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Huck Finn Literature Circle # PowerPoint Presentation
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Huck Finn Literature Circle #

Huck Finn Literature Circle #

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Huck Finn Literature Circle #

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  1. Huck Finn Literature Circle # Chapters 39-ThE EnD

  2. Summarizer (5-7 minutes) • Share your assessment of the major events of chapter 39-43. Make sure you clearly outline each chapter • Group members may add to the summary, but be RESPECTFUL • This is a good time to clarify any confusion you may have had while reading these chapters • Discussion director should make sure everyone stays on task.

  3. Illustrator (5 minutes) • Share your illustration with your group and explain why you chose what you did. Make sure you are detailed. • Other group members should ask questions and make connections to what the summarizer said

  4. Discussion Director (7-10 minutes) • Begin asking and discussing your questions. Make sure you facilitate the discussion so it lasts the full time period. Make sure you invite everyone to participate in the discussion; don’t monopolize the conversation. Get it going and then allow others to comment.

  5. Illuminator (7-10 minutes) • Share your passages and insights. Make sure you tell your group the page number. • This is a good time to discuss the passages, add to the discussion as the illuminator shares (discussion director, you should be exceptionally perceptive in adding your thoughts here)

  6. Word Watcher (5-7 minutes) • Share the words and their significance with particular attention paid to historical/biographical significance— • If you do not have a word watcher, you should work together as a group to find important words in the passage to record.

  7. Connector (7-10 minutes) • Share your connections to the text and encourage your group to add their own thoughts to your connections. • What does it mean for someone to “come of age”? • What are ways people “come of age” in different cultures and in our own? • How is Huck Finna coming of age archetype?

  8. Huck Finn chapters 39-ThE eNd

  9. The Realist Opens the Door… • Stand up • Walk to the door • Turn the handle • Save the captive A realist sees things as they ARE

  10. Stand up Walk to the back of the room by the filing cabinet Write a ransom note FROM the kidnappers and read it to the class Pick up the ransom bag. Walk to the end of row one and ask the person in seat 1 to donate an item to the ransom bag Go back to the back of the room and find the paper towel roll and announce to the class “this is my sword” Go to the back of row two and ask the last person on the row to donate to the ransom bag on the fear of death (Take your sword—otherwise you aren’t very scary!) Go to the middle of row 3 and choose someone in that row to be your sidekick. Send the sidekick to the back of the room to gather the “tools.” But make sure you tell them to wait for you there. Go to each remaining row and collect more ransom. Go to the back of the room and distribute tools to the sidekick and yourself. You and sidekick go to the door and touch the doorknob with each tool-except the post-its! You couldn’t pick the lock, so you’ll have to open it another way. Place ONE of a couple of post-it notes Open the door and “save the captive” by untying him and putting him in the front of the room. The Romantic Opens the Door Romantics see the things as they COULD BE

  11. Huck’s identity • Huck poses as “Tom Sawyer”—he is all too happy to be his hero Tom Wants adventure within society’s rules. Morality is based on what people tell him, not his own integrity. Huck is shocked because Tom wants to help. Huck cannot understand why Huck Morality is what he makes it. Wants adventure and is willing to rebel

  12. Jim’s reaction • Jim endures many antics by Tom. Why? • Jim knows they are his only hope BUT he does resist when it goes too far (after he bit into the candles) • Tom is irresponsible BUT Jim forgives him. • Tom writes a letter about a raid. Very scary during this time period • Why doesn’t Jim leave when Tom is shot?

  13. Huck’s Weird Moral Statement at the end of chapter 40: • Page 275 • “I knowed he was white inside” • what does he mean? • “white” = human • Jim is not really a slave—he’s a human being • Huck has not generalized his morality, but unlike Tom, he realizes that Jim more than just property

  14. Incorporating quotes into our own statements • “I knowed he was white inside” • what does he mean? • “white” = human • Jim is not really a slave—he’s a human being • Huck has not generalized his morality, but unlike Tom, he realizes that Jim more than just property Huck makes an unconventional, yet moral statement at the end of chapter forty when he states “I knowed he was white inside” (Twain 200). To Huck and others in Southern pre-Civil War society white and human were synonymous. Even though Huck has not generalized his morality, he does finally begin to recognize Jim as being more than just property. Floating quote Now you try!

  15. Flaws & Hope • Mysteries revealed: • Why does Tom, the rule-follower, help to free Jim? • Miss Watson died! • She set Jim free • Tom is gung-ho to let Jim free now—odd since in a way he was the one to keep him imprisoned all for the sake of adventure. • Jim reveals that Pap is dead: a reminder that Jim is the father figure

  16. Flaws & Hope • Huck says he is going to “light out for the territory.” How is this a sign of hope for Huck? • His adventures aren’t over and he can still live outside society • He will continue to grow and learn. • Huck functions better when he’s on his own—morally • Twain shows the Romantic side of Huck: he wants to travel and have other adventures. • Is the ending realistic given the age of the narrator and the other events?

  17. REVIEW! Put the events in order as they occur on the climax plot diagram! Do this on a separate sheet. You’ll want it tomorrow 