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10 Luxury Leather Sofa Designs for 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Luxury Leather Sofa Designs for 2018

10 Luxury Leather Sofa Designs for 2018

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10 Luxury Leather Sofa Designs for 2018

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  1. Lather Sofa • Corner sofa

  2. Lather Sofa

  3. Lather Sofa At Sofas Direct this corner sofa collection we have put together is the perfect place for finding your next sofa. We have a great collection here including large or small, left hand facing or right hand facing corner sofas, also recliners, chaise, sofa beds, leather and fabric corner sofas for you to choose from so you can find the right corner sofa for your home here at

  4. Leather Corner Sofa - SD002 A sofa is a classic for a reason and this beautiful faux leather corner sofa is sure to be a popular choice. It would make a great addition to any modern home and with the space to fit four to five people in stunning comfort this quality sofa is perfect for large families and those nights in with friends. It’s available in a great range of colours so it will go with any home décor, the colours include a stylish black, the popular and traditional brown and a lush cream colour.

  5. 2 and 3 Seat Leather Suite - SD016 With many buying this 2 and 3 seat faux leather suite for its excellent value for money you can see why its a very popular sofa group.

  6. Chesterfield Leather Club Two Seater - SD061 Available in a classic antique brown or a regal oxblood red this amazing Chesterfield leather clubtwoseater sofa is sure to make a glorious addition to anyone’s home! Luxurious and incredibly relaxing this two-seater sofa is sure to be the centrepiece of any room and its timeless design is something you can enjoy for years to come. 

  7. This beautifully stylish corner faux leather sofa is brilliant value and a very popular sofa. The unusual and quirky colour combinations of brown and cream, black and white and red and black will go well with any home décor. The sofa can fit up to five people and you’ll have plenty of leg room if you want to put your feet up and relax. Corner Leather Sofa - SD039

  8. Leather Corner Sofa - SD015