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Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge PowerPoint Presentation
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Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge

Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge

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Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge

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    1. Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge Requirement 3 by: David Seitz

    2. Why Im Doing This For Communications Merit Badge, I have to teach a skill I am very interested in politics and government I decided to put my interest to work for all of us by teaching you everything you need to know for Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge requirement 3

    3. Requirement 3A Chart the organization of your local or state government. Show the top offices and tell which are elected or appointed. This presentation is an outline of state, county, and municipal government You can use the outline to make a chart and then talk to Mr. Hallberg or another Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge Counselor.

    4. State and Types of Local Governments State Government County Government Municipal (City) Government

    5. Branches of American Government Executive Branch Helps to create laws and to enforce existing laws Legislative Branch Creates laws Judicial Branch Revises existing laws and helps to enforce laws

    6. State Government Executive Branch Executive Branch Governor and Administration Governor Elected by people to a 4-year term Governors Cabinet and Administration Help governor with policy, appointed by governor, approved by legislature The Cabinet is composed of departments, while the rest of the administration is composed of committees and such

    7. State Government Executive Branch, Continued Constitutional Officers Parts of the executive branch required by the state constitution, all of whom are elected every 4 years Lieutenant Governor Serves as governor when governor is impeached, incapacitated, or out of state Attorney General States top law enforcement and prosecution officer Secretary of State Does a variety of things for the state Treasurer Collects, gives out the Money Superintendent of Public Instruction To assist and set standards for all public schools.

    8. State Government Legislative Branch Legislative Branch Legislature Assembly (99 Equally Populated Area Districts) Representatives elected every two years Senate (33 Equally Populated Area Districts Composed of 3 Assembly Districts Each) Senators elected every four years Legislators meet to set the state budget and create laws

    9. State Government Judicial Branch Judicial Branch Court of Appeals Court of Appeals Cases appealed from county circuit courts There are four districts, each centered around a major city. The cities are: Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Wausau There are sixteen judges The Judges are elected to 6-year terms Three-Judge panels hear every appeals case, but some criminal cases are tried there

    10. State Government Judicial Branch, Continued Supreme Court Cases appealed from appeals courts There are 7 Justices The Justices are elected to 10-year terms The governor appoints if there is a death or vacancy

    11. County Government Executive Branch There are 72 Counties in Wisconsin We live in Milwaukee County Executive Branch County Executive, County Administrator, or County Board Chairperson County Executive All counties bigger with at least 500,000 people are required to have an elected leader, and some of the smaller counties have them too County Board Chairperson Sometimes the leader of the county board is also the countys administrative coordinator

    12. County Government Legislative Branch Legislative Branch County Board of Supervisors Each represents an equally populated area district of the county The Boards chairperson is sometimes also the county administrator There are 25 supervisors in Milwaukee county County Boards range in size from Menominee County (7 members) to Dane and Outgamie Counties (tied for 39 members)

    13. County Government Judicial Branch Judicial Branch County Circuit Courts The county circuit courts hear most criminal and civil cases about violating state law or county ordinance, and appealed cases from municipal courts There are 69 circuits (three pairs of counties share courts) in the state There are 241 circuit court judges in Wisconsin, because all counties need more than one circuit court judge All judges are elected to 6-year terms

    14. Municipal Government Executive Branch Mayors, Village Presidents, or other Municipal Leaders City leaders are elected by the people, usually to two-year or four-year terms Mayors of smaller towns are often paid part-time Mayors enforce and help create new city laws, which are called ordinances A mayors administration, which may contain many city departments, helps him or her to do this

    15. Municipal Government Legislative & Judicial Branches City Common Council The common council of a city is composed of elected aldermen It makes the citys ordinances and controls its budget Municipal Courts Municipal Judges are usually elected, but not always Municipal Court deals with criminal cases that violate city ordinances. (ex. Illegal Parking)

    16. Requirement 3B Name the political parties in your community government and list four persons active in the politics of your community and what positions they hold. Political parties are illegal for most city and county offices in Milwaukee County I have links to websites so you can learn more about our elected officials

    17. Internet Resources -- The Official City of Wauwatosa Website At the top theres a link called Elected Officials. This was really helpful it lists the mayor and all the aldermen, and theres even a map, so you can find what aldermanic district you live in! -- The Official Wauwatosa Public School District Website On the left side theres a heading called School Board. Youll find the names and positions of the school board members at the link below it called Board Members.

    18. Internet Resources, Continued -- The Official County of Milwaukee Website On the right side there are links to the County Executive and the County Board of Supervisors. (Hint: Wauwatosa is in the 20th and a small part of the 15th Supervisory Districts) -- The Official Troop 21 Website Theres an announcement and a link to my powerpoint presentation and handouts online, so if you missed anything, dont worry!

    19. If you dont have the internet You can go to the Wauwatosa public library and use the internet there You can ask them to direct you to the pamphlet file on Wauwatosan history or politics.

    20. The End Aww Its over already?