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Conducting a successful Student Speakers Contest PowerPoint Presentation
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Conducting a successful Student Speakers Contest

Conducting a successful Student Speakers Contest

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Conducting a successful Student Speakers Contest

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  1. Conducting a successful Student Speakers Contest Lion Alan M. Winkelstein District 4-L5 Student Speakers Contest Chairman

  2. “The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.” — George Jessel "Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary." — Evan Esar "It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech." — Mark Twain

  3. “It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu PowerPoint presentation.” Lion Alan M. Winkelstein

  4. Topic for 2010-2011 MD-4Student Speakers Contest ENFORCING OUR BORDERS – STATE OR FEDERAL RIGHTS?

  5. Where do we begin? • Select a chairperson • If your Club has not done so already, send in postcard for speech contest materials. • No postcard – no problem… Contact MD4 through website ( and request materials.

  6. Preparing for the Contest • READ Handbook from cover to cover. • READ it again! • READ it again!

  7. How do I get my Student Speakers? • Open to students grades 9-12, including foreign exchange students • From any high school, charter school, private school, home school or independent study program

  8. How do I get my Student Speakers? • Begin with your Leo Club • Contact principal at school(s) • Get on agenda at Principal’s meeting • May be more effective talking directly with: • Speech teacher • English teacher • Debate coach • Mock Trial coach • Drama teacher

  9. How do I get my Student Speakers? • Once you have established school contact(s) give Handbook to participating teachers and coaches, not to students. • Info now available online at • Make certain you exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses and keep in contact. • Eventually you will need contacts for students who are participating.

  10. How do I get my Judges? • No Lion, Lioness, Leo, spouse, partner, or family member can be a judge. • Seek prominent citizens with: • Public speaking experience • Toastmasters • Public officials • Teachers/College professors • Attorneys/Judges

  11. How do I get my Judges? • Seek individuals with: • Expertise/Familiarity with this year’s topic • Border Patrol • Immigration attorneys • University/College professors • Immigration-related agencies

  12. Preparation for Speakers Contest: Set a date • Set date for contest well in advance • CLUB LEVEL – on or before February 22nd* • ZONE LEVEL – on or before March 14th* • REGION LEVEL – on or before April 11th • DISTRICT LEVEL – on or before May 3rd *Mountain communities need to think about weather and an alternate date, if necessary

  13. Preparation of Students Before Contest • Keep in contact with each student • Make certain the contestants know the exact date, time and location. Have them arrive at least 15 -30 minutes early. • Encourage them to bring family and/or friends for support • Ask if they have any questions about the rules • Should be familiar with rules through teacher/coach/website • Make certain no contestant is wearing a watch • Must result in disqualification

  14. Preparation of Judges Before the Contest • Confirm selection as judge • Provide Judge’s Information & Worksheet • Meet with judges right before contest to review rules/scoring chart • Ask them to bring a short bio to use when they are introduced During the Contest • Keep judges separated and not talking with students • Supply with pencil/pen, calculator and clipboard • Make certain judges sign worksheet when finished • As soon as they are done you can start with introductions

  15. Preparation for Speakers Contest (Game Day): Materials • All Student Speakers Contest Materials • Handbook • Judges’ Worksheets (have extra copies available) • Timers’ Worksheets • Tellers’ Worksheets • Student /Judges/Coaches Certificates • Pens and pencils for judges, timers, and tellers • Stopwatches or timers • Make certain you can show timer how to operate • Calculators • Clipboards

  16. Preparation for Speakers Contest: The Room • Room size adequate for anticipated audience • Must be able to be closed during the contest • Should be reasonably quiet when closed • If meal is to be served, arrangements should be made to pay for contestants, coaches, judges, and others at your discretion.

  17. Preparation for Speakers Contest: The Room • Public address system must be available. Check it before the contest begins. • It is the speaker’s option to use the microphone and/or podium. • Clocks must be removed or covered.

  18. Meeting Agenda Old Format New Format • Call to Order • Pledge of Allegiance • Introductory Remarks • Call to Order • Pledge of Allegiance • Draw of Speaker Order • Introductory Remarks A late contestant will not compete if arrival time is after the draw of the speaker order.

  19. Introductory Remarks • Purpose of Contest • See top of page 12 of Handbook • Brief outline of the objects and history of contest • See page 3 of Handbook • Subject title of current contest • See page 3 of Handbook

  20. Contest Rules MUST BE READ AS PRINTED • A late contestant shall not compete if arrival time is after the draw of the speaker order for that contest. • No one may enter of leave the room while a contestant is speaking. (Call upon guards to man the doors.) • No smoking, food, beverages or water during the contest, except intermissions.

