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Stanford University Medical Scholars Research Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Stanford University Medical Scholars Research Program

Stanford University Medical Scholars Research Program

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Stanford University Medical Scholars Research Program

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  1. Stanford UniversityMedical Scholars Research Program 2008-09

  2. Please jot down your questions as we go through this presentation. If your specific question is not answered during the orientation, please ask during the Q&A so we can get you an answer!

  3. Contact Info Chris Cueva Mara Violanti 723-7817 723-0355

  4. Eligibility • MD students are eligible to apply. • Clinical students need to demonstrate that they will have clerkship periods free to undertake the research proposed. • Students who are in an MD/PhD program are not eligible. • Students who obtained a PhD prior to matriculation may apply for a fellowship only for research that has focus substantially different from that of their prior doctoral studies.

  5. Top 3 Aspects of the Program • Credits • Earn 18 units per each full-time equivalent quarter (FTEQ) of research • Projects can be done in increments of .25 after 1FTEQ up to a maximum of 6 FTEQs • Projects • Complete one project at a time • Funding • $12,000 per FTEQ (for student support NOT equipment, research supplies, etc.) • Traveling scholars get one-time-reimbursement of travel costs (airplane, bus, taxi, etc.) up to $2,500

  6. Credits, Quarters, Percentages One FTEQ project = 18 units = 100% = $12,000

  7. Credits, Quarters, Percentages Each FTEQ project can be carried-out over several quarters, for example: Spring 08-09 = 25% = 4-5 units Summer 08-09 = 75% = 13-14 units TOTAL PROJECT = 100% = 18 units Note: when pursuing a 100% Project in one quarter, you may only take one course of 4 units or less, related to your research, and only with your mentor’s approval. TAs/RAs/Clerkships are not permitted.

  8. Application Process • STEP ONE: Select a project & advisor a) Ask your SC Director &/or Dr. Cross (SC Advisor) b) Identify a field and issue c) Find a research setting where techniques/resources/people are established d) Survey the Community Academic Profiles (CAPs) on the med school website

  9. Application Process • STEP TWO: Prepare the application with help from your mentor a) START EARLY – it could take up to four weeks for you and your research advisor to draft, revise, and review proposals * b) Guidelines for length (~8 pages) – best proposals are focused and to the point *Start your protocol clearances before you submit!

  10. Application Process • STEP THREE: The Application… a) Applications must contain: 1. Research Experience 2. Abstract 3. Learning Objectives 4. Proposal (6 sections) 5. Advisor Letter also due: co-mentor letter &/or on-site mentor letter

  11. Application Process • STEP THREE (continued): The Proposal… b) Sections to include: 1. Specific Aims 2. Background 3. Experimental Design 4. Relevance to Medicine 5. Bibliography 6. Appendix, if relevant

  12. Application Process • STEP FOUR: DEADLINES January 22, 2009 (research for Spring 08-09/traveling for Summer) April 13, 2009 (research for Summer 08-09/traveling Autumn) July 9, 2009 (research for Autumn 09-10/traveling Winter) October 8, 2009 (research for Winter 09-10/traveling Spring)

  13. Application Process • STEP FIVE: MedScholars Online Submission

  14. MedScholars Online Student change application status to: Ready For Faculty Review Faculty Advisor change application status to: Approved For Submission Student change application status to: Submit for MS Review

  15. MedScholars Online Student Ready For Faculty Review Return to Student - Required Revision Faculty Advisor Student Ready For Faculty Re Review Approved For Submission Revise and Resend Student Submit For MS Review Review Committee

  16. Travel Scholars • For projects involving travel away from Stanford (min. 6 weeks), with preference for destinations outside the US & for projects involving cross-cultural experiences. • For projects conducted partly or wholly at Stanford focused on an application off-site. Even though an aspect of the project is conducted at Stanford, the student must engage actively at the away site in some manner.

  17. Travel Scholars • Considered at all deadlines – strongly encouraged to apply two quarters in advance of expected travel quarter(s). • Must have on-site advisor (and letter of support) in addition to primary Stanford advisor. • Discouraged from travel to countries with State Department warning alerts. If do, must sign Travel Release & Waiver. • One-time $2,500 travel reimbursement.

  18. Outside Research Funding • Outside funding supplements can be added up to the amount of a MedScholars grant. • Example: if an outside fellowship totals $27,000 for 4 FTEQ, then MedScholars grant will provide another $21,000, to total $48,000. • Example: American Heart Society gives a summer fellowship of $3,000, MedScholars grant will provide $9,000, to total $12,000.

  19. Review Process • Each SC Director assigns a review committee, who contacts the student for interview. • Following all interviews the review committee completes feedback, ranking, and funding recommendation. • MedScholars Review Committee meets (one month after the deadline) and decides for all proposals: Approved, Resubmit, Not Approved. • Notification to student of MS Review Committee decision within 5 business days of meeting.

  20. Approved Projects – NOW WHAT! Before funding is released… 1) Compliances must be met within two weeks of the start of a quarter, including: Human Subjects (IRB) Animal Care & Use Radioactive Materials Biosafety Chemical Safety Health Safety/Emergency SCRO (stem cells)

  21. Approved Projects – NOW WHAT! Before funding is released… 2) Registration for units is required Percentages = units Percentages = time 25% = 4-5 units 25% = >10 hrs/wk 50% = 9 units 50% = >20 hrs/wk 75% = 13-14 units 75% = >30 hrs/wk 100% = 18 units 100% = >40 hrs/wk Register for“med” 370 under Research Advisor’s name/department (eg. IMM 370)

  22. Approved Projects – NOW WHAT! Work on your project, in the quarter, and at the percentage you indicated on your application. As soon as possible, but no later than six months after the last quarter you were funded, the MedScholars Final Completion Report is due.

  23. History 2007-08 176 applications submitted 2006-07 152 applications submitted 2005-06 138 applications submitted

  24. History 2007-08 165 applications approved 2006-07 139 applications approved 2005-06 125 applications approved

  25. History 2007-08 270.5 FTEQs approved 2006-07 217 FTEQs approved 2005-06 217 FTEQs approved

  26. Q&A • Can I receive 125% in total funding? For example: 100% summer and 25% autumn. Yes, but the total funding must be at least 100%. • Can I redistribute my funding after my project has been approved? Yes, as long as your research advisor approves your revised research schedule. • I want to do MedScholars research at Stanford. Does my primary faculty advisor have to be in the Medical School? No, your research advisor can be in any department but they must be a Stanford faculty member and be approved by the SC Director.

  27. Q&A • Can I apply for another MedScholars project while still working on one? You can apply for a continuation or new project, but will not receive MedScholars funding until you finish the project you’re on first! • I finished my MedScholars project and published the results in a peer reviewed journal. Do I still have to present my research? Yes, you can present in a forum that you and your SC Director agree upon, or at the annual Medical Student Research Symposium.

  28. Q&A • Does my research advisor receive any money for supporting me while I do my MedScholars project? Yes, there is support that comes after you register for the project. Your mentor needs to investigate with their departmental chair just how that funding works in their department. • If I travel, how do I get my $2,500 supplement? Save all your travel receipts (airfare, taxi, bus, etc) until you return from your trip. Create an itemized cover sheet with your name, student ID #, e-mail address, and travel dates. Make a photocopy of receipts for your records. Turn in the coversheet and receipts to Chris or Mara.

  29. Contact Info Chris Cueva Mara Violanti 723-7817 723-0355 Dr. Pat Cross