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Electronic Cigarettes - The Verdict Is In

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Electronic Cigarettes - The Verdict Is In

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  1. SmokeBrokeChangemylife.com %multipleSlideCopy%|1|dataPath=C:\Documents and Settings\Muggles\My Documents\My Ignite Libraries\Ignite Std 4\My Ignite Library\c1\l1\e1/Lecture/Lecture.xml|0,0,0|*1024|768*Step1| Smoke and ENJOY a Healthier Cigarette And Help Others To Do the Same

  2. $7 x 30 = $210/mo • This is what I pay in Maine; some states, like my native New York, are now paying $11.00 a pack. • $11 x 30 = $310/MO • $210 X 12 = $2,520 a year • $310 X 12 = $3,720 a year

  3. Don’t Want To Quit? • Life is stressful, very much so these days • I really do not want to quit yet, but • I do want to be healthier • I do want to have more money I WANT TO SMOKE BUT NEED TO SAVE $$!

  4. There is an answer • Just stop smoking, easier said than done • Go on the patch, or chew nicotine gum • Definitely worth a try Or Find a healthy smoking substitute: Such as Electronic Cigarettes

  5. What is an Electronic Cigarrette? • Per Wiki: • “an electric cigarette is a personal vaporizer, a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine via a vaporized solution.” • No Tobacco, No Tar – and certainly do not contain over 5,000 chemical additives.

  6. Healthier & Much Cheaper! • Companies are now producing • The Second Generation of Electronic Cigarettes Much, Much Improved Over First Generation Easier to Use – Much Better Smoke & Flavor BUT – Which Ones to Look For?

  7. What To Look For… • You want: • Simple 2-Piece unit: • you just have to screw the total atomizer into the battery • (watch out for older models w/3 piece units, these require much more work) • Long Lasting Battery – so that one cartridge is REALLY equal to a Pack of regular cigarettes • Good Flavor, Taste and Smoke

  8. Which are best? • There are some good ones • But some are better in terms of: • Flavor • Ease of Inhalation • Length of time cartridge will produce Satisfaction comes down to these

  9. Try V-Cigs • I have tried 3 different e-cigs • V-Cigs2 is the way to go • Good Flavor, Long Lasting Battery • Great Customer Service

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