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  1. [Your Organization] Termination Briefing [Note for Security Managers and FSOs: This template is provided so you may customize it to meet your organization’s specific needs. Remember, if a government employee, military member, or contractor is not present or refuses to receive a security debriefing when access is terminated, the fact and reasons for absence and/or refusal become a matter of record. The same applies to government employees and military members who refuse or are unable to execute or sign the Security Debriefing Acknowledgement section of the SF-312 NDA. Best practice actions to take include: • Administrative termination of the employee’s access/clearance • Draft a memorandum for the record (MFR) explaining the situation/circumstances]

  2. Agenda • Termination Briefing Background • Ongoing Responsibilities • Security Termination Statement

  3. Termination Briefing Background You are receiving this termination briefing because you no longer require access to classified information. Your responsibility for the protection of classified information extends throughout your life!

  4. Termination Briefing Background Who receives a termination briefing? • DoD personnel and employees of cleared defense contractors

  5. Termination Briefing Background When do employees receive a termination briefing? • Upon termination of employment (discharge, resignation, or retirement) • When eligibility for access is terminated, suspended, or revoked • When a contractor’s facility security clearance (FCL) is terminated

  6. Ongoing Responsibilities PROTECT classified information and controlled unclassified information (CUI) DECLARE that you do not have classified materials and CUI in your possession Your have an ongoing responsibility to: REPORT attempts to solicit information SUBMIT materials for prepublication review prior to public release KNOW the penalties if you fail these ongoing responsibilities

  7. Ongoing Responsibilities PROTECT classified national security information and CUI • This material contains serious subject matter that requires ongoing protection • Separation from your organization does NOT lessen your responsibility or liability

  8. Ongoing Responsibilities DECLARE that you do not have classified materials and CUI in your possession • There is a prohibition against retaining classified information and CUI • Any information or knowledge that you do retain cannot be shared and must continue to be protected

  9. Ongoing Responsibilities REPORT attempts to solicit information • Attempts to solicit information must be reported without delay • Report any such attempts to: • DoD component • FSO • FBI

  10. Ongoing Responsibilities SUBMIT materials for prepublication review prior to public release • Materials for public release include: • Books, manuscripts, or articles sent to a publisher, editor, movie producer, or game purveyor, or their respective support staffs • Speeches, briefings, articles, or content that will be publically presented or available • Any information released to the public even if through Congress or the courts • For more information visit the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review website (

  11. Ongoing Responsibilities KNOW the potential civil and criminal penalties if you fail these ongoing responsibilities • See Espionage Laws, Title 18, USC, Section 793 and 794

  12. Security Debriefing Acknowledgement DoD military and civilian employees should now complete the Security Debriefing Acknowledgement: • See the Security Debriefing Acknowledgement section in The Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (SF-312) • Note: Contractor employees are not required to complete the Security Debriefing Acknowledgement Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (SF-312)

  13. Any Questions?