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  1. Bigfoot True or Not By: Elizabeth Cavender

  2. Facts • Most witnesses say sasquatches normally have dark black hair not covering their face. • Witnesses that have seen bigfoot say they are usually are 8 to 11 feet tall. • Researchers have found hair, foot prints, and body prints, said to of been made by bigfoot. • Most witnesses say it is a shy creature.

  3. Could such a creature exist? • There have been numerous reported sightings. • Some reports have said that they have heard grunting, howling, or gurgling. • Many video recordings or pictures of mysterious figures have been shown in some of the reports. • Some researchers believe such a creature could exist, butthink it is weird that we haven’t truly discovered it yet.

  4. Are Sasquatches Scary? • Are Sasquatches scary… most reports say otherwise. • Natives say bigfoot is a peaceful creature with intelligence and spiritual powers. • Most eye witnesses say sasquatches were very interested in human activities. They just stood and watched for a while then walked away. • Some people though have had incidents where bigfoot had broken something in their yards or houses. A woman and her husband had their door opened and two bird houses broken. They saw a giant hand print, not smeared, on their door and they heard howling and grunting. That helped them figure out that it was a sasquatch.

  5. What do nonbelievers think? • Some believe bigfoot is a guy in a monkey suit with big feet. • They think witnesses probably thought they saw bigfoot, but may have just seen a very hairy man. • They say there is no such thing as sasquatches and people who believe in it are nerds.

  6. My opinion I believe bigfoot is real, but not as a giant man-ape that is so scary and everyone is afraid of; I believe it is a large ape or gorilla that is almost extinct. There have been so many sightings that how could you not believe in sasquatches! I also believe that sometimes witnesses don’t actually see bigfoot. I’m not saying that they were lying, but I think it may be a guy in a monkey suit trying to trick people. I do still think that there is such thing as bigfoot and I think more people should too.

  7. Special Thanks To…. Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization Mrs. Agramonte for helping me figure out a topic Katie for helping me Kaylee for helping me The TV series, “Finding Bigfoot”