B. Financial Assistance connected with health and personal matters • Assistance to victims of flood, cyclone, fire etc. • Depttl Employees : - Amount of assistance Rs. 1500/- in addition to state grant. - not more than once in a year. • Extra Depttl Employees and casual labours -50% of the above amount i.e. Rs. 750/- -5 years of service as an EDA is necessary.

  14. 2. Artificial limbs for physically handicapped employees -75% 0f the cost limited to Rs.1000/- -Also admissible to EDA and retired officials and handicapped family members. -purchase of wheel chair for depttl employee is permissible under CCS(MA) Rules. -100% reimbursement of expenditure for purchase of tricycle subject to max of Rs. 2000/- -An amount of Rs. 15000/- or 50% of the cost of motorised tricycle whichever is less. (D.G. Letter No. 15-62/92-WL/Sports dated26.2.93.

  15. 3. Transport charges for handicapped and mentallyretarded children • Rs. 100/- for `A` class cities. • Rs. 80/- for other cities

  16. 4. Assistance to employees suffering from prolonged illness • Disease should be more than 2 months old Depttl Employees • If on half pay leave- 1/3 of basic pay plus DA or Rs. 500/- p.m. whichever is less. • If on leave without pay- ½ of basic pay plus DA or Rs. 1000/- whichever is less. • Provided up to 36 months at the discretion of Head of Circle. • Renewal after every 6 months. Extra Depttl Employees/ Casual Labors • Min service should be 3 years • No monthly grant but lump sum Rs. 750/- • Medical Certificate from Govt Hospital is necessary.

  17. Extra Depttl Employees/casual labors • Min 3 years service • No monthly grant but lump sum Rs. 750/- • Medical certificate from Govt. Hospital necessary.

  18. 5. Diet charges to TB patients (Deptt Employees only) • Employees should be on half pay leave or leave without pay • Admissible for hospitalisation and even after discharge from hospital, provided the treatment continues. • Rs. 400/- p.m. for 6 months on hospitalisation. • Rs.200/- p.m. for 6 months to outdorr patients.

  19. Major surgical operations ( for official and dependents • Rs. 5000/- by head of circle. • Rs. 10000/- by head of deptt (D.G.) • Admissible even if the official not on HPL or EOL. • Admissible to EDA and casual labor also.

  20. Financial assistance in case of death of employees Amount of Assistance • Regular Employees ---- Rs. 8000/- • GDS ---- Rs. 7000/- • If dependent is not given employment under relaxation of recruitment rules, a sewing machine costing Rs. 1000/- to the widow is given. • Additional assistance due to death while on duty Rs. 4000/-. • Victims of riots, communal disturbances and terrorist activities Rs. 3000/- in addition to the relief in existance. • Immediate relief Rs. 8000/- subject to recovery from DCRG.

  21. Group Welfare Schemes 1.Recreation Clubs :- In Office ….. • Initial adhoc grant for setting up ‘Recreation Club’ Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 1000/- • Grant of Rs. 10/- per member of staff per annum. • Additional grant equal to amount of subscription, not exceeding Rs. 5/- per member. • For trainees– No of traineesXperiod of TrgX3 12 • R.C. should be regdone,with min 10 members • Managing committee of R.C. should be : President,Vice-President, 6 members, panel of 2/3 auditors • In addition to above grant-in-aid are also provided from the Welfare fund for maintenance of furniture, sports equipments, photographs, and purchase of books.

  22. (ii) In residential Colonies • Following grant-in-aids are also provided from Welfare fund to residential recreation clubs in colonies. • Sports- for construction (reconstruction of courts, purchase of equipments for indoor and outdoor games. • Cultural activities –Purchase of kits, musical instruments, radio, television sets, tape recorders, loud speakers, hiring of auditorium for performance, and professional artists etc. • Donations – for hiring play grounds, covered courts, auditorium, purchase of prizes.

  23. 2. Holiday Homes • Available at Mussorie, Puri, Nainital, Mathura, Dimond- Harbour, Kanya Kumari, Tirupati, Udaipur, Simla, Srinagar, Banglore, Guwahati, Panch Marhi, Mount Abu, Saputara, Somnath Patan etc. • Reservation by concerned CO. IPO of Rs. 10/- to be sent through Head of Dn./office. • concession is available once in two years for not more than 5 days. • It can be extended to 10 days.

  24. 3. Establishment of Canteen & Tiffin Rooms • Following facilities are provided for running depttl Tiffin Rooms in the offices from the Welfare fund Tiffin Rooms(25 to 49 members) Rs 1400/- for equipments, grocery and furniture (50 to 99 members) Rs. .1400/- For Canteen -- Rs 18400/- to Rs 40000/- depending upon number of members for purchase of above items • Accn. Provided by dept for canteen and and co-operative canteen @ Re. 1/- p.a. and Re. 1/- p.m. respectively. • Electricity and water free of cost. • 25% of LPG for first 5 years borne by dept. • Subsidy on wages/gratuity/uniform/washing allce as per prescribed norms

  25. 4. Excursion Trips • Concession available for visits of places of religious or historical importance, touring spots up to 500 K.M. • To the employees and family members once in a financial year. • Duration 4/5 days. • 60% rail/bus fare is reimbursed. • Proper account of trip to be maintained

  26. 5. Grant in aid for Cret-Che (Balwadi) • May be opened in residential colony or in offices where many women employees are working. • For babies between age groups of 2 months to 6 years. • Grant-in-aid up to 90% of the recurring expenditure from the Welfare fund subject to a limit of Rs. 2500/- p.m. is given. • Non-recurring grant-in-aid up to Rs. 4000/- p.a. for equipments and boards, storage tins, drums, utensils, feeding bottles, large mattresses and first aid kits

  27. 6.Coaching Classes • Available for Gr. C & D officials to appear in Depttl promotional Exams. (For Gr C Cadre) • Duration of training 2 months. • Honorarium to trainer Rs. 75/- p.m. • Available to an official to appear in one Exam. Only.

  28. 7. Assistance for Tailoring Centers in P & T Colonies • Rs. 2500/- as initial grant for purchase of sewing machine. • Rs. 150/- to Rs. 200/- for fees payable to part time teacher.

  29. 8. Sports and Cultural Activities • Sports tournaments and cultural activities are conducted at Circle and All India Level. The participants in such tournaments / activities are provided financial assistance towards the expenditure on their travel, kit, etc. The expenditure for conducting such tournaments is met from the Welfare Fund. Prizes and Certificates are also awarded to the winners.

  30. Conclusion From the above it is apparently clear that the Department is not lagging behind in looking after the welfare of its employees. Now the ball is in the court of employees to put their maximum efforts to enable the department to score its goal of speedy, effective and efficient services to our customers, with their sincerity and devotion to duty. THANK YOU