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TPACK Development

TPACK Development

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TPACK Development

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  1. TPACK Development Kayla Land 

  2. What is TPACK? Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) is a framework that identifies the knowledge teachers need to teach effectively with technology. 

  3. Why Is It Important? Teaching with technology is now a requirement for Alberta teachers. It introduces new challenges for teachers to update their teaching style. TPACK is a great tool of reference for teachers to be aware of their teaching styles in the classroom and how to improve. 

  4. In my tpack model i included both my current and Ideal tpack venn diagram. I do not believe the tapck model should be  is perfectly BALANCED between the three knowledges, so i protrayed my personal view point on the importance of each type of knowledge. My Personal TPACK

  5. I feel very confident in my content  knowledge. I am learning much  more complex knowledge in both  mathematics and chemistry currently. I believe I will not feel  'filled' in content knowledge until  I am in a classroom and have gone  over the specific age group's  curriculum. Content

  6. Throughout my studies I am beginning to feel more  comfortable with the idea of becoming a teacher. I have  begun to develop my individual teaching strategy, with a focus on  inquiry based learning. One of the  aspects of teaching that most  frightens me in the classroom  management. I also want to grow more in different teaching  techniques for the diverse  learners I will teach.  Pedagogical Knowledge My Ideal pedagogical bubble I  made the largest because I  believe these skills are the  most important for  being an effective teacher  and for students to have the  most growth. 

  7. Technological Knowledge My technological bubble is fairly small yet growing. I am beginning to learn new forms of social media and creating PLNs. I see such potential for my growth as a teacher through social networks. However, I am struggling with integrating technology into my classroom. I find such fun activities yet I am unsure of if they will be effective teaching tools as well.