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Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

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  1. Who Am I?

  2. I am an abolitionist and operate a anti-slavery newspaper.

  3. Believed in the concept of a direct relationship with God, was expelled from Massachusetts Bay colony.

  4. Puritan minister delivered “A City on a Hill” sermon.

  5. Believed in the concept of separation of church and state and established the colony of Rhode Island.

  6. I am the founder of the Mormon religion, but was killed before leading them to Utah.

  7. Member of the Society of Friends that petitioned the King for a new colony based on universal freedoms of religion and brotherly love.

  8. Delivered a powerful speech “Ain’t I a woman” to promote both abolitionism and women’s rights.

  9. Early female author known for Puritan poetry.

  10. Saved the Jamestown colony with “no work, no food” mandate.

  11. Brought prosperity to VA with the first cash crop.

  12. Leader of the Powhatan confederation

  13. Started a rebellion for the rights of those colonists living in the backcountry of VA. The rebellion was at first successful, but soon failed.

  14. First a hero, then a traitor in the American Revolution when he traded an American fort (West Point) for personal fortune and glory.

  15. A minister of the 1st Great Awakening known for his fire and brimstone sermons.

  16. Considered the leader of the 1st Great Awakening.

  17. British official that declared the Proclamation Line of 1763.

  18. Reminded her husband to “Remember the Ladies” in the development of the Constitution.

  19. Early proponent of the women’s rights movement. Voted illegally in numerous elections. Was a Quaker.

  20. Immigrant to US, encouraged patriotism and rebellion with his popular pamphlet Common Sense.

  21. Instigator of the group Sons of Liberty.

  22. Defended British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre and they were acquitted.

  23. Was a Dr during the American Revolution who encouraged the use of hand washing and other sanitation techniques, but was largely ignored.

  24. A slave who fought in the American Revolution, but essentially received little rights or compensation for fighting. Representative for all of the slaves.

  25. Believed in the end of the world based on mathematical calculations. A new group was formed which will eventually become the Seven Day Adventists.

  26. Led a rebellion in Southampton County, VA which led to stricter slave codes during the Antebellum period.

  27. Led the Lewis and Clark expedition to discovery the LA purchase.

  28. Led a rebellion opposing tax law in Mass post American Revolution. Led to believe in a weak AOC government.

  29. Inventor of 1st successful steam boat—stimulates technological inventions of the 1st industrial revolution.

  30. Author of the Fed. Papers, First Sec of the Treasury, established the 1st US Bank—brillant economist—but shot in a duel and died.

  31. Frenchman who was threatened by George Washington to be deported for instigating American involvement in French Revolution.

  32. Refused to concede Election of 1800 to Thomas Jefferson even though he was running as VP. Later involved in a duel that killed Alexander Hamilton.

  33. A believer in utopian societies in the 2nd Great Awakening. Started New Harmony.

  34. Author of the “New American Nationalism” period…works include Legend of Sleepy Hollow

  35. 1st Chief Justice of the US. Resigns after disappointing treaty that shares his name.

  36. American diplomat, committee member of the Declaration of Independence and oldest representative at the signing of the US Constitution.

  37. Fought in the War of 1812, they called me old Tippecanoe.

  38. I signed a treaty with the British during the War of 1812 pledging that my people would fight for the British.

  39. I was the 2nd Chief Justice of the US and created the principle of judicial review.

  40. I hated slavery, yet my new invention created more of a need for slavery than ever before.

  41. Defender of the south…I took matters in my own hands and caned the yankee that disrespected us. I was kicked out of Congress only to be rewarded by SC when they re-elected me!

  42. I warned the South that we needed to industrialize, but I was also against that abominable tariff.

  43. I tried to rally the troops against the Mexican army, but it took the Alamo massacre before anyone would join my army. I led the men to Texas independence.

  44. I wanted a Congressional Act to ensure that slavery would not spread to the new territories that we would win in the Mexican war…even before war was declared!

  45. I am the Great Compromiser and created the American System, but some say that I cheated in a “corrupt bargain” in 1824.

  46. One of my campaign promises was to add Texas as a state…I took California as well.

  47. I couldn’t keep a secret…and told everyone about the gold at Sutter’s Mill

  48. I’m a military hero of the Mexican war, they called me “Old Rough and Ready”…turns out when I was President and died of food poisoning I was neither rough nor ready…

  49. Secretary of State for Franklin Pierce. Commissioned the trans-continental railroad.

  50. Led the raid on Potamatomie Creek and Harper’s Ferry. Radical abolitionist and died as a martyr for the cause.