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Talent 21 S.S

Talent 21 S.S

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Talent 21 S.S

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  1. Talent 21 S.S By Anthony DiGregorio

  2. Introduction • Introduction to the earliest farmers and workers in man kind. • You will learn how different ancient civilizations farmed. • From the glacier age to the roman empire. This is how each civilization started their farming.

  3. After glacier age • After the glacier age they impacted on the animals. They animals fertilized the plants to help them grow faster. In the glacier age they killed a lot of animals for food.

  4. Early man • Early man impacted the environment by hunting the animals and causing extinction to that type of animal. They over hunted the animal they were using for food. Then it became extinct and that’s why we don’t see them today.

  5. Early farmers • Early farmers changed the environment by discovering crops and probably saving most animals from extinction because more crops less killing animals and causing them extinction.

  6. Mesopotamia There technology was better than early farmers because they had plows and other things for farming. Therefor they grew things faster and easier.

  7. Egypt • The Egyptians impacted their environment by their controlling the Nile . They used the Nile too planet their crops. So then a lot of people started planting along there. They had some problems sometimes their crops dried, flooded and that was bad for the environment because all their crops died and they might not have enough food to trade or eat. This was bad for the farmers. They also thought the gods controlled the Nile.

  8. Greece • The people of ancient Greece fished a lot because they did not have good soil. The fishing got them food but it took fish away from the environment. It gave them things to trade so they can get crops. They couldn’t grow crops so they fished. They did take over land and harvest grapes.

  9. Rome • In roman times the land was flat so they can get salt. Salt was very valuable in roman times. Salt was the resource at their time so they had a lot of it there.

  10. conclusion • These are all my examples on ancient farming and how they grew their crops. This power point has all the valuable crops from when man first revolved to the roman empire.