  21. Contest Rules (continued) • Do not applaud the speakers until after the judge’s worksheets have been collected. • Each speaker is allowed 10 minutes, but no warnings signals shall be given. • There will be a quiet 3 minute intermission between and after speakers after the final speech is given, to allow the judges to complete scoring. There shall be no conferring with judges during the contest.

  22. Contest Rules (continued) • No photography, video or audio taping will be allowed during the contest. • All noise emitting electronic devices such as phones, beepers, etc. should be turned off until the contest is completed. • Any protest relative to the contest must be made to the chairperson before the winner is announced. • The contest chairperson shall review and verify the tellers’ worksheets before announcing the results.

  23. Instructions to Timers • Three timers recording the time used by each contestant in minutes and seconds. • Stopwatches are recommended. • The official time shall be the average of the three timers worksheets. • Timing begins when the speaker first speaks, not at the conclusion of their salutation to the chair and audience.

  24. Awards for Students • Club Contest (Club pays) • $75.00 to winner • $25.00 to each finalist • Zone Contest (District pays) • $100.00 to winner only • Region Contest (District pays) • $150.00 to winner only Note: Zone and Region Chairs make certain checks are prepared and ready to give to winner. May need to contact Cabinet Secretary for funds.

  25. Awards for Students • District Contests (15) • $4500.00 scholarship • Area Contests(4) • $6500.00 scholarship • MD-4 Final Contest (1) • $10,000.00 scholarship Paid by the Lions 4th District Student Speakers Foundation Inc

  26. Preparation of Judges After the Contest • I like to introduce the judges before the students and have them say a few words • Present them each with certificate printed in a professional manner in certificate holder or frame • Discuss Lionism with them. Invite them to your next meeting. • Send a thank-you note to each of the judges

  27. Preparation of Students During the Contest • Call up each speaker by number only • If only one speaker is present, he/she must still speak and be judged. • Provide water at podium for each speaker • Three minutes intermission between speakers Speaker #1 Speaker #2 Speaker #3

  28. Preparation of Students After the Contest • Introduce each student and present certificate • Certificate should be presented in holder or frame and printed in a professional manner • Student should provide: • Name, school, grade, college interested in attending, major • Introduce family/support in attendance

  29. Instructions to Tellers • At least 2 tellers at each contest • Collect Timers’ Worksheets and average time scores • Collect Judges’ Worksheets and check their scores for accuracy • Follow instructions on Teller’s Worksheet to determine winner • The one who has earned the majority of 1st places shall be declared the winner. (Must take into account any percentage penalties on timing.)

  30. Instructions to Tellers • If no speaker has a majority of 1st places, total the places earned for each contestant and the one with the lowest total of places earned will be declared as the winner. • If still a tie, add the scores of the tied speakers and the one with the highest total, after deducting for time penalties, shall be the winner. • If a tie still exists, the winner will be awarded to the speaker who comes closest to the 10 minute limit, without going over.

  31. It’s Almost Over – And The Winner Is… • Verify the tellers’ worksheets before announcing the results • Announce the winner ONLY! • Present the award • Present awards to finalists (Club level only.)

  32. The Contest is Over – Now What? • Make sure the Teller’s Worksheet is completed in its entirety. • Send/deliver the Teller’s Worksheet, Judges’ Worksheets and contest winner postcard to Chairperson at next level contest. • Zone & Region Chairs upon receipt of the above material send a photocopy of the form letter of congratulations to that contest winner.

  33. The Contest is Over – Now What? • Two weeks before the prior level contest send the original form letter of congratulations to your prior level chair. • The scores given by the judges for an individual student may be given to that student or the student’s speech coach. Do not identify the judges or disclose the scores of the other students.

  34. The Contest is Over – Now What? • All winners at the Club level contests shall receive a Student Speakers Handbook prior to the Zone Contest . They should leave with one after the Club contest. • Students should be reminded of their obligation to complete the contest and arrive to contests on time. Scheduling conflicts are the student’s responsibility to resolve.

  35. Following the Winner • Personally contact your level winner at least one week before the next contest to make certain that they are prepared and know when and where the next contest is being held. • Announce the next level contest at your Club meeting and in your bulletin. • Encourage your Lions Club members to attend and support your winner.

  36. Summary • Image is important. The chairman and assistants should dress appropriately. • Follow Lions official protocol when introducing Lions officers. • If you have any concerns or in doubt about a decision, take your time and consult with your assistants. • Read the Handbook from cover to cover one more time!!

  37. Questions/Resources • Lion Alan Winkelstein • Any questions at all regarding contest issues or “assistance” • • Cell: 951.265.1044 • Office: 951.676.WINK (9465) • Cass Cara - MD4 offices • For limited supply of additional packet materials • 800.546.6634 • • Lions Club International Club Supplies • To purchase Lions Club Certificate holders • – Click on Shop tab