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B1 L5 Quiz

B1 L5 Quiz. 一、 文 意字彙: 39% 1.I‘m sure a new hairstyle will improve how you look. You can e_______t that to happen . 2. Which team won? Do you know the r_______t of the game? 3.If this m_______d doesn‘t work, we will need to find out another way to solve the problem .

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B1 L5 Quiz

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  1. B1 L5 Quiz

  2. 一、文意字彙:39% 1.I‘m sure a new hairstyle will improve how you look. You can e_______tthat to happen. 2.Which team won? Do you know the r_______t of the game? 3.If this m_______ddoesn‘t work, we will need to find out another way to solve the problem. 4.Mr. Johnson was my p_______s boss. I worked for him one year ago. 5.Exercise is an important f_______r in controlling my weight.

  3. 6.Liz has an e_______e knowledge of art history; she knows a lot about art  history. 7.The hotel p_______es a playroom for children. 8.R_______r exercise is part of my life. I go jogging every day and swim  once a week. 9.There are two s_______rs in one school year.  10.Most high school students go to u_______y after they graduate.

  4. 11.Researchers need to do more e_______ts to find out whether the drug is safe. 12.We must thank Brenda for o_______zing such a successful party. 13.After having asked five banks for help without success, Mr. Cheng finally s_______t the help of Funding Bank for his failing business.

  5. Ⅱ.詞類變化:9% 1.We spent an _______ (enjoy) evening chatting about old times. 2.There is always room for _______ (improve).  3.Reading is the _______ (found) for learning.

  6. Ⅲ翻譯填充:52% 1.史密斯老師訂了不少規定要我們遵守。上他的課,我們不可以吃東西或喝飲料;此外,他絕不接受「不知道」這種回答。  Mr. Smith makes lots of rules for us. We are not a__________ __________ eat or drink in his class. __________ __________, he never takes "I don't know" for an answer. 2.吳教授在研究動物行為,他花很多的時間觀察動物。 Dr. Wu is __________ r__________ __________ animals' behavior. He spends a large __________ __________ time watching animals.

  7. 3.練習在獲取寫作技巧這方面,扮演了重要的角色。如果你想寫好作文,你一定要反覆的練習。簡言之,熟能生巧。3.練習在獲取寫作技巧這方面,扮演了重要的角色。如果你想寫好作文,你一定要反覆的練習。簡言之,熟能生巧。 Practice __________ an important __________ __________ acquiring writing skills. If you want to write well, you must practice writing over __________ __________ __________. __________ __________, practice makes perfect. 4.我常旅遊,把握讓自己接觸不同國家不同想法的機會。 I travel a lot and __________ the __________ to give myself e__________ __________ different ideas in different countries.

  8. 5.英文有許多與動物有關的俗諺,例如,你可導引馬兒到水邊,但你無法強迫他喝水。這句話的意思是說:強迫一個人做他不願意做的事是困難的。5.英文有許多與動物有關的俗諺,例如,你可導引馬兒到水邊,但你無法強迫他喝水。這句話的意思是說:強迫一個人做他不願意做的事是困難的。 There are many sayings r__________ __________ animals in English. For example, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." The saying means that it's hard to force someone to do what he is r__________ __________ __________.

  9. 一、 • 1.expect 2.result 3.method 4.previous 5.factor 6.extensive • 7.provides 8.Regular 9.semesters 10.university • 11.experiments 12.organizing 13.sought • 二、 • 1.enjoyable 2.improvement 3.foundation • 三、 • 1.allowed, to, In, addition • 2.doing, research, on, amount, of • 3.plays, role, in, and, over, again, In, short • 4.take, opportunity, exposure, to • 5.related, to, reluctant, to, do

  10. B1L6 Quiz

  11. 一、文意字彙:50% 1.They told me the book I wanted wouldn't be a_______e until next week.So I can‘t buy it until then. 2.Because Jim is unable to speak, he uses his hands to c_______e. 3.The sign i_______es that there's a big turn ahead. So drive slowly. 4.Most traffic signs use images or s_______ls and therefore are easy to  understand. 5.With no job, the single mother with three children to feed is now in a difficult s_______n.

