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Table of contents Bullevard Now and Next Pg. 14 Wh PowerPoint Presentation
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Table of contents Bullevard Now and Next Pg. 14 Wh

Table of contents Bullevard Now and Next Pg. 14 Wh

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Table of contents Bullevard Now and Next Pg. 14 Wh

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  1. Table of contents • Bullevard • Now and Next Pg. 14 • Where’s Your Head At Pg. 18 • Kit Bag Pg. 20 • Winning Formula Pg. 26 • Me and my Body Pg. 28 • Lucky Numbers Pg. 30 • Heroes • Sally Fitzgibbons Pg. 32 • Fred Lebow Pg. 34 • Culoe De Song Pg. 36 • Action • India Wrestling Pg. 38 • Fanny Ardants Pg. 48 • 39 Days Pg. 52 • Red Bull Rampage Pg. 56 • Mark Webber Pg. 66 • Americas Cup Pg. 74 • More Body & Mind • Crazy Marathons Pg. 80 • Gran Turismo 5 Pg.82 • Get the Gear Pg.84 • Chefs Secrets Pg. 86 • Crashed Ice Pg. 86 • Listings Pg. . 88 • Nightlife Pg. 90

  2. Adverts • Red Bulletin magazine’s advertising is based on the magazines sponsors (Red Bull) so it advertising things like Red Bull Energy Drinks/ shots , and other things that appeal to the magazines readers. In the November 2010 issue the main adverts are: • Mini clubman • Chrysler SRT8 • Red Bull racing limited edition EF-55ORBSP watch • Rhythm and Vines • Red Bull energy shots • Red Bull Rock drop • Red Bull H RONICLES (show on sky sport) • Red Bull Three style • Subscribe to Red Bulletin Magazine • Red Bull Studio Live Sessions • Jeep Patriot

  3. Regular Features Kit Bag The evolution of Rugby Balls How over 180 years the rugby ball has changed, from leather and pigs bladders to polycotton-taminated backing layer covered with rubber and rubber bladders. In the 1820’s boys and masters came to favor a pigs bladder covered with leather made by local Cobbler James Gilbert , instead of the various other balls. And in 1862 Richard Lindon developed a rubber bladder following his wife’s death due to blowing up diseased pigs bladders. Richard also perfected the oval-shaped ball. James Gilbert’s business changed pretty quickly after he began supplying the rugby school: By 1877 he stopped making shoes and boots to hand stich 2700 balls a year. The Gilbert company leads the world in producing rugby balls. Most leading international sides use Gilbert. The current balls have panels consisting of polycotton-taminated backing layer covered with rubber with a rubber bladder inside. The rugby balls we use to today are slightly smaller than the old leather ones and are easier to grip. Rugby balls have changed a lot over the years we have James Gilbert and Richard Lindon to thank for that.

  4. Regular Features Me and My Body Lindsey Vonn Lindsey Vonn is the best all-round skier around. She has suffered a lot of pain in her career, in 2006 Turin Olympics Lindsey had the worst crash of her career, she’s had back trouble ever since. In 2009 Lindsey cut open her thumb slicing through tendons on a Champagne bottle. Her moot is: “hope dies last and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Lindsey’s favorite exercise is training her abs she tries to do 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups every day. Every year Lindsey has a new nutritional plan made up. She says the magic formula seems to be several small meals spread over the day and NO fatty foods after 6:00pm but she does say she gives in sometimes to coffee or chocolate. Lindsey has also been in a episode in LAW&ORDER in may 2010. She said “ I just couldn't keep my cool , its my favorite TV series, so I was nerves and ecstatic at the same time”. Over the summer Lindsey trained in Austria with specialists from the RED BULL Athletes Special Project in Texham. The RED BULL Salzburg guys work out there too, and one sportsman can always learn from another.

  5. Main Articles The Final Fight The Indian sport of Kushi, one of the worlds oldest martial arts , has been practiced for three thousands of years. But can it survive as modern sport grapples for the hearts and minds of a new generation of fighters? Kushi wrestlers must ready both themselves and their surroundings. The red clay pits must be watered, fighters rub clay into their bodies for display and for grip; muscles are ripped and rebuilt. The concept of the school for study and practice is central to many of the worlds venerable martial arts and fighting styles. The greatest remaining concentration of kushiakhadas, or wrestling schools , is found in Kolhapur an ancient city about 220 miles south-east of Mumbai. But where there were once hundreds of akhadas now there are only just half a dozen. Almost nothing has changed during the 30 centuries that Kushi has been practiced. A Kushi school can house up to 24-100 wrestlers , who live and train there . Most are teenagers; so as young as seven, others are mid twenties. Each akhadas has a earthen pit lined with red clay dredged from the river, and mixed with ghee (clarified butter) and water . The average day starts at 5:00am with a group run, followed by weightlifting and hundreds of press –ups . Then the trainers arrive and the wrestlers are paired for practiced bouts in the pits . Then they spar for hours then rest and eat. In the evening the routine is repeated. One younge wrestler said “ its not easy you cannot drink, smoke or have sex. We cannot even think about girls it forbidden.