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  2. What will the final look like?

  3. What will the final will look like?

  4. How will you make it?

  5. How will you make it? • You will need to take a picture of you in your room or somewhere that represents you. In the picture you will need to surround yourself with items that matter to you. Ten items will be highlighted in the picture that you will be writing about in the column of your choice.

  6. The Ten Items • What are the ten items? These items give a better idea of who you are and what may be important to you. You will be writing about these items in a column make sure to use a font that fits. After that you will number one to ten with each number representing an item in your picture. You will need to have an explanation that is three to five sentences per item

  7. How will you make it?

  8. How will you make it? • You will be using PowerPoint to do this project. You will make a text column down one of the sides of the slide. On the first line the title is "IN MY ROOM" in capital letters in any font and size that will fit the top line. The next two lines will be your name. Your first name on the second line and your last name on the third. Again, make sure to use a font that fits.

  9. How will you make it? • Have the picture saved to your computer and then insert the picture into the slide. • If you use your phone, better to use a digital camera, make sure it is a good quality picture and then email it to you • You can use the computers in Mr. Lorenz’ room he allows students in his class most days during both lunches or the library. • If you need to do it at school email it to your gaggle account.

  10. Text will go in here The Set Up • Picture will go here • Make sure when you are placing the picture and the text box in you increase the size of those boxes so that there is no white showing.

  11. The Set Up

  12. The Ten Items • How to number the items in your picture? You will need to make a text box and put the number you want in the text box. It should be font size 10, Arial. You need to make sure that you can see the number and the background all have the same fill color in. Then place the number near the object it will represent.

  13. IN MY ROOM First Name Last Name 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 2

  14. What I have Learned • You will also need to make text box that will go in the picture. Here you will write about what are some of the most important things you have learned this year. It will start off with "Your Name" learned. This should be six to eight sentences using Arial size font 8

  15. IN MY ROOM First Name Last Name 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 I have learned

  16. Saving Your Work

  17. Saving Your Work

  18. Then What? • Printing the picture. You will need to print an 8x10 picture to turn into the class. Printing on regular paper will not obtain you a passing grade. The easiest way to do the picture print is to go through Target or Wal-Mart. You can email them your picture and have them print it for you. It is usually done within a couple of hours and should cost around three dollars to have it done.

  19. Final Product

  20. Due Date • The assignment is due May 21st and 22nd, and only these two days. Make sure that there is nothing inappropriate or illegal in the picture.