  12. 6.We need to think up a better plan to r_______e the original one, which didn‘t work out as expected. 7. The cake is d_______d into six pieces, each with a strawberry on it. 8.Both drivers and pedestrians should follow traffic r_______ns. 9.When Dad called, he did m_______n that he would be home late, but he didn‘t say where he was going. 10.Jo is good at playing several musical instruments. For i_______e, she plays the violin very well.

  13. Ⅱ.詞類變化:20% 1.We had planned to go on a picnic, but _______ (fortunate), it rained. 2.The Internet has become one of the _______ (necessary) in many people‘s lives. 3.The use of cell phones among teenagers has _______ (increasingly) rapidly  over the past few years. 4.The _______ (warn) sign on the wall says, “Danger!”

  14. III. 翻譯填充:30% 1.清理房間時,我發現國中時照的一張好笑的相片,我便忍不住大笑起來。 While cleaning up my room, I __________ a__________ a funny picture taken in junior high school, and I __________ __________ __________ __________ out loud. 2.當我失意時,就是依賴我最好的朋友珍給我忠告以及安慰。 In my times of trouble, my best friend, Jane, is the one I r__________ __________ for advice as __________ __________ comfort.

  15. 一、 • 1.available 2.communicate 3.indicates 4.symbols • 5.situation 6.replace 7.divided 8.regulations • 9.mention 10.instance • 二、1.unfortunately 2.necessities 3.increased • 4.warning 三、 • 1.came, across, couldn't, help, but, laugh • 2.rely, on, well, as

  16. B1L7 Quiz

  17. 一文意字彙:60% 1.The t_______e suddenly dropped and it became so cold.   2.Now we have all the i_______ts we need. Let's start to make the cake! 3.Reading can help you e_______d your vocabulary. 4.The car accident that o_______red about thirty minutes ago has caused a traffic jam. 5.The wallet I lost this morning c_______ns only a picture and no money. 6.In the movie the bank robber makes it easy to e_______e from prison and be free again.

  18. 7.They sell different f_______rs of ice cream, and my favorite one is chocolate. 8.We haven't thought up the best s_______n to the problem yet, but we will find a way soon. 9.The dirt in my eye c_______ed me to shed tears. 10.The dog is kept in the cage, because if it is r_______ed, it will run away and bite people. It's very dangerous. 11.The teacher s_______t the children into four groups to play a game. 12.There's something in onions that will i_______e your eyes. That's why an onion makes you cry when you cut it up.

  19. Ⅱ詞類變化:20% 1.The farmer never uses _______ (chemistry) to help his vegetables grow well. 2.When Cedric asked her to marry him, Marie’s first ____(react) was to think he was joking.

  20. Ⅲ翻譯填充:30% 1.你應該善加利用字典,因為字典對能否學好英文扮演舉足輕重的角色。 You should __________ your dictionary __________ good __________, because it __________ an important __________ __________ learning English well. 2.對很多人而言,困難也許是可怕的,但在泰德的例子,困難不是問題。他知道如何把困難變成機會。  To many people difficulties may be scary, but __________ Ted's __________ they are not a problem. He knows how to __________ difficulty __________ opportunity. 3.孩子們對這場突如其來的雨反應氣憤,因這場雨害他們不能打棒球。 The children r__________ angrily __________ the unexpected rain, which k__________ them __________ __________ baseball.

  21. 一、 1.temperature 2.ingredients 3. expand 4.occurred 5.contains 6.escape 7.flavors 8.solution 9.caused 10.released 11.split 12.irritate 二、1.chemicals 2.reaction 三、 1.put, to, use, plays, role, in 2.in, case, turn, into 3.reacted, to, kept, from, playing

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