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the courage of soldiers n.
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  1. presented by Chau Ly to cane THE COURAGE OF SOLDIERS pious wrath Pauline Nguyen from ‘Growing up Asian in Australia’ cabramatta emaciated

  2. to cane THE COURAGE OF SOLDIERS pious wrath (v.) - to hit with a stick cabramatta emaciated

  3. THE COURAGE OF SOLDIERS pious wrath (adj.) - very skinny cabramatta emaciated

  4. (adj.) - religious THE COURAGE OF SOLDIERS pious wrath cabramatta

  5. THE COURAGE OF SOLDIERS (n.) - a suburb in NSW which has the largest Vietnamese community in Australia wrath cabramatta

  6. (n.) - intense anger THE COURAGE OF SOLDIERS wrath


  8. Summary • Pauline struggles during her childhood to live up to her father’s expectations: • work 7 days/week at a restaurant before and after school • do household chores • go to extra classes • GET GOOD GRADES

  9. Summary • She always fears her father’s harsh punishment when she does not complete her tasks.  Not able to cope with the oppression in the house, she finally decides to run away to live on her own. • After leaving, her brothers suffer even more. They have to take all the tasks which she used to be responsible for when she is still at home.

  10. Quotes “You are like cars with no direction…and I am your steering wheel, leading you to the right direction.” • We do not choose the family we are born into. family = first experience of belonging family relationship = stronger than anything else family = great influence on our identities

  11. Quotes “…my father wanted desperately to raise four high achievers, believing that the sacrifices he and my mother had made were far too great for us not to be. We aimed high because we had no choice.” • Living up to others’ expectations may force us to play out roles (eg. being “the good child”). • You may lose your identity to belong to a group.

  12. Quotes “Remember where you came from and above all else, never forget the true value of your freedom.” • We desire to appear as “a perfect child” in front of our parents. • We do not want our parents to dictate our lives. paradox of belonging

  13. Key Statements • For most of us, families are the major influence on the formation of our identities. • There are costs to the individual in belonging to a group. • Sometimes, we want to belong, but we also like the idea of freedom and individuality.

  14. Five Ways To Disappoint Your Vietnamese Mother VS. The Courage of Soldiers • Diana gets kicked out because she has a boyfriend. • Pauline runs away from her father’s severity. • They both live up to their parents’ expectations. • Diana is more confident with her life. • Pauline is more obedient. • She has the guts to do whatever she likes even though some of them may go against her mother’s wills. • They are born in Australia but both are strongly affected by Vietnamese culture. • She reluctantly follows her father’s dictation until she moves out.