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My Energy Efficient House

My Energy Efficient House. Hannah Elizabeth McCormack of 8.4 ♥ . Garden Bed. Flat Roof. Solar Panels. Water Tank. Double Glazed Windows. 3 Bin System. Recycled Train Tracks Wood (Plantation wood). Made of brick . Garden Bed. Recycled Train track wood. My Roof.

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My Energy Efficient House

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  1. My Energy Efficient House Hannah Elizabeth McCormack of 8.4 ♥

  2. Garden Bed Flat Roof Solar Panels Water Tank Double Glazed Windows 3 Bin System • Recycled Train Tracks Wood • (Plantation wood) Made of brick

  3. Garden Bed Recycled Train track wood

  4. My Roof I gave my House a flat roof so I can have a Roof Garden. This is so I can plant plants that may provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement and more. We grow our own vegetables nuts etc. These Plants have the ability to reduce the overall heat absorption of the building which then reduces energy consumption. My flat roof is also better for keeping the heat in. Also in my house, we have a small pond at the back.Onmy roof I also included a solar panel to provide energy instead of electrical lines.

  5. The Outside of my house For my fences and table of chairs I have used recycled train track wood instead of cutting up trees for wood. I have a water tank to save water and Sprinkler water recovery. I also have Grey Water and Rainwater Harvesting ode. I also have a 3 bin system for recycling. I have deciduous trees that loose their leaves in autumn. In summer they give you shade and in winter they allow sunlight in. Ill have a vegetable and herb patch so it will cut down on me buying them.

  6. My House My house is made out of Brick because it keeps in heat and remains cool. I have a lot double glazed windows and insulation in the walls. My door is made out of recycled wood.

  7. My Transport For transport we use bicycles, scooters or skateboards. Around my area there is plenty of bicycle tracks. If my location is far around I use public transport like buses, trams or trains. Or, I just walk.

  8. The Inside Inside my walls will be painted white because I find that white walls catch the sunlight so it saves you from having lights on during the day. My floors will be made out of Recyclable nylon carpet and for kitchen and bathroom floors I will use Synthetic rubber flooring instead of vinyl. I will use Reconstituted timber veneers for doors and cupboards. I will have solar heating and energy efficient lighting in every room.

  9. utilise recycled stringy-bark timber. Furniture For my desk tops I am using Phenolic resin. For my sofas and chairs are made out of Non-chromium treated leather upholstery. Coffee tables and dining tables are made out of utilise recycled stringy-bark timber. Phenolic resin. This Non-chromium treated leather upholstery

  10. Sinks, Toilets etc.. Inside my house we will have dual flush toilets. For the taps we will use Reduced flow taps and showers that only runs 6L per minute.

  11. Energy Each floor is spilt into separate zones, where the temperature, humidity, daylight, lighting levels and air quality is operated. When no one is in the zone/room everything turns off. When there's somebody in the room everything turns on if needed.

  12. Lighting In my house we have fluorescent lights each room has these. Our heating is solar heating and it is only on if freezing cold. Air conditioner is hardly used only when it is boiling hot. The air con and heating isnt on during the night. It’s usually just on for 2-3 hours a day.

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