excel after school program lead agency site coordinator meeting january 28 2014 n.
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ExCEL After School Program Lead Agency/Site Coordinator Meeting January 28, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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ExCEL After School Program Lead Agency/Site Coordinator Meeting January 28, 2014

ExCEL After School Program Lead Agency/Site Coordinator Meeting January 28, 2014

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ExCEL After School Program Lead Agency/Site Coordinator Meeting January 28, 2014

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  1. ExCEL After School ProgramLead Agency/Site Coordinator MeetingJanuary 28, 2014 10:00 –11:00: ExCEL Admin & Program Updates 11-11:30: Snack vs Treat 11:30-11:45: Public Profit survey update Breakout sessions: 12-1:30pm Completing Contracts – Hall of Culture – Canceled : ( School Loop pilot – Conference room

  2. ExCEL Program & Admin Updates • Bridging the Bay – Jan 21st& Feb 1st at Balboa HS • ExCEL Leadership Council -applications due Jan 31st • Incident & Injury reports – please use the forms on the ExCEL website! • ELC Coaching update & upcoming events • ExCEL Central Office reorganization • QAP Follow up Visits/Compliance visits • Summer program dates and hours

  3. Only 23 of 90 ExCEL after school programs have signed up for coaching. Any ExCEL site that submits a coaching application after January 31st is not guaranteed coaching hours.

  4. Upcoming February ELC Events: WHEN: Wednesday, February 5, 10am -11:30am at the Main Branch Library Children's Center WHAT:  Coffee Klatch Hosted by the SFPL - QSA Section 3 (Community Partnerships and Collaboration).   WHY: Come hear about amazing partnerships that are currently happening and how you and your program can access these and future collaborations.  Be ready to share what you are already doing, and walk away with new ideas for how to grow this area of your program.

  5. Upcoming February ELC Events: WHEN: Thursday, February 6, 9am -1pm at the Hayes Valley Playground (corner of Hayes and Buchanan):   WHAT: Summer QSA Workshop.  Summer planning is well underway for many sites.   WHY: Come learn what a quality summer program looks like and how to assess your program using the Summer QSA.   REGISTER:

  6. Upcoming February ELC Events: WHEN: Wednesday, February 19, 9am -1pm at DCYF (1390 Market Street, Suite 900) WHAT:  Resource Guide workshop on Alignment and Linkage to School Day (QSA Section 4).   WHY: Come learn about Creating a Successful Homework Center, Tips to Pass on to Tutors, Supporting the Common Core - and more!   REGISTER:

  7. ExCEL ASP Central Office

  8. QAP Follow up Visits/Compliance visits • ExCEL staff* will be scheduling site visits to be completed by March 14thto: • Review attendance guidelines – especially ER policy • Snack audit visits • QAP progress update We will be sharing this information with principals at our March 26th ExCEL & EED Principals meeting * Jennifer, Karen, Lucy, Alice, Tanya, Jovanna

  9. Potential Summer Dates/Hours • Schools available: June 2nd-July 18th • Building Hours: 7:30am-4:30 pm • Program Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm • ExCEL Office will not be able to provide the same amount of subsidy as last summer ($500K). • ExCEL Office will determine the amount of subsidy it can afford by Feb 25th meeting at the latest. • Any hours after 4:30 are charged as overtime (OT) custodial costs. • Programs that run after July 18th will be charged full rate for permit fees by Real Estate

  10. School Sites NOT Available in summer

  11. Let’s Get Health Literate ExCEL NUMO: January What’s the difference between a SNACK and a Treat? Sites will incorporate at least (1) lesson from the Healthy Kids Challenge manual or other lessons provided by the Nutrition Education Program to support this concept.

  12. PRACTICE a Brain Break • Practice Self Control • Build Readiness to Participate

  13. Let’s Use Brain Breaks ExCEL BRAIN BREAKS are designed to help you make the most of your students’ energy, re-energizing and refocusing your students/class throughout after school